Community Reacts To The Legends Cup XIII Grand Finals

The most prestigious army tournament of the year has concluded following a dramatic clash between the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Discussion has erupted throughout the community as one army attained a historic victory.

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Legends Cup XIII concluded with the Grand Finals battle between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin. The finalists’ pathway to the grand finals was treacherous, with many challenges and tribulations along the way. The Rebel Penguin Federation paved their way following clashes against both Help Force and Water Vikings. On the other side of the bracket, the Army of Club Penguin faced off against the Templars and Elite Guardians. Ultimately, the Clovers and the Rebels emerged victorious, meeting each other on the battlefield for the final battle of Legends Cup XIII.

With a size difference of 20 penguins, the odds seemed to be in ACP’s favor. As the battle proceeded, both armies fought with the intensity and passion noted throughout the entirety of the tournament. Despite the size difference, RPF secured a tie and a victory in rooms one and two respectively. ACP moved to obtain a win in room 3, intensifying the battle with an overtime room. Determined, and retaining their dominance, the Army of Club Penguin cemented their victory in room four, winning the Grand Finals of Legends Cup XIII.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to several community members to hear their thoughts regarding this historic battle.

ACP vs. RPF, Legends Cup XIII Grand Finals

Coolguy, Editor-in-Chief, ACP Leader: The battle was good and saw both armies bring the best they could bring at that moment. I’m sure both armies always will and want to push for better and for more but the performance given by both armies was great, giving ACP a tough battle. I don’t think anyone thought it’d be an easy battle, however, it saw some great moments. One moment I especially liked was the W form of ACP’s in the last room , which really showcased ACP’s size when tactics were done. I think both armies pushed each other to be better, to be quicker, to be cleaner, to be more creative and that’s what each army tried to bring. I do think the battle became more intense as the battle went on but it was clear that RPF were using everything they had to try and fight through the size difference but the leadership and preparation from ACP’s whole army was too big too overcome in this battle.

Link3000, Top Ten Committee Head, RPF Leader: It was an extremely intense battle which was not surprising for us tbh, we expected it. ACP managed to pull very impressive numbers. Given the size difference I’m very proud we took it all the way to overtime and that it was that close while having a 20-25 size disadvantage. But you can’t win them all, losses happen, it’s just part of being in such a big community, but I think we can say that despite, we fought hard until the end. I’m very proud of RPF for this one and ACP should be very proud of their historic win.

Lunita, CPA Reporter: in all honesty I think the battle between ACP and RPF has been simply grandiose. Both armies clearly prepared incredibly hard for it. However ACP came on top. Regardless though it’s impressive just how well RPF did despite their lack of size. In my opinion battles like these are the reason club penguin armies exist. The pure passion, is admirable. And I honestly can’t wait to see the battles that will happen in the future.

Fun X Time, SWAT 2ic: Seeing the LCXIII end is surprising seeing the fact that the last two armies standing were not equally desparate to win one of this year’s biggest tournaments. ACP was desperate for a win but RPF took it easy. RPF did as great as ACP did. RPF was creative and used exceptional tactics, something very significant in any battle. On the other hand, ACP was acing in other things an army should incorporate in battles, such as covering, doing tactics hastily. The size of ACP was greater than RPF. This could be one of the key reasons why ACP became the last one standing. But, the climax of the event was during the overtime, which was declared aftermath. Here, I believe the things reverse! ACP now picks up what all RPF did. Both the armies served the audience well and had outstanding performance. Congratulations to ACP for their valiant victory, and wishing RPF great luck for future tournaments!

Da Best, CPA Camera: Very underwhelming I was hoping the sizes woulda been closer and ACP event vc wasn’t that hyped (we played their event vc through vc at CPAT) so all in all a very very boring battle that I couldn’t leave (my favourite part was watching all the judges get disconnected)

After a long and arduous tournament, the Army of Club Penguin has been crowned the Legends Cup XIII champions for the first time in their history.  As conversation and applause continue, Club Penguin Armies congratulates ACP on their hard-earned victory. Additionally, we applaud the Rebel Penguin Federation’s display of hard work and dedication throughout the tournament. While Legends Cup XIII has concluded, this seems to be an era of new beginnings for the army community. Whether or not the Clovers capitalize on their newfound dominance is yet to be observed.

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