HCOM Life Stories: Yvng Baller from Rebel Penguin Federation

Welcome back to another edition of High Command Life Stories, the column where we dive into a HCOM member’s past to see how they got to where they are today. For this week’s edition of HCOM Life Stories, we will be taking a look into Yvng Baller’s past, how they got to where they are today and what their future goals are.

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Yvng Baller is currently a well-known Third in Command in the Rebel Penguin Federation but how did they get there? Well, they first came across the community on May 5th, 2020. They were playing on Club Penguin Rewritten when they happened to come across an RPF event taking place. The Rebels chanted “Join the Rebel Lorax Federation”, which caused some confusion for Yvng. Because of this confusion, they decided to look it up on Google. This led them to discover the Rebels’ website/army.

From there, they were able to enter the penguin army community. However, they began their journey rather slowly as they didn’t participate much as a new troop. They casually faded into inactivity with no intent to stay in the army. But, this soon changed in September.

The Rebels were at the top of their game coming off of a successful Legends Cup run and months at the top of the Top Tens. Having said that, armies in general were starting to lose momentum and witnessed the September drop. Whilst the drop did affect the Rebels’ sizes, it didn’t affect their momentum nor Top Ten status. It was during the September drop that Yvng started to gain interest in armies.

RPF in their Pikachu vs Kermit battle where they maxed 67 troops

Near the end of September, Yvng’s activity picked up and they soon started to talk and participate in the army. On October 2nd, 2020, they became Troop of the Week in RPF for the first time. This soon led them to apply for Cadet (Staff in training). Due to their hard work within the army, just three days after becoming Troop of the Week, they were promoted to Cadet. Yet, their hard work didn’t stop there as they soon earned a promotion to Moderator on the 19th.

Continuing to work their way up the ranks, Yvng witnessed many notable events taking place. One of these events was the Black Seas War between RPF, Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors and the Water Vikings in November 2020. The Black Ice Alliance (DW, RPF, IW) went on to claim victory in the war after the Vikings left the Club Penguin Army Hub league. However, the Vikings debated their claims. The Rebels also saw a change in their leadership with Crazzy stepping away shortly after receiving Army Legend in the community. This was followed by the closure of Club Penguin Army Hub in January and Cosmo‘s departure over one month later.

Despite the eventful year that the Rebels had, including the infamous Olympics, Yvng retired on August 21st 2021. Before retiring, they were able to achieve the highest mod rank, General. They retired due to commitments they had, however, their retirement only lasted two months. They rejoined the army in October and quickly regained their momentum within the army.

RPF vs WV for the server Icicle

On November 22nd 2021, Yvng was promoted to 3ic, a high commanding rank. They were promoted just in time to help the Rebels in their quest for even more trophies. The Rebels would go on to have a successful run in the Christmas Chaos tournament. They beat their closest allies, the Ice Warriors, in a fierce battle to win the Christmas Chaos XI.

Coming off of their momentous year, having won both the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos in 2021, they strived to achieve the March Madness trophy. During their quest for the trophy, Yvng was once again promoted, this time to 2ic on March 21st 2022. However, they lost out to the Ice Warriors in the Semi-Finals. The Warriors went on to win the entire tournament, extending their successful March Madness trophy run.

Despite their loss in the March Madness tournament, this didn’t affect Yvng’s momentum as they continued to work hard and fight for their place in the army. They were able to witness and be a part of RPF’s monumental 15th anniversary on May 8th. But, it wasn’t always easy for the army as they witnessed Club Penguin Rewritten’s closure which shook the army community to the core. However, with CPA Battleground soon coming to take its place, they were able to maintain their status as an army.

During their time in RPF, they also got the opportunity to lead a battle during the Summer Sovereignty War against the Templars. The battle was the first major battle they were able to lead.

Templars vs RPF in the Summer Sovereignty War

The war ended with the Templars agreeing to a treaty after the Rebels had won nine out of 10 battles. On November 5th, Yvng retired from the army, once again. However, this retirement would seem more real. Upon retiring he earned a place in the Rebels’ Hall of Fame as well as the RPF Rebel role in their Discord server.

A few months ago, on April 3rd 2023, Yvng rejoined the Rebels after five months away from the army. They rejoined the army for 3ic, however, were promoted back to 2ic on the 24th of July. During their time back in the army they have been able to participate in World War. Also, he was able to participate in the Legends Cup with the Rebels, which is currently ongoing.

