War Update: Clovers Versus Guardians

The war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians has raging for several days. Though many battles have been hard fought and close, only one army can emerge victorious.

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On August 7, the Army of Club Penguin [ACP] issued a declaration of war against the Elite Guardians [EGCP]. A post released by the Clovers alleged that the Guardians had been bad mouthing their army through distasteful jokes. ACP proceeded to schedule two invasions of EGCP servers. Seemingly eager to meet them on the battlefield, the Elite Guardians accepted the war declaration, releasing their own post on the matter. In an attempt to even the playing field, EGCP scheduled two invasions against ACP. Over the next few days, six battles would be fought between the two armies.

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Fiesta

The war kicked off with ACP’s invasion of Fiesta. With a size advantage of eight to ten troops, this was a clean sweep for the Clovers. Displaying strong speed and effort against ACP’s size, the intensity from EGCP was clear. However, due to ACP’s formation and size advantage, the Guardians were defeated 3-0. Winning the first battle of the war, ACP’s invasion of Fiesta was successful.

ACP’s Invasion of Fiesta

Elite Guardian’s Invasion of Famagusta

Contrary to their performance in the previous battle, the Elite Guardians entered the battle with a size advantage of seven to eleven troops. Through their creative formations and tactics, the Guardians dominated both rooms one and two, resulting in victories for both rooms. Picking up the pace, the Clovers combated vigorously against EGCP, leading to a tie in room three. Nonetheless, the Elite Guardians took home their first victory of the war.

EGCP’s Invasion of Famagusta

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Acre

The Clovers returned to their offensive once more, this time invading Acre. Featuring size differences of only one to two penguins in EGCP’s favor, this was the closest battle yet. With comparable performances from both armies, neither ACP nor EGCP were able to establish clear dominance. This led to ties in both rooms one and two. Gaining momentum, the Clovers achieved a six penguin size advantage. Building in speed and confidence, ACP proceeded to win room three, leading to a successful invasion of Acre.

ACP’s Invasion of Acre

Elite Guardians Invasion of Subzero

The Elite Guardians began another attack on ACP’s nation, invading the server Subzero. Once again, each army struggled to maintain superiority throughout the battle. Though the Army of Club Penguin’s clean formations allowed them to secure victory in room one, the Elite Guardians matched their display of strength in room two. This led to an EGCP victory in room two, putting the fate of the battle onto room three. Matching both in speed and formations, room three was declared a tie. As per judging guidelines, the ruling of a tie results in an unsuccessful invasion. Due to this, ACP successfully defended Subzero.

EGCP’s Invasion of Subzero

Army of Club Penguin’s Invasion of Ventilador

Despite a previous series of close battles, ACP’s invasion of Ventilador was an uncontested victory. Maintaining a healthy six to eight penguin size advantage allowed the Clovers to execute more expansive tactics and formations. While the resilience of the Guardians was noted, the battle ended in ACP’s successful invasion of Ventilador in a 3-0 fashion.

ACP’s Invasion of Ventilador

Elite Guardians Invasion of Fiesta

Attempting to reclaim what once was theirs, the Elite Guardians moved to invade Fiesta. Each opponent had their fair share of strengths and struggles, failing to establish dominance over each other, resulting in a tie in room one. Room two saw the Clovers picking up the pace substantially, holding a size advantage over the Guardians. Furthermore, the judges noted that ACP displayed cleaner formations and fewer big word bubbles compared to EGCP. Rooms two and three were declared an ACP victory, leading to the Clovers’ successful defense of Fiesta.

EGCP’s Invasion of Fiesta

The Army of Club Penguin has commenced its campaign of aggression with a string of successes. Nonetheless, the Elite Guardians have showcased their capacity for victory, securing one win earlier in the war. With further combat on the horizon, the tide could change at any moment. Though the competition is fierce, Club Penguin Armies wishes the best of luck to both sides of the conflict. Who will win the war?

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