Mother Warfare: SWAT Declare War On Templars

After a flurry of events, a new announcement from the Special Weapons marks the beginning of a war against the Templars. During a busy week in the community, we had a shocking Wednesday morning as Special Weapons finally entered its second phase of “Objective: Relaunch and Reload.”

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During August 16, the Supreme Commander of Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT), Legoman, made an announcement declaring war on the Templars. In his announcement, he gives a brief comment without going into details, formalizing the statement in an official post on the SWAT website that precisely explains the conditions of the war. The war was accepted by the Templars, who have 46 territory servers against SWAT’s 17 on the server map, which will make this war pretty interesting as both sides have some considerable land to lose.

Declaration of war

The intent for war is the result of the second phase of SWAT’s project that has grown since the merger with the Dark Pirates. The post suggests that this war was already “imminent since their previous war ended'”, referring to the fatidic outcome of a war known as the 10th Great Holy War. The war ended with a SWAT victory due to the Templars’ breaches of Club Penguin Armies guidelines. Despite this, the Templars claimed to have won the war, which, according to some SWAT members, lit the flames of the current conflict.

Battle of Ohio

Special Weapons is not only counting with new troops but also under new management, with some new members of Higher Command (HCOM) coming from the merging army. Ninja Leader and Tide, previous Dark Pirates commanders, are now Second-in-Command. Both stated that their previous war with Penguin of Madagascar (POM) was left as a tie just before the merger as the Pirates are willing to gain some more experience in Club Penguin Armies.

Templars are an army with notorious history in a post-Disney community. Their rivalry with SWAT has rose since previous wars like the 7th Great Holy War. They have been on conflict more times than one may think, due to various reasons. Ganger90, Special Weapons’ creator, mentions early this year in SWAT’s website that the Templars have been “hostile for quite a long time, with them helping to wage multiple team up wars against us.” Despite this situation, Templars states that they weren’t really expecting a war due to stagnancy on the server map and that both armies weren’t really provoking each other.

Templars accepting the Special Weapons’ war

Unsatisfied with the available intel, Club Penguin Armies decided to interview some involved leaders.

What could have been the reasons that led Special Weapons And Tactics into their war with Templars of Club Penguin?

Legoman: No real reasons other than mutual hype. SWAT has had a fun rivalry with the Templars and the community needs to normalize wars with no beef.

Recently, Dark Pirates merged with SWAT, how does this affect the war?

Legoman: We’ve got some new additions to our HCOM as well as some new troops, so I’m eager to see their impact in war.

What are your thoughts on SWAT reasons for declaring war?

Dawnables: I understand why they’d declare war, but Templars are no where near their position anymore. We’ve gotten ourselves back to stability while SWAT hasn’t officially regained their major status or max 20 consistently.

Were the Templars already expecting a war?

Dawnables: Not really because the map has been stagnant and there hasn’t been much provoking going on either from any armies. It’s always good to do a war though given we are reaching a peak position for our summer.

What happened to the war between DP and POM?

Ninja Leader: POM wasn’t agreeing on the war and was making excuses and saying that they aren’t ready, so that’s why we ended the war in a tie and merged into SWAT.

How do you ensure SWAT will win this war?

Legoman: By recruiting our [in real life friends] and embracing our Kenergy. The left is taking our rights.

How do you ensure Templars will win this war?

Dawnables: We always win, don’t worry.

With the tensions building up as the war begins, both sides seem confident about their victory and willing to do their best to be glorious. Both armies have a hostile past that will only end once they see victory. Will Special Weapons get their revenge on the Templars, or will the byzantine empire reach its peak?

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