The Community Reacts to The Legends Cup Quarterfinals

After the action-packed quarter-final battles of Legends Cup XIII, conversations and opinions have spread throughout the Club Penguin Army community. With strong viewpoints on all sides, how did the community react to these battles?

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On Saturday, the Army of Club Penguin faced off against the Templars, followed by the Elite Guardians clashing against the People’s Imperial Confederation. Subsequently, the Rebel Penguin Federation met with Help Force on the battlefield while Water Vikings fought with Special Weapons and Tactics. We asked several members of the army community for their thought on the aforementioned battles.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Templars

Combat ensued between the previously victorious Templars and the Army of Club Penguin on July 22nd. With a tense history between the two armies, the battle was highly anticipated. Many spectators were eager to witness a contest between the newfound allies. Featuring a size difference of 25+ penguins, the Clovers held the upper hand throughout the duration of the battle. Despite TCP’s best efforts, ACP’s size, speed, and neater formations were hard to beat. The battle concluded in a 3-0-0 victory for the Clovers. We decided to ask numerous members of the community for their thoughts on the battle.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Templars

Disha, Club Penguin Armies Executive Producer: I think it was a great battle to watch. I honestly expected Templars to get more people online, but given the size difference between the two armies, I think they were commendable. Quite the effort, I would say! ACP never fails to amaze me to be honest. I am really happy to see their progress and growth in general. Kudos to both armies, and congratulations to the Clovers for making it to the next round! Can’t wait to see how the next round goes!

Da Best, Community Member: I had the privilege of being able to watch the battle live (as for having to stream the battle in CPAT) and both armies had strengths and flaws. The biggest thing is that TCP was down 20 ish troops and so at times they were invisible to ACP which made it hard for everyone in vc to detect what form TCP was in. We also streamed TCP’s VC leading where we noticed that TCP was moving too fast through tactics which caused a rainbow effect of random tactcs being said by different troops as the newer troops werent able to keep up with all the word tactics. Overall the battle was meh as the size difference meant it was simple to see who would walk away victorious.

Sweater, Associate Editor: I think the battle went as expected. Templars, as dominant as they are in the field, just didn’t have enough size to compete with their opponents. It’s sad to see the reigning champions go out in the first round but hopefully they can pick themselves up for the next tournament, and good luck to the Army of Club Penguin in the second round.

Spotty, Head Judge: Both TCP and ACP performed excellently as the battle was a lot closer than anticipated. However, ACP had the slight advantage throughout the same 3 rooms, as they were able to use their size to create larger and better formations, in addition to their speed and creativity. Well done to TCP for a great battle, and congratulations to ACP on securring a place in the Semi-Finals.

Elite Guardians vs. The People’s Imperial Confederation

With the Elite Guardians placing first in the previous top ten, victory for the People’s Imperial Confederation was a tall task. Similarly, the determining factor for this battle seemed to be size, with EGCP maintaining size differences of 20-30 penguins. Although the Confederates fought courageously, they were defeated by the Guardians in a 3-0-0 fashion. Several community members shared their reflections of the battle.

Elite Guardians vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

Aurora, Water Vikings: I pretty much expected EGCP to win because of the size advantage. EGCP has been doing really well too so they could go far in this tournament.

Ninja Leader, Dark Pirates Leader: I would like to say it was a great and nice battle but EGCP had size advantage and their forms were neat and tactics were nice PIC didn’t have a great size neither could they do great forms but I would like to say Congratulations EGCP on winning and great job PIC for working hard to win better luck next time.

Nightt, Help Force: Though i was not able to spectate the Battle live, nor able to find a youtube video to it, i cannot give a detailed comment on their battle, but as of the summary provided by CPAJ: ECGP has represented themselves as a formidable opponent in the tournament of LC. they have gained a lot of power, which was proved by them achieving MAJOR status, and now clearing their Battle against PIC with a straight 3-0. I would like to talk about PIC as well, they, despite of having a huge gap of logins, they did not give up on their battle and kept on fighting ECGP for 30 minutes, The huge gap did not interfere with their determination

Water Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

As the Special Weapons and Tactics recently fell down to the small/medium size category, their battle against the much larger Water Vikings was presumed to be difficult. As seen in the battles thus far, size was deemed to be one of the main factors setting apart the two competing armies. With a size leverage of 15+ penguins, Water Vikings won the battle in a clean sweep of 3-0-0. Though SWAT put up a tough fight against the Vikings, WV’s creativity in both tactics and formations ultimately guaranteed their victory. Various members of the community had thoughts about the battle.

