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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes”, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of members of our community. In this post, we will be looking at the life of Orange, Club Penguin Armies Advisor and S/M Army Legend.

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Orange is an S/M army legend, known for leading many armies throughout the years. He started his army career with Army of Club Penguin in 2012. While he was in ACP, he was inspired by Mchappy and Kingfunks, but a former ACP leader known as Antant98 helped him grow as a member of the army community. After his time in ACP, he later went on to lead many S/M armies like Chaos, Golds and Army Republic. In the year 2016, Orange retired from the army community.

Three years later, Orange was contacted by Chaos creator and S/M legend Owlcity209, inviting him to take part in the army’s revival in 2020. After having a successful revival and a final run as Chaos leader, Orange decided to join his first army again for a short time. The last army Orange joined before his retirement was Ice Warriors, leading the army to win March Madness for two consecutive years. In spring of 2021, Orange bid club penguin armies farewell and announced his retirement from the army. 

Orange’s Retirment event from IW

Although his army career concluded in 2021, his role in club penguin media organizations was far from over. Orange served as an advisor for Club Penguin Army Hub, receiving administrator in late 2020. He was an advisor for both of the split leagues at the time, Club Penguin Army Hub and Club Penguin Army Network. Eventually, their unification led him to Club Penguin Armies, serving as one of its founding admins. He was welcomed back as an advisor on April 3. Icyfeet played an important role in teaching Orange about organizations and CPA.

Orange announcing his retirement from the CPA administration role

Orange’s army history and achievements are well documented, but not everyone knows about his hobbies and preferences. Orange loves sports, he played soccer ever since his childhood. He was also a high school varsity captain for three years; and even won many tournaments. Later on, he transitioned into bouldering and hiking. His experience as a soccer captain taught him to mix having fun with leadership skills in his time as an army leader. Orange’s favorite soccer team is Bayern Munich, which is known for being top-tier in the German football league system. He also supports the Canadian national team, as Canada is his country of birth. His favorite soccer player is Alphonso Davies, a Canadian professional soccer player who plays as a left-back or winger, the same positions Orange uses.

A completely real picture of Orange playing soccer

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Orange to discuss more about his career and plans for the future.

Why the name Orange?

So, this is gonna sound kinda dumb but when I was 10-11ish years old, I loved to eat oranges and drink orange juice and so I made the CP username Epicorange1. For a while I actually used to go by epic but then there was somebody else named epic in Chaos, so everybody just called me Orange and over time the name grew on me, so I just went with it fully.

What are your favorite CPA memories?

Hmm I have so many to choose from so I’ll name a few. I think the big turning point for me was in 2013 I led Chaos to defeat IW in the Legends Cup. At the time they were reigning champions, and this defeat was honestly one of the biggest upsets of all time and really put Chaos on the map. Other memories would be leading Chaos to #1 on the top ten, recreating Chaos on CPR, earning IW leader, maxing 100+ and winning March Madness on my way out, and being CPAH advisor/admin. But tbh, outside of these CPA stuff my favorite memories have been the VCs and hanging out with my friends in 2020/2021. I feel like those years I had some of the best and funniest memories that I miss. It was a time during COVID where I couldn’t do much irl, so having this community with the friends I made really made my time so enjoyable and was ultimately why I ended up staying in the community so much longer than I initially thought I would.

How different is the CPA community now since the first year you joined?

So, I joined the community back in 2012 and like most would expect, a lot was different back then. I think the biggest difference back than compared to now is loyalty. Back then, it was super common to be in multiple armies at the same time and people would frequently hop around from armies. A few people would even lead armies simultaneously. That culture of army hopping is frowned upon today and your hardly see people join any other army outside of their primary one which is very interesting. It could have to do with the fact that back then most people were 14 and below and people are usually a lot more immature and indecisive back then compared to now where the average age is well over 18+.

What are your future plans as someone who is part of the CPA community?

I don’t really have any future plans tbh, Wynn approached me about being advisor and I agreed to it because it’s not too much of a time commitment, but I can also help out in a valuable way behind the scenes. I want to help bring stability so it can help CPA last long. I also help out with the Legends Council for now until I can pass that on to the next person. I am glad to be in a role where it is not too stressful but also allows me to have valuable impact without being at the forefront of things.

What is your advice for current or new CPA members?

I wanna echo things I said from my retirement post a couple years ago (+1 if you can find it) but that nobody is going to care nor remember what you did for a club penguin army. Time is so valuable, and you need to make you spend your time the way you want to. You should spend your time enjoying every moment and putting yourself in the position to be happy. There’s no point of taking this community too seriously or putting too much stress on yourself. Make sure you enjoy every moment while you are here and be nice to the people around you because your kind words can really make somebody else’s day. Why spend time arguing about club penguin when you can enjoy playing this game with your close friends instead? Don’t cut off friendships because somebody joins an army you don’t like. Don’t let a game ruin your friendship with someone. At the end of the day, we are all human so make sure you treat people the way you want to be treated because we all have feelings. I have no regrets for how I spent my time here and make sure that’s something you can say when it’s all said and done.

It is well known that orange is a fruit which is rich in vitamin C, but the Orange we know is full of energy and fun. His love for sports and soccer reminds us of the similarities that armies have with soccer teams. Orange had a relaxed and fun leading style that inspired many members in the army community. Club Penguin Armies is grateful for having such a wonderful and talented advisor on its team and wishes Orange good luck on all his future plans.

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