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In the community, armies often find themselves allying with another army that may share the same values as them. While allies can be important in wars, they are just as important outside of wars but often go unnoticed.

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Club Penguin armies started with penguins throwing snowballs at each other, leading to the creation of coloured teams. Armies have evolved a lot since then but alliances between teams/armies are still often made. Alliances are critical in Club Penguin armies because they provide a way for armies to work together toward a common goal. By forming alliances, armies can share resources, coordinate their attacks, and defend each other against common enemies.

In addition to the practical benefits of alliances, they also create a sense of community within Club Penguin armies. Players who are part of an alliance feel like they are part of something bigger than just their army. They have a support network of other players who share their goals and values. This sense of community can be especially important in a game where players spend a lot of time working towards a common goal. Alliances can help players stay motivated and engaged, even when the game gets challenging.

A list of all the current armies and their allies is provided below:

Army of Club Penguin‘s allies:

Help Force, Friendly Gamers, People’s Imperial Confederation, Templars of Club Penguin
Dark Pirates of Club Penguin‘s allies:

People’s Imperial Confederation, Special Weapons And Tactics, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin
Dark Vikings‘ allies:

Templars of Club Penguin, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, Penguins Of Madagascar
Elite Guardians of Club Penguin‘s allies:

Water Vikings, Help Force, Dark Vikings, Friendly Gamers, People’s Imperial Confederation, Dark Pirates
Friendly Gamers allies:

Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin
Help Force’s allies:

Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings, Friendly Gamers, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin
Penguins of Madagascar‘s allies:

Dark Vikings, Monarchies of Club Penguin
People’s Imperial Confederation’s allies:

Dark Pirates of Club Penguin, Army of Club Penguin, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, and Special Weapons And Tactics.
Rebel Penguin Federation‘s allies:

Water Vikings, Warlords of Kosmos
Special Weapons And Tactics’ allies:

People’s Imperial Confederation. Dark Pirates of Club Penguin
Templars of Club Penguin’s allies:

Dark Vikings, Army of Club Penguin
Water Vikings’ allies:

Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, Help Force

It’s clear to see that each army has a set of allies in their corner. However, there are also many armies that share the same allies but are not allied. There are times when an army’s allies can go to war with each other, this was seen during World War IX. Despite this, armies continue to work on their bonds afterwards to make sure the alliance stays solid. Although, this isn’t always the case.

While armies try to keep their alliances intact, the aspect of war can often drive armies apart. The war may not be between the two allies; however, if a new ally of Army A declared on another ally of Army A then that may lead to them unallying. Although, some armies choose to stay neutral during war season, protecting their alliances with both sides, potentially.

Despite all of this, armies often are called to the battlefield to protect their allies. The concept of war can also lead to armies with common values becoming ‘brother allies’. This creates an almost unbreakable bond between the two armies which sees the armies support each other through thick and thin. With that said, alliances seem to be an important part of the community, both in and out of warfare. But what do army members think?

Club Penguin Armies approached army leaders and HCOM members to find out about the importance of alliances.

Why are allies important and how can they benefit an army?

 ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: The Allies are supporters. When an army allies with another, they’re backbones to each other. It’s important to have partners and good relationships with other armies because it helps when help is needed, for example, numbers for the Top Tens and remaining on significant status. But a true backbone is when war happens, you know ur allies have ur back. You not only support each other through thick and thin, but you also get to enjoy doing duo events, and theme weeks together and creating memories as two strong armies.

Claire, Water Vikings Leader: Allies are important for many things and each army can benefit from them in different ways, but mainly increasing the power of the armies that are involved helps in terms of increasing numbers on events and similars, helps with diplomacy, helps with growing the community of the army itself and even CPA community in general, also alliances are very important during war times since they unite forces to a greater good.

Greg, People’s Imperial Confederation HCOM: Allies are important to armies because without them making relations with people outside your army almost wouldn’t matter, it adds to the politics of CPA. Also just makes wars more fun :p

Znation, Dark Vikings HCOM: Allies are important because they help sustain a good relationship with the allies’ army and they can also attend events and also boost the server and become a major part of an army as an ally.

Zooy, Special Weapons And Tactics HCOM: Allies are extremely important as they can: Help in battles where just a little nudge is needed. Just increase army morale, it’s always good when you have another army to talk to. Let you observe CPA through another lens. But, I think the most important is the fact that a true ally stands with you in your troubles and that you can do the same in return.

Frickle, Friendly Gamers Leader: The most important part about allies I’d say is providing support and help for each other when needed. For example, HF and ACP helped us with some of our events, including our reopening and we plan on doing the same for them when they’re in need as well. As EGCP is one of our newer allies, we haven’t done a ton of stuff with them however when the time is right, we plan on helping them when they’re in need and we hope they do the same for us. That’s also a big benefit about having allies, basically being able to support each other and having people to support your army. Something else that I’d consider a benefit is also just to have more people that armies can call friends within the community. With and without the support for FG at least, all of our allies have been extremely kind to us and we’ve done the same to them as well.

Dawn, Templars Leader: It’s good to have allies that can benefit you in wars or even in helping with normal events and making them more fun. I think the troops benefit a lot in the social aspect and they learn about armies from our allies and how they do events and even attend for them. The army as a whole benefits from an alliance as we have another source of events and we can have friendly competition more commonly. It’s important as an army to have allies established because you should always have at least one other army that you can trust in case you need some extra help.

Lass, Elite Guardians Leader: Allies are a must-have if an army wants to be influential and have a great presence on the map. The main benefit of allies is the protection and influence you can obtain from/to them, it is always good to cultivate trust so that in the future you can always have someone to watch your back.

Each person has their own view on how important alliances are. Nonetheless, each of them agrees that alliances can be beneficial to armies. The influence of allies cannot be understated as alliances can be beneficial for both the armies and the troops. Subsequently, if an alliance is broken, this can also negatively affect morale. Do you think allies are a must-have? Or do they just get in the way of army warfare? Can armies be too friendly with each other?

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