Yvng’s induction to the RPF Hall of Fame

Yvng certainly has a respectable history in armies. Alongside their multiple stints in RPF, they also are a Head Judge in CPA Judges. To learn more about them, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Yvng for an interview.

Upon joining the community, what were your first impressions of it?

My first impressions of the community when I first joined was I was very overwhelmed by all the people that was talking within RPF. Note this was during the beginning of Quarantine during 2020 so this was when loads of people were bored at home chatting on discord. With all the people chatting at once I was very shy upon entering RPF and it would take me a couple months before I actually got comfortable talking in the server to all these random strangers. From there I would eventually slowly get involved in CPA where it was even more wild as I didn’t know there were so many groups just like RPF and like one main server for them all (CPAH at the time). I would eventually get comfortable too and get JIT and eventually promoted to Judge and would be a Reporter in Training both for CPAH.

How would you describe your journey since joining? Any regrets?

My journey since joining RPF has been pretty good from start to currently. When i was a troop I was very quiet like I mentioned in my previous answer so didn’t really talk to many people or got to know anyone really. When I actually started talking to people within RPF was during Summer Olympics 2020 when I felt a part of something due to being on an Olympics Team and seeing how we all came together to try and win medals for our teams so I thought that was exciting/fun. After that I would disappear for 2 months and come back to RPF out of boredom and I ended up getting Troop of the Week and Officer Cadet (RPF’s mod in training) 3 days after that and ever since then I just kept climbing the ranks with no complaints or major troubles throughout the way making it to where I am now as Second in Command for the army. I don’t really have any regrets I would say, the only thing would be I made some mistakes a long the way in my journey but I used those mistakes to learn and grow into the leader I have become for RPF within the last a bit under 2 years as a part of HCOM for the army.

What have been some of your most memorable moments?

Some of my most memorable moments in RPF are ofc the 2020 Summer Olympics as that was the reason why I remained somewhat active in the RPF community with my team winning the Olympics that year and being able to meet so many cool people that were part of my team. Winning Legends Cup that same year as I got to see RPF come together and celebrate that win back when armies used to max 100+ for those big events. Getting Troop of the Week ofc was a memorable moment for me and getting cadet within the same time frame. Getting promoted to mod and eventually getting promoted to HCOM is pretty memorable as well. Upon all of this earning the status of Hall of Fame was like the icing on the cake for knowing that I have made an impact to this community I have been apart of for 3 years now. Outside of RPF something memorable is ofc being promoted to Head Judge in September 2021 and being voted by the community to keep my role in February 2022 when CPAJ formed.

Was there anyone who affected your journey in a big way in RPF, if so, who and how?

The people that have affected my journey in a big way in RPF is a couple names I would mention. Obviously most people that I worked and talked too with through my time in the community have affected me in a way, but there are a select few that I have gotten the chance to be friends with also helped me grow in RPF and impacted me in an actual big way. People such as Mars, Moon, Sharki, and z3ming are a couple people to name for being great friends to me during my time in RPF in not just in Club Penguin stuff but also IRL as well. If it weren’t for them I probs would have never stayed around in the community and would have never became active or anything. I also would give a shoutout to Brenatto as well for being my mentor throughout my journey mentoring me through RPF to become the leader and figure I am today within the community. Shoutout to other people though I have gotten the chance to meet during my time in RPF as well such as (in no particular order) YaBoiMac, Makzing, Cynify, Link, Speedy, Missy, Woogs, Miss Maggie, Bubbles, Miss Gianna, Cracked, Yodabobobo and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention.

Now you’re in the Rebel HOF and a 2ic, once again, what are your goals for the future?

I really don’t have goals for the future as of right now. I just rejoined RPF about 4 months ago and just regained my position back to Second in Command the other day, so right now I am just going with the flow and seeing where things go in terms of RPF and with my IRL as well. I say my only goal right now is to continue having an impact on the army and being able to contribute the best I can. As for CPA, my goal is to continue to be a trusted Head Judge in the community and to remain active and someone that the community can rely on with Head Judging duties.

It’s clear to see that Yvng has a lot of experience within the army and wants to have an impact on the army. As a veteran of the army and a “RPF Rebel” they are already a person who will be remembered for their impact. What will become of Yvng in the future? Will he have a further impact on the army and continue to rise? Will he, one day, lead the Rebels to glory? No matter what happens, so far he has no regrets and we, at Club Penguin Armies, wish him the best for his future.

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