Congress Enacts Leadership Changes In The Confederation

News earlier broke in the People’s Imperial Confederation that they would be losing one of their more visible leaders.

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Ferdthebird1 joined the ring of People’s Imperial Confederation‘s leaders on March 12. This came to no surprise as during his time as a staff member, Ferdthebird1 was awarded the Medal of Valor. Additionally, he helped lead the army in the Sapphire Concordat against the Blue Sunset Alliance.

On August 11, Shallissa, one of the many leaders of People’s Imperial Confederation, published a statement on Ferdthebird1’s removal from the leadership. This removal follows an incident with a member from Templars and a pre-existing relationship. Once the Templars were made aware of it, they reached out to the Confederation leaders, eventually giving them an ultimatum. During this process, Ferdthebird1 began banning Templar identities from the People’s Discord server.

Log of the bans

With rumors circulating, members of the Confederation asked for the army’s Congress of Soviets to pass a vote on the removal of Ferdthebird1 from the leadership. With a vote of seven to eight passing, Ferdthebird1 was made aware of the decision to remove his permissions.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Shallissa who appears to be dealing with the situation internally.

Can you provide a general perspective of the case?

This is definitely a sad day for many of us in People’s Imperial Confederation [PIC] as Ferdthebird1 has been a beloved member of our army for the entirety of our current generation. Despite any reservations we may have, this was a necessary step to take. When confronted by nearly half of the active members in your army, there unfortunately isn’t really much a person can do. Despite this, we stand with our staff and appreciate all that they do for PIC. While we wish things didn’t have to come to this point, it is our duty as leaders to value the opinions of our army’s majority.

Was this the first time dealing with internal issues regarding Ferdthebird1?

There had been numerous points throughout Ferdthebird1’s leadership where Sidie9 and I were confronted with issues our staff had towards some of his actions. The incidents were small enough to easily be worked out through a quick conversation. However, I presume that the build up of these things along with what had gone on the past few days set our staff over the edge, which is entirely understandable.

How did the army end up discovering the issue?

As far as Ferdthebird1’s mature relationship goes, I believe our staff members are friends with the individual and screenshots were leaked through them. One of the staff members proposing Ferdthebird1’s removal was a leader, so they had been in the loop regarding the situation the entire time. Additionally, many of them were present during the multiple incidents we had to talk to Ferdthebird1 about.

Do you have anything else to add?

While our staff’s proposal was definitely a large step leading to Ferdthebird1’s removal, I’d like to remind anyone reading that we held a vote and did things as fairly as possible. Some may look at Ferdthebird1’s choices with disgust and anger and seek justice, while others may look at things with a bit more understanding. Regardless of how this is viewed, adults of this community should look back onto their teenage years and realize that if everything we did wrong was screenshotted and displayed in posts, our lives may look a lot differently. Alternatively we can offer the opposite, understanding and sympathy many of us didn’t receive as teens. Regardless of how you view this, posting a public array of screenshots of a minors wrongdoings is never the way to go. I wish things didn’t have to turn out the way they did, however I am confident in our post and believe we handled this scandal appropriately.

Administration wants to reiterate that sensationalizing minors for “Club Penguin drama” is something we will never condone. Additionally, we advocate for emphasizing the importance of internet safety: once something is on the internet, it is there forever. This is the second incident to recently hit the People’s Imperial Confederation. Will they be able to rebound before the small-medium army tournament?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 August 11, 2023 (7:11 pm)

    I’m forgiving Ferd. I can understand that PIC made a good choice on removing him. But I’m not gonna judge him for something he did.

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