War Update: Clovers, Guardians And The Weeknd

Conflict continued to erupt this weekend as the war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians raged on. The ongoing clashes between these two armies have been intensifying with five battles taking place over the weekend.

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Last week, tensions boiled over as the Army of Club Penguin [ACP] declared war on the Elite Guardians [EGCP]. The two armies have developed a rivalry since the return of the Elite Guardians, competing for number one on the Top Ten for several weeks. At odds against one another during World War IX, tensions have continued to escalate in spite of a peace treaty signed by both armies. As the weekend concluded, the community witnessed a total of 11 battles fought between the Clovers and the Guardians, with even more scheduled for this coming week. Despite a large number of invasions, both armies seem determined to prolong their offensives.

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Famagusta

Last weekend began with the Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Famagusta. Achieving a size of 22 Clovers, the Elite Guardians were close behind with 17 troops online. Though room one started off closely contested, ACP established clear dominance by exhibiting clean formations. In the following room, the Guardians picked up their pace substantially, matching the Clovers in both speed and tactics. This resulted in room two being deemed a tie. With increasing momentum, the Army of Club Penguin once again won room three due to their formations, which allowed them to exaggerate the size difference. Due to winning two rooms, the Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Famagusta was successful.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Famagusta

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Cookkygrado

This battle witnessed the Clovers on the offensive once again, this time invading Cookkygrado. As both armies drove onto the battlefield wearing car costumes, they were nearly equal in size. In room one, which was declared the closest room, judges noted fluctuating speeds between both the Clovers and the Guardians. However, EGCP managed to counter ACP’s formations in this room, leading to their victory. Demonstrating strong formations, speed, and a balanced troop-to-tactic ratio, the Clovers completely dominated room two. Room three proved a bit closer, with EGCP displaying strong formations compared to ACP. Despite speed advantages going back and forth, ultimately room three was deemed an EGCP victory. With victory in two rooms, the Elite Guardians successfully defended Cookkygrado.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Cookkygrado

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Acre

The Elite Guardians met the Army of Club Penguin on the battlefield once more during their invasion of Acre. Despite the Clovers’ best efforts, the Guardians held firm throughout the battle, showcasing their tenacity. With a size advantage of more than ten penguins at certain points, the Elite Guardians were able to use this to conquer all three rooms. The judges noted the tactical diversity displayed by both armies, along with ACP’s ferocity and determination. However, EGCP displayed consistency and size advantages that led to their successful invasion of Acre.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Acre

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Ceara

The Army of Club Penguin launched another assault on the Elite Guardians’ territory during their invasion of Ceara. The Clovers entered the battle with a size advantage of ten to twelve troops, securing a comfortable upper hand over the Guardians. Across all three rooms, ACP controlled the battlefield through their tactics and larger formations. While EGCP made valiant efforts to overcome the size difference, the battle concluded with the Army of Club Penguin successfully invading Ceara.

Army of Club Penguin’s invasion of Ceara

Elite Guardians’ Invasion of Fiesta

The weekend concluded with the Elite Guardians’ invasion of Fiesta. Displaying an equal number of troops on both sides, room one witnessed the Army of Club Penguin displaying cleaner formations and faster speed. This led to a Clover victory in room one. The Elite Guardians moved to overpower ACP in rooms two and three. While size continued to be near equal on both sides, EGCP displayed consistently neater formations and a stronger troop-to-tactic ratio. While the judges noted the Clovers’ speed, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Guardians. This resulted in the Elite Guardians’ successful invasion of Fiesta.

Elite Guardians’ invasion of Fiesta

As the war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians rages on, it becomes evident from the score that victory won’t be easily won. While the Clovers have won more battles than the Guardians, the score gap is gradually narrowing. With both armies displaying unwavering determination, it’s clear that both are committed to an extensive conflict. It should be noted that the Army of Club Penguin holds a large amount of land on the map, making total victory a difficult task for the Guardians. However, such a feat is not impossible in the case of a protracted conflict. With ferocity evident on both sides, Club Penguin Armies will continue to report on the matter. Who will win the war?

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