Water Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

Ugly, Reporter: Congratulations to Water Vikings on their win, SWAT did manage to put a challenge against WV despite the odds against them and were able to put on a good show. I believe they could’ve definitely tied or even won a room if they had similar sizes with WV but unfortunately luck wasn’t on their side that day. Props to the Water Vikings for their well led battle and their consistent performance, I think they did very well and will probably do better in their next battle against RPF.

ROOBOO, Help Force Leader: I firstly wanna say, this battle based on the analysis and summary was one ride to look at. I really salute and applaud both armies for standing up strong through the full battle. Even though maxes weren’t as promising, I think it’s never easy for an army to keep up much if there’s like a 10+ max difference, if not more, unless the smaller army are perfectly accurate with formations and movements and fast with tactics. Water Vikings have recently proved of how much of a strong army they are, not only because of the maxes, but because of their performances too. They truly covered SWAT and blocked crucial times of SWAT’s movements and formations. SWAT are really good when it comes to battling, but I wouldn’t deny I reckon they just need to step up their maxes in order to keep up with those kinds of battles. This was the main reason to the result. Water Vikings also had clear formations like the A and it’s easier to accurately do creative formations when the size difference is immense. Aside all that, both armies are strong and would be even more entertaining if the sizes were close.

Mare, Head Judge: Before the battle, I assumed this would be a close one to watch since SWAT usually pulls a good amount for tournaments. I originally thought it would of been something like WV-TIE-TIE & was actually surprised. I thought both would of had similar size, but WV had quite a large size advantage throughout the rooms. Congratulations to the Water Vikings and nice job to SWAT for putting up a fight!

Help Force vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The clash between Help Force and the Rebel Penguin Federation was arguably the most intense battle we’ve seen during Legends Cup XIII yet. With both armies categorized as Major, many spectators were expecting a closely combated battle. Initially holding a size advantage of 8 penguins, the Rebels quickly asserted themselves on the battlefield while the Helpers worked to close the size gap. By the end of room one, both armies were near close in size and remained this way throughout the battle. The tide of battle shifted frequently with each army having its peaks. Ultimately, the Rebel Penguin Federation sees the win in room two due to their cleaner formations, better bombs, and technical combat. Rooms one and three were declared a tie as a result of equal areas of performance from both sides. Consequentially, after an exceptional performance from both sides, the Rebels took home a quarter-final win. Multiple community members decided to express their views of the battle.

Help Force vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

FerdtheBird1, CPA Managing Editor: hi. I didn’t have the opportunity to see it firsthand but after reading about it jeez that was a close battle! I’d say it went as expected, with RPF barely coming through with a victory. It was truly very close, with two tied rooms and HF even holding their own for about half of the second, fateful room. The two armies are tactical masters but RPF once again inched ahead in the battle with their consistency. In my opinion, HF could have made better forms and wiping/moving against the rebels for >1m is surely not a good idea. HF could have easily come out on top with similar sizes and tactical variety of the two armies if they applied themselves better in forms and movements.

Sanya, CPA Moderator: It was definitely a very good and very close battle, and perhaps it could be considered as the “Finals Battle” even though it was just a quarter-finals battle due to how close it was and generally speaking RPF tends to fight HF in Semi’s or Finals moving on we saw two army giants faced off against each other, with the Helpers fresh from winning the AUSIA arena and the Rebels back in the tournament game and eager to win back the Legend Cups trophy after losing to the Templars last year. While I was watching the stream I noticed that HF did not really move that much, and their size tended to fluctuate, whereas RPF’s size remained generally stable and consistent.

I admit that I, along with a few others in the community, was quite shocked to see RPF win room 2, as we thought that room should have resulted in a tie or an HF win. Some, like myself, believed the verdict should have been Tie-Tie-RPF but then again everyone in the community has the right to have their own thoughts and opinions and these are just the ones I have and a few seem to share. Overall, in my opinion, this battle was truly fun to watch. RPF and HF really got the hardest brackets in the tournament as the first army they had to fight with is a strong major army with similiar strengh and size but in the end, The Rebels prevailed and triumphed over the Helpers. I would like to congratulate the Rebels on their win against the Helpers and also extend my congratulations to the Helpers for putting up such a spectacular performance against RPF and giving us a really good battle to watch.

Sidie9, Reporter: I’m not surprised that RPF managed to win. Help Force has been terrific, but the Rebels seem to have an affinity for winning in tournaments.

With the Legends Cup XIII Quarter Finals under wraps, only four armies proceed to the semi-finals. Next week’s match-ups are highly anticipated, with the Army of Club Penguin facing off against the Elite Guardians, and the Water Vikings battling the Rebel Penguin Federation. After heavy discussion over this weekend’s set of battles, we can only expect more excitement surrounding next week’s four competing armies. What did you think of the quarter-final match-ups? Which army do you think will make it to the grand finals? 

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