Legends Cup XIII Semi-Finals Predictions

Now that the quarterfinals are over, only four armies remain in Legends Cup XIII. We will view the predictions of the community for this weekend’s battles!

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After eight eventful quarter-final battles, four armies moved forward onto the semi-finals. The following two battles of this tournament will decide who moves on to the finals! Let’s check out what the community has predicted for this weekend.

Water Vikings vs Rebel Penguin Federation

The former Blue Sunset Alliance members will take part in the first battle of the weekend. Water Vikings has been working on the reformation of the army and it seems to be paying off. The Federation has been a strong opponent, who continues to perform well win tournaments. However, recent events show them struggling in comparison to their tournament turnout. Both armies want to win the whole tournament, but which army wants it more on the battlefield?

RPF at a recent event

Ferdthebird1, CPA Managing Editor: RPF wins 2-1-0 [WLT] this will again be a very close battle. I wouldn’t mind comparing it to RPF vs. HF. However I feel like somehow, the pressure is more on RPF this time around. They go up against WV who have breezed through their matches. I feel like WV will have the size advantage here, but we all know what the rebels can do. They’re so consistent and accurate with tactics and forms that beating them will take a magnificent effort. I don’t remember the last time (apart from Ausia Arena) RPF lost a tournament/war battle and it amazes me every time. Size will not be the sole factor of winning against RPF as we’ve seen and I bet on them to clinch another victory. In fact, I predicted for them to go all the way in this tournament. Good luck to both armies as we build up to possibly the best match of LCXIII.

Sweater, CPA Associate Editor: Water Vikings 2-1. The Rebels historically have performed tournament after tournament but the Water Vikings are extremely hungry for this tournament victory. The RPF in recent times have fallen in size slightly but I still think the battle will be close despite that. The Water Vikings have been steadily increasing since before the last tournament, Ausia Arena, and I think their time is now. Tactically, the Water Vikings in my eyes are even stronger than the RPF and the Viking’s creativity in formations I think will play a significant role in the outcome of this battle. I am also hoping to say that we (SWAT) lost to the overall winners of the tournament.

Beasto, CPA Graphic Designer: I think it will be an overtime room win for the Water Vikings (2-1-1), and RPF could pull some last min stuff to try and grab the win. An overtime room is almost very certain to happen between those two armies tho.

Super, CPA Advisor: Honestly this could had been the final, its going to be a really close battle. In my opinion it is 50/50 chances but since im former WV and I have big faith on the current HCOM/Leadership im going to say WV.

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: RPF 2-0-1 (tie) Water Vikings can be a hard opponent, as they train often and have creative leaders, but RPF rarely loses a battle thanks to their exceptional members and a really good and adaptive leading. I expect the battle to be close in both maxes and performance though.

Army of Club Penguin vs Elite Guardians

The following day, ACP and EGCP will fight for a place in the finals of the tournament. ACP has been a tough opponent, bringing high maxes and picking up their speed. EGCP, on the other hand, has been creating new successes since their return to the community and can make the Legends Cup another. Both armies will be hungry for an attempt at winning the cup and to make history. What do the community members predict for this battle?

ACP at a recent event

Ferdthebird1, CPA Managing Editor: ACP 3-0-0. EGCP might have appeared rad in their match against the imperial confederation, but I expect the clovers to win this battle on all fronts. Not just in size, but in tactics as well. ACP’s real test would be in the finals no matter who they play. I love surprises so the path has been laid down for EGCP to try and fight the odds. Another aspect I’m more than eager to see is how ACP manages their size. It has been a trend for some time that ACP starts unusually strong in wars/tournaments but loses steam by the time it’s the big ticket semis and finals. There’s a reason ACP has not won any tournaments (correct me if I’m wrong) under Calgo’s golden reign. It’s surely been disappointing in this regard but what better place and time to do it than the Legends Cup’s final rounds.

Sweater, CPA Associate Editor: Army of Club Penguin 2-1-1. Whilst the Elite Guardians are one of the more battle-ready armies, the Army of Club Penguin should be hungrier than ever to get their first Legends Cup win. I think the Elite Guardians will put up a good fight, but the Army of Club Penguin I predict will be bigger – and I believe that this battle will come down to size with both armies trading rooms for slight tactical advantages.

Beasto, CPA Graphic Designer: (2-1-0) ACP, I mean I’m aware that the Guardians have been dominating their latest events with high maxes but still the Clovers are strong and they aren’t to be underestimated especially with their very high maxes lately.

Super, CPA Advisor: Another really close battle. However, following their performance in the quarter finals and when you also consider their enormous veteran network, I believe ACP will manage to win this one. EGCP returned rather recently and will most likely need some more time to fully rebuild before they can reach a major tournament final.

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Army of Club Penguin 3-0-0. I expect ACP to win all the rooms thanks to their superior maxes and more training. They maxed over 50 in the previous round, while EGCP gathered 30+ online. The Guardians are also still relatively new, while their opponents may have a better understanding of the current judging trends and host practice battles more often (although not judged).

It will be interesting to see which army will perform the best this weekend. Only two armies can progress, and all armies will have to bring their A-game to try and get the win. Now that we have a taste of what the community is thinking, we shall eagerly wait for this weekend’s Semi-Finals battles to commence. Who do you think will make it to the finals round? 

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