Beach Brawl III: Community Predictions

The third edition of Beach Brawl is scheduled to occur this Saturday. Four small to medium-sized armies have been invited to participate in an afternoon of intense battles.

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Taking place on CPA Battleground, the Beach Brawl III tournament is scheduled for Saturday, August 26th. Each army will face different opponents across three rooms in a 30-minute total conflict. The full tournament information and details can be found in the Announcement & Information post.

The four participating armies are the following:

  • Friendly Gamers
  • People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Penguins of Madagascar
  • Special Weapons and Tactics

Beach Brawl III is poised to showcase intriguing battles, given that all four participating armies currently maintain similar sizes at their maximum. Moreover, they have demonstrated comparable performance, as indicated by their recent placements in the Top Ten rankings. The Army of Club Penguin and the Pizza Federation, both of which are previous winners of the tournament, will not be participating this year. As a result, a clear frontrunner has yet to emerge, underscoring the intense competition that Beach Brawl is sure to deliver.

Army of Club Penguin’s victory in Beach Brawl II [2022]

Club Penguin Armies has reached out to various community members for their predictions on the army who will emerge victorious. They were also asked to provide the reasoning behind their answers.

Which army do you think will win Beach Brawl III? Why do you think so?

Mads, CPA Reporter: I think Friendly Gamers will put on a good showing. POM because of their leadership struggles probs won’t be that good. Same with SWAT because of the war, but they have been putting up decent sizes so maybe they would do good. PIC is a wild card — with the addition of cabin to their leadership they might be able to do well but their sizes have been low. Maybe a tournament will encourage their troops to attend.

Zay, Community Committee:In the most honest (and unbiased) manner possible, I lay down my predictions to say that SWAT could be the victor this year. To be honest, the traction and their great capabilities are present. As a former staff member, I think they’re very much capable of winning something like Beach Brawl. Yes, they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a very high chance at taking home the trophy this year. In my eyes, the odds are rather heightened, but SWAT can surely defy them.

Litt7, Community Member: I think SWAT will win BBIII due to the size advantage they have, while they haven’t been performing the best in their war against TCP, they’re pulling sizes of around 15-20 usually and I don’t think the other armies participating can bring those sizes. I do see SWAT potentially losing if they’re incredibly slow and/or sloppy with their tactics and forms though.

Elexonck, Army Legend and RPF Leader: I personally think there could be some sharp competition between the armies competing in the tournament this year. Looking at each of them, I feel SWAT’s recent merger with DP might put them in a good position to hit strong numbers and get the edge over the other armies in the tourney. However I do believe that each army has its own strengths and the potential to bring their A game to the tourney.

Aurora, Water Vikings: I’d say SWAT or PIC given their history and they’re more established than the other two armies. Considering how SWAT has had higher maxes than PIC in the past, I’d say SWAT but it’ll likely be pretty close. However, it comes down to who has the better tactics and that could go either way.

Dino, WV Leader: PIC is very obviously the biggest of the four and they have the most stable of the 4. Not only that, but Sidie and Sha are very competent leaders. PIC has fallen short of a tournament win for awhile which is criminal because despite PZF and FW (which were still great) just happened to be a bit better than a very solid PIC run. I think PIC will finally bring home a trophy and they deserve it. Only SWAT will be a genuine problem and they’ll go on a decent run too but I have no doubt in my mind that PIC can beat SWAT (especially in their modern state). PIC is on the cusp of becoming a major (barring the size hurdle). This tournament run will give them the motivation to overcome their hump

ROOBOO, HF Leader: I think SWAT will win the tournament. They chose the best way to revive their army after Lego took a break and that’s having a war against TCP, which is a tough challenge and one to boost. They are maxing like a major army now in the war and their hype will boost their confidence to win the tournament with good maxes.

Elsa/Fulcrum, Templars: I would probably pick PIC. Because well I’m an old friend of theirs and I have a good feeling that they will do great in this Beach Brawl.

Freedomist, S/M Army Legend: I think Friendly Gamers will win through the power of friendship.

The forthcoming clash between these armies is sure to be heated up and exhilarating, as the community lacks consensus regarding a winner, with both SWAT and PIC garnering various mentions. Both armies are undoubtedly willing to put up a tough fight against their opponents, as they know the coveted trophy will not be easily bestowed. With the community predictions already in our hands, we must now wait for the day on which Beach Brawl will finally happen. Only then will we find out if the predictions will match reality. Could the Friendly Gamers and the Penguins of Madagascar manage to exceed the community’s expectations? Who do you think will win? 

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