War Update: Second Week of Clovers And Guardians Invasions

Hostilities between the Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians have persevered throughout the month of August. With the war score in flux, neither army has indicated a desire to end the conflict.

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Earlier in August, the Army of Club Penguin [ACP] surprised many onlookers with a declaration of war on the Elite Guardians [EGCP]. Though ACP had recently achieved victory in Legends Cup XIII, both armies have consistently contested the Top Ten’s pole position. While the Guardians have exhibited their capacity to win battles convincingly, the Clovers have secured consecutive successes with their AUSIA division. Since the beginning of the conflict, 23 hard-fought battles have occurred between the powerhouses. Although the Army of Club Penguin has maintained a narrow lead, neither side seems prepared to end their campaigns of aggression.

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Edunopolis

The second week of battles began with an invasion of Edunopolis by the Army of Club Penguin. The Clovers amassed a size of 28 troops online, establishing a fifteen penguin size difference throughout the battle. Despite EGCP’s best efforts, ACP managed to capitalize on their advantage by utilizing larger formations. Consequentially, the Army of Club Penguin won all three rooms and seized Edunopolis.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Edunopolis

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Ventilador

In an attempt to reclaim lost territory, the Elite Guardians launched an invasion of the server Ventilador. Though the Guardians held a minor size advantage in most of the battle, the Clovers secured the first room by maintaining better speed and formations. In the second room, however, EGCP’s size and form choices enabled a confident victory. The third room became the highest point of contention, with neither army securing size superiority. The Clovers’ accumulation of minor advantages in this room allowed for victory, successfully defending the server Ventilador.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Ventilador

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Gustav

The Elite Guardians faced the Army of Club Penguin once again in the invasion of Gustav. Though EGCP’s performance improved throughout the battle, ACP’s size advantage of over ten penguins proved difficult to overcome. The Clovers achieved victory in all three rooms, resulting in triumphant defence of Gustav.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Gustav

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Fiesta

The Clovers and Guardians logged on for the former’s invasion of Fiesta. An initial size advantage from the Army of Club Penguin enabled them to make use of expansive formations, covering EGCP significantly. As the battle went on, the Elite Guardians managed to narrow the size gap and utilize tactical diversity. Nonetheless, the Clovers managed to dominate the Guardians with a better troop-to-tactic ratio and impressive formations. The judges deemed the Army of Club Penguin the winner of the battle, winning all the rooms.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Fiesta

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Oagalcorps

Although the Army of Club Penguin had won the last four battles, the Elite Guardians pressed onward with their invasion of Oagalcorps. The Guardians began the battle with a ten-penguin size advantage over ACP. While EGCP had some inactive troops online, superior size and formations prompted a win in the first room. As the second room began, the troop count difference had dwindled. The Clovers capitalized on this, demonstrating tactical prowess and covering EGCP in the first half. By the second half of the room, however, the judges claimed “ACP slack[ed] off”, allowing EGCP to return to dominating the battle. Though the second room was ruled a tie, the form of both armies remained unchanged in the third room. While the Clovers were slower with tactics, the Guardians’ consistency and size provided the strength necessary to win the final room. Thus, the Elite Guardians managed to claim their first victory of the second week at the invasion of Oagalcorps.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Oagalcorps

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Cookkygrado

Following their first loss of the week, the Army of Club Penguin launched an invasion of EGCP’s Cookkygrado. Though ACP held a slight size advantage throughout the first room, the Guardians utilized tactical diversity and effectively spread their troops in forms. Both sides remained even in the eyes of the judges, ruling the first room a tie. However, as the battle continued, the balance shifted due to a widening size gap. The size of the Elite Guardians began to drop while the Clovers’ troop count rose. In spite of EGCP’s early strength, they were unable to steer away from an impending ACP victory. After winning the last two rooms, the Army of Club Penguin triumphed in their invasion of Cookkygrado.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Cookkygrado

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Acre

The Army of Club Penguin struck the Elite Guardians once more at their invasion of Acre. Though the Clovers did their best in terms of tactics and speed, they were unable to overcome the ten-penguin size difference in the Guardians’ favor. Subsequently, the Elite Guardians conquered all three rooms and successfully defended the server Acre.

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Ceará

Pressure from the Guardians remained relentless, this time invading Ceará from the Army of Club Penguin. The first two rooms were similarly fought, with EGCP displaying a ten-penguin advantage over ACP. Judges noted that the Clovers were not without vigor or intensity in these rooms. However, their performance was not enough to match the Guardians’ accumulation of size and dexterity. With the first two rooms ruled victorious for the Elite Guardians, the battle became a foregone conclusion. In spite of this, EGCP’s size dwindled enough for ACP to take control of the conflict. Impressing the judges with speed and formations such as an F, the Army of Club Penguin prevented a sweep by winning the last room. Nonetheless, the Guardians remained the victors in their invasion of Ceará.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Ceará

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Oagalcorps

The Clovers sought to reclaim lost territory on Friday, attempting to seize Oagalcorps from the Elite Guardians. The Army of Club Penguin swiftly established dominance over the Guardians, boasting a size difference of 15 penguins throughout the battle. EGCP persisted in spite of this. However, the judges viewed ACP’s display of size in conjunction with prowess to be an insurmountable task for the Guardians to overcome. The Army of Club Penguin summarily won the three rooms, gaining control of Oagalcorps once more.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Oagalcorps

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Fiesta

Much like the Clovers did previously, the Guardians launched a campaign to reclaim the server Fiesta. An early size advantage favored the Elite Guardians, emphasised by larger forms in the first two rooms. Although the Army of Club Penguin were acknowledged for their creativity, the Guardians achieved victory in the first two rooms. The third room was ruled a tie, with both armies effectively utilizing their size and speed. Concluding the battle with two wins and a tie, the Elite Guardians witnessed success in their invasion of Fiesta.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Fiesta

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Ceará

The Army of Club Penguin sought to end their week with another invasion of Ceará. Unlike their previous attempt, the Clovers began strong with a slight size advantage over the Elite Guardians. ACP exploited this, exhibiting neater formations and a faster speed. These remained consistent throughout the battle, allowing for the Clovers to cover and overpower EGCP in a majority of the battle. Though the Guardians improved in the conclusion of the conflict, the Clovers exited their invasion of Ceará successful in all three rooms.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Ceará

As the second week of the war between the Clovers and Guardians concluded, the Army of Club Penguin accumulated seven wins out of eleven battles. Though taking home only four victories, the Elite Guardians prevented an ACP snowball by demonstrating their capacity to dominate the battlefield. Irrespective of this, the war score continues to trend in favor of the Army of Club Penguin. A comeback from the Guardians remains within the realms of possibility, though their window of opportunity narrows with their current trajectory. Will the Army of Club Penguin maintain its momentum? Can the Elite Guardians alter the tides of war? Club Penguin Armies will document and analyse further developments.

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