Legends Cup XIII: Grand Finals Predictions

The semi-finals of Legends Cup XIII have concluded, leaving only two armies to battle it out for the coveted cup. The finals are now just three days away but predicting the winner will certainly be a tough task for community members.

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The Semi-finals of Legends Cup XIII saw four armies clash for their spot in the finals. After an intense weekend, we are left with only two armies remaining. The next battle will decide who will be crowned the champion. Let’s check out who the community thinks will be the winner of the tournament.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The last battle of the tournament will be between the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Both armies have demonstrated their worth as formidable competitors in the tournament. In the semi-finals, both of the armies defeated a competitive major army. Now, the two winners come face-to-face in the penultimate battle of the tournament. However, only one of them will be awarded the trophy.  With that in mind, the finals will certainly be a hard battle to predict as these two armies will bring their all to try and win the cup.

Legends Cup XIII Semi Finals; Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings.

RPF at a recent event.

Wynn, Chief Executive Producer: 2-1-1[WLT] for RPF. It’s really hard to predict the outcome this time. ACP shocked everyone with their massive size in the past round, which was around two times bigger than RPF’s. Considering that RPF managed in the past to win a battle having around 20 troops online less than their opponents, thanks to their exceptional training and leaders, I will say RPF will win the finals in the overtime.

Orange, Advisor: RPF win 2-1-0[WLT] It’s only fitting that two of the longest, most historic armies of all time meet in the Legends Cup finals. No army has been more consistent in the CPPS era as RPF with them winning tournament after tournament. Now, I do think ACP has a lot of motivation on their side with this being the major accolade that they have failed to win. However, RPF has proven time and time again that you just don’t bet against them when it comes to these things. I think it will be a very close battle, but ultimately RPF will pull a narrow victory.

Spotty, Head Judge: Honestly I’d be surprised if this battle doesn’t go into overtime, therefore I’d predict that RPF would just pick up the last minute win with 1-0-3[WLT]. However, I wouldn’t be shocked if ACP wins the battle as both armies are extremely motivated, have a lot of battle experience, especially due to the recent world war. Although, in my experience in the past RPF have been seen to surprise people last minute in the Finals. Both of these armies fully deserve their place in the Final, and whatever happens, without a doubt this battle will be a close one.

Mogi4, Moderator: ACP win 2-1-1[WLT]. I believe ACP will win because they max more than RPF in their previous battles and they are a strong army. RPF is also a strong army but ACP has been trying to win a tournament for a super long time now and each time they lose it just makes them stronger and now I think they activated god mode and are ready to win this tournament.

Beasto, Graphic Designer: 2-1-0[WLT] for ACP, I mean all respect to the Rebels but their sizes are usually between 30 – 35 so unless they can somehow push their size to around 50 (which is close to the ACP max) then I think they have a chance, but still I think they can tie a room with their amazing performance

Zooy, Community Commitee: ACP pings more, which means either they are taking this way more seriously or they are more desperate. LOL. But I believe ACP does have quite high maxes and might out-max RPF. But it depends on speed, my bet is on ACP though. RPF has a chance if they can do clean and concise formations.

Revan, S/M Army Legend: My prediction right now will be a 2-1-0[WLT] win for ACP with them maxing just over 60 while RPF will hit around 45-50. Looking at the recent performances for both armies in their recent battles ACP is definitely in a lot better position when compared to RPF and RPF will have to put in a lot of work to come close to a win.

Freedomist, S/M Army Legend: RPF wins 2-1-0[WLT]. Whilst RPF may no longer be as dominant as they have been previously in terms of size and ACP have had quite the impressive rise, it’s foolish to overlook RPF in tournaments. Everyone knows that RPF have a winning culture and are far more experienced in these situations. Having won the last March Madness, Christmas Chaos and Legends Cup, I expect this result to be no different with RPF winning on account of a better execution of tactics – a credit to their leadership, readiness and experience. Irrespective of the outcome, both armies should be proud of how far they’ve come

Aaronstone, Head Moderator: Don’t care

The upcoming battle between the two armies is sure to be thrilling for the two armies and the community as a whole. The intensity grows larger with the end of the tournament now in sight. Neither the Army of Club Penguin nor the Rebel Penguin Federation is willing to easily relinquish the title, and they both know their win won’t be handed to them on a silver platter.

Now that we know the community’s predictions, we are left waiting for the battle to take place this weekend. Who do you think will turn out victorious and win the tournament?

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