Legends Cup XIII Semi-Finals Results

The Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup XIII officially ends with two of the four armies advancing to the Grand Finals. Who was able to win their battles and gain a chance at the trophy next week?

Following the conclusion of this round’s battles, only two armies remain in the tournament. For a quick recap of the contestants, Saturday saw Rebel Penguin Federation take on the Water Vikings. On Sunday, the Army of Club Penguin matched up against the Elite Guardians. Who was able to proceed to the grand finals?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings

This round’s first battle was between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings. Throughout the entire fight, each army had a similar size, with the peak size advantage being just two soldiers. The Rebels had the upper hand in the first room as they had more creative formations and their bombs were better. Those factors allowed them to take room one. However, in the rest of the battle neither army had a distinct advantage so the subsequent rooms were deemed ties and the Rebel Penguin Federation advanced to the finals.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Semi Finals of the Legends Cup XIII; Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings.

Room three of the battle; Rebel Penguin Federation in an Angle formation while Water Vikings in an H formation.

Army of Club Penguin vs Elite Guardians

This round’s second battle was the closest battle the tournament has seen so far. Heading into overtime, the judges had no idea who would take the victory and even had to declare overtime. Much like the previous battle, both sides had a similar size count so room wins would be decided by in-the-moment decision-making such as formation and tactical choices. The formations’ cleanliness was the deciding factor for most of the battle, but after the three rooms each army was still equal so overtime was called. In the overtime room, each army traded off the size advantage but too many Elite Guardians troops were seen not doing tactics, so the Clovers looked larger and as a result, took the room.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Semi Finals of the Legends Cup XIII; Army of Club Penguin vs Elite Guardians.

Round one of the battle; Army of Club Penguin in an Anchor formation while Elite Guardians in an infinity formation.

With this week’s battles ending, both the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation will compete in the grand finals next week. It’s important to note that the Army of Club Penguin has never won a Legends Cup. Could this be their first win since the tournament began in 2010? Or will we see a return to form for the Rebels, taking home yet another trophy?

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