Ryebread Removed From Templars Leadership; Army Regains Major Status

Nearly two months after their drop to small-medium army status, the Templars have regained their position as a major army. Additionally, the Templars silently removed Ryebread from leadership without any official announcement. With the army reaching consistent sizes of 20+, what changes precipitated their return to form?

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Xing and many of his long-time friends founded the Templars in April 2018. Inspired by the real-life Byzantine and Roman Empires, the Templars are best known for their inclination for warfare. Before their opening, they developed a rivalry with the Elite Guardians that would last nearly two years. Finding themselves in further hostilities during World War VII, the Templars became a founding army in the Red Dawn Alliance. Claiming victory against the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Templars would see success through their use of Club Penguin Rewritten under the leadership of Xing, Cobra, Clade, and Jay.

In recent years, the army has secured their place as a staple of the army community. Instigating several wars with the Special Weapons and Tactics, Water Vikings, and the Army of Club Penguin. The feats of the Crusaders resulted in the legend inductions of Xing and Racecar. Seeing participation in World War VIII, the Templars played a crucial role in the success of the Vengeance Alliance. Continuing their streak of success, the Golden Knights maintained first place on the Top Ten for 47 successive weeks. Defeating the Water Vikings in Legends Cup XII with a max of 82 penguins, the Templars cemented their victory in the most prestigious of tournaments.

Templars vs. Water Vikings during the Legends Cup XII Finals

Following the retirement of Xing in early 2023, the Templars were embroiled in a multilogging controversy. A Club Penguin Armies investigation revealed that dozens of TCP-associated accounts had been linked to the scandal. Further inquiry confirmed suspicions of the army multilogging throughout a large portion of 2022. The Templars were penalized with a deduction of 0.6x for four consecutive weeks, precipitating a drop of eighth place on the Top Ten. With a noticeable fall in morale, the army experienced fluctuating sizes and positions in the Top Ten. This culminated in their reclassification as small-medium in early June 2023.

A member of the Sapphire Concordat during World War IX, the Templars were pivotal in efforts against the Blue Sunset Alliance. Though a far cry from their peak, the leadership of Dawnables and Nicky has overseen consistent maxes of 20+, demonstrated in their recent practice battle with the Elite Guardians. Despite a defeat at the hands of the Army of Club Penguin in Legends Cup XIII, the Templars recent stability has been notable, allowing them to regain their major army status on July 30, 2023. Though the Templars have seen recent prosperity, the army silently removed new leader Ryebread shortly after their induction. With no official announcement, the community has been left to speculate on what led to their sudden removal.

Templars recent practice battle against the Elite Guardians

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Templars leader Dawnables to learn about the army’s recent success and the removal of Ryebread.

With no official announcement regarding Ryebread, what prompted their removal from Templars leadership?

She wasn’t active and we’ve already been through inactive leaders. That being said, no hard feelings towards Rye we just need this army to be functional and she’s a bit busy so id rather her prioritize irl. The reason there wasn’t an announcement is due to the fact our troops barely even realized there was a new leader nor did they realize that we removed a leader.

How does it feel to be a Major army once again?

It’s a sigh of relief to finally have major again. It was really stressful for the leadership to be balancing finals and keeping Templars in a prosperous position. After a while of course irl became top priority as it should be, but it is relieving that we finally got major back and are able to continue on with what we were trying to accomplish in the first place.

What do you think has helped Templars in regaining it’s Major status?

It helped a lot that me and Nicky went on summer break and just spent as much time as possible being in Templars and keeping up with what’s going on in the army. Templars is an army that only thrives when it’s leader(s) are around and it was heavily proven with the process of regaining major. It also helped that we made sure that all of our staff knew this was the goal in mind and to continue working towards it. When we lost it leadership knew that this was an important matter and that we can’t be s/m for too long, so we were motivated to get tcp back to the state that it should be in.

How does the army plan to move ahead from this, and what are some of your future plans for the Templars?

As far as Templars, we grow from here by focusing on ourselves in battle and improving on the flaws that we’ve seen as time goes on. Since it’s summer we’re mostly taking this time to grow the army and get sizes to a better state. I hope to continue having my own successes in the army while helping continue rebuilding it to be self sufficient like it was under Xing. The army from here will be as fruitful as possible given all of us leaders are here and we have staff consistently helping us with as much as possible.

What advice would you give to an army that is working towards and aspires to be Major one day?

My advice would be to recruit and register as often as possible and work with as many people as possible to work towards the goal.

It is evident from Dawn’s comments that the summer break has allowed the Templars to be revitalized. Clearly motivated by their drop to small/medium army status, the Templars are undoubtedly inspired to maintain their streak of success. While only time will tell whether the Templars maintain their size, their history and motivation have guided them in the right direction.

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