Top 5 Moments of July 2023

July seemed to be the most peaceful month of the year yet, with no major drama or wars occurring. Instead, the community’s attention was captured by events such as Legends Cup XIII and Club Penguin Armies celebrations.

Just like every other month, Club Penguin Armies’ administration held a vote in which the staff team could choose the most impactful and significant moments of the month. We present to you what we believe are the Top Five Moments of July.

5. CPA Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Written by: Wynn

On July 1st, Club Penguin Armies celebrated its first anniversary. To mark this successful year, the Community Committee organized a talent show that provided an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a fun-filled event together. Additionally, the Media Division released occasional posts, with the first one listing the Reporting Heads’ most favorite articles, and the second one highlighting the top five moments of the year. The day concluded with a statement from the administration, co-authored by Wynn, Mchappy, and several former admins.

4. Scandal Emerges In PIC

Written by: Coolguy

One of the more surprising moments of the month took place within the People’s Imperial Confederation. The army was riding high after experiencing a small boost in maxes following the World War. However, this soon came crashing down as scandal occurred within their own ranks. Three members of PIC’s staff team, including one of their leaders were involved in a group chat which saw the aforementioned members harass members of the Dark Vikings. The harassment included vulgar language, slurs and even threats/statements regarding a member’s life. Following this, the members were immediately dealt with. Hitthere and Tide has there roles removed with Hitthere also being banned from the army and Langley stepped down from their position immediately. This was something that shocked not only the community but the other leaders of PIC. However, they held their heads up and continued to look forward, as well as continue to maintain and grow the army.

3. CPA Hosts Community Olympics

Written by: Mchappy

In celebration of Club Penguin Armies’ first anniversary, the Community Committee hosted the CPA Olympics. With three self-named teams, members of the community competed for the entire first week of July for medals. The Olympics started off with an Opening Ceremony similar to the Color Wars where teams were tasked with leading themselves into battle. After a long week of competition, it was Team Red that barely managed to grab the top position with a gold medal. DrQueen, Head of the Community Committee, was ecstatic with how the Olympics turned out.

2. Legends Cup XIII Commences

Written by: Coolguy

On July 10th, Club Penguin Armies released a post stating that the much anticipated Legends Cup tournament would be commencing. The post outlined the structure of the tournament, including the different rounds, armies who would be participating and the dates. Additionally, it was also stated that four armies would take part in the qualifying round of the tournament. The two winners would then go on to the quarterfinals where eight different armies would battle over the following weekend. The Qualifiers would see Dark Vikings take on Special Weapons And Tactics and Templars take on Dark Pirates. The Legend Cup’s arrival was well received and led to much hype surrounding the tournament.

1. Administration Statement Regarding Dark Vikings

Written by: Sweater

What’s the most prestigious tournament of the year without a little drama? During the qualifiers round of this year’s Legends Cup, Dark Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics went head to head. Many people were already critical of the decision to invite Dark Vikings in the first place due to their past transphobia and sexism in battle. However, the administration would compromise and ban select leaders from attending. To no one’s surprise, the Vikings’ leader Thunder222 logged on against the ruling and despite losing to the Small/Medium SWAT, Dark Vikings were disqualified from the tournament and banned from all future CPA-hosted events.

Next month we are definitely expecting to see the Small/Medium tournament, the End of The Summer Gala and the community census. Will August be also filled with wars, like most of the months till now? Who will win Legends Cup XII?

Stay tuned for the updates!

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