Burning Bright: President Cabin Rejoins Confederation Leadership

Following the closure of the Napalm Corps, Cabin rejoins the People’s Imperial Confederation leadership. Spearheading the Congress prior to rejoining, what does Cabin have in store for the army’s future?

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Cabin joined the army community in 2014, being recruited into the Golden Troops. In his time, he has floated about several major armies such as the Pirates and Light Troops. He is arguably most known for his leadership in the People’s Imperial Confederation and his founding of the now-deceased Napalm Corps in early 2023. Under his leadership, Napalm Corps reached peaks of 15-20 soldiers per event, but after just a few months he decided to merge the army into the People’s Imperial Confederation. Post-merge, Cabin made his retirement official and has been relatively inactive since.

A Napalm Corps event, with a peak of 18 soldiers

Following rumours of a small/medium army tournament, Confederation Creator Sidie9 announced Cabin’s return to the army’s leadership. During his retirement, Cabin had been serving as the army’s Head Advisor, so he remains familiar with the landscape and culture of the army. This valuable experience will no doubt be beneficial in his latest venture.

Sidie9 announcing Cabin’s return to leadership, followed by Cabin introducing himself and his aims

Club Penguin Armies approached Cabin for an interview regarding his return to leadership and future plans he may hold for the Confederation.

What inspired you to rejoin armies after what seemed to be your final retirement?

I rejoined the army community to help prepare the People’s Imperial Confederation for the upcoming Beach Brawl tournament.

Could you tell us some goals you hope to achieve as PIC’s newest leader?

As the newest leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation, I hope to help usher in a new golden age.

What lessons did you learn from founding [Napalm Corps] that you hope to carry over into this new role?

Proper troop interaction was the greatest lesson I learned from my experience in the Napalm Corps.

Any chance of NC re-opening?

The Napalm Corps will never return.

Where do you see yourself in a few months? Still in the PIC leadership, or a return to retirement island?

Truthfully, I am unsure where I see myself in a few months. It depends on how much effort I put in.

The People’s Imperial Confederation has had some rough luck in regard to small/medium army tournaments. In the Challengers Cup series, both times they made it to the grand finals but were unable to squeeze out a victory. Could this string of bad luck change with Cabin’s addition to the leadership roster? From the interview, Cabin seems eager for the Beach Brawl trophy. Will he, and the remainder of the Confederation’s leadership, finally make it happen?

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