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Welcome back to Lost Legends, a column dedicated to celebrating the unsung heroes of the community. In each edition, we will shine a spotlight on army leaders who made significant contributions but haven’t received the recognition they deserve. Every army leader who had a noteworthy impact should be remembered and celebrated.

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In today’s edition, we will take a closer look at someone who created one of the most well-known armies in Club Penguin army history. Bid Now supposedly started his journey in the army community in 2007 as a member of Ice Warriors and the Underground Mafia Army. However, there is little information about Bid Now during this time.

While he was still a member of the two previously mentioned armies, Bid Now created the Pirates, in the spring of 2007. He led the first generation of Pirates alongside Coolster and Hussam. They gathered approximately 15 people and ended up defeating Golds in a war. A couple of weeks after declaring their victory, Bid Now decided to join Golds, the army he defeated weeks prior. After joining Golds, he got involved in heated arguments with Coolster and Hussam, leading to their relationship fracturing.

In 2008, due to their fractured relationship, Bid Now officially left the army to die, defacing the website as he left. The defacement of the Pirates website and Bid Now’s official departure left little hope for the army’s survival. These factors played a part in the sudden closure of the Pirates’ first generation. 

Bid Now in a Pirates event

Mid-2008, Hussam and Coolster apologised to Bid Now and eventually, he allowed them to recreate the army. However, Hussam retired before this could happen. The revival went ahead with Coolster and another member of the original generation taking the helm. The generation(s) that followed saw a dark age that was hard for them to overcome.

After the Pirates went through a dark age that included defacement, multiple generations and war defeats, Bid Now returned. The fourth generation saw multiple leaders, including Waterkid100, Coolster and Bid Now take the helm. The return of Bid Now and the formation of a strong leadership team, enabled the army to go through a golden age. The pirates were winning wars and maxing higher than 30 during some events, but this golden age didn’t last forever. With Waterkid100 leaving and returning to the army multiple times, the army grew unstable internally, leading to it closing its doors.

Outside of the Pirates, in 2010, Bid Now joined Nachos, however, he was given the rank of Private upon applying. Astounded that he was given the lowest rank, he went on to comment in a post about his experience. He went on to say that the ranking structure in armies was biased. To provide evidence, he stated his experience in the army community. As well as being the creator of the Pirates, he also obtained the role of leader in Golds. Not only this but he obtained 4ic and 5ic in Doritos and UMA respectively. He ended the post by saying that if a person is not friends with the leader, they won’t get a good rank.

In 2012 Twitchy, Army Legend, departed from the Underground Mafias Army. Upon departing, he released a post thanking people who impacted his career. One of the names he mentioned was, in fact, Bid Now. In the post, he stated that they went through many armies together. One of these armies was the Dark Warriors. Little is known about Bid Now and the Dark Warriors but his journey in the community was much larger than most think.

His journey in the community also saw him write a small number of posts for Club Penguin Army Central and Club Penguin Army Madness. He was an essential part of CPAM, however, the media site didn’t last long. His role in CPAC also was part-time and small. He was a part of the Legend nominations preliminary rounds in 2013 but he did not get enough votes. This meant that he was not officially nominated. He was not the only person though as even Mchappy, who is now a legend, did not get enough votes.

In 2013, there were allegations against Bid Now that show his involvement in trying to shut down his own army. The Pirates’ leadership at the time didn’t believe that the army’s creator would shut it down. Despite that, they banished him due to a matter of principle. In the same post, Pirates leader Pongo mentioned that Bid Now did not care about the army he created. After his banishment from his own army, Bid Now disappeared from the community and was never heard from again.

Despite Bid Now’s disappearance, Pirates went on to achieve many successes. The Club Penguin Online generation of Pirates became the most powerful and recognized generation. They won many wars during their time and their form allowed them to win the 2018 Christmas Chaos. They were even named in the Top 5 Armies of the CPPS Era. However, the golden generation ended in yet another scandal.

Pirates Event in 2019

The credit for the Pirates’ rise over the years, both before and after Club Penguin’s closure, is often given to Waterkid and Epic101. However, without Bid Now, the Pirates would not exist today. Things could have turned out very differently for the two aforementioned leaders without Pirates.

To this day, little is known about Bid Now’s journey in armies apart from his time in Pirates but his impact is clear. Bid Now’s name will always go down in history as the creator of the Pirates. He was more than the creator of the Pirates as he obtained roles in many armies, but his legacy lives on. He wasn’t perfect, but he can be described as an atom that caused a chain reaction. Bid Now’s work caused a major explosion in the army community and changed the course of Club Penguin army history as we know it.

Bid Now may not be seen as a Legend, but he can never be unseen when past, current and future community members sit around and talk about the army he created, and the seas will still whisper his name.

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