Lost Legends: Dxdzn

Welcome back to Lost Legends, a column dedicated to celebrating the unsung heroes of the community. In each edition, we will shine a spotlight on army leaders who made significant contributions but haven’t received the recognition they deserve. We will also connect with army legends who feel forgotten, listen to their stories, and acknowledge their impact. Every army leader who had a noteworthy impact should be remembered and celebrated.

With myself as your guide, we will be investigating a once-prominent army figurehead who has since faded into the shadows. The enigmatic individual in question is none other than Dxdzn, known by some as Dudex219. Though ten years have passed since the culmination of his career, the four-time legend nominee undoubtedly left a mark that many yearn to replicate. For this Lost Legend, we will need to turn the clock back, further than some, as Dx’s rise to fame began in 2009.

Dxdzn’s penguin player-card, 2010

Hot Sauce Army

Lurking in the community in 2007 and 2008 without officially joining an army, Dxdzn found a home within a newly founded Hot Sauce Army. Credited as one of its original five creators, the Hot Sauce Army swiftly established relevance in 2009 under his leadership. Winning in wars with the Club Penguin Crew and the Tacos, HSA developed a strong reputation and became a contender within the Top Ten. After being voted “New Army of the Year” and “Most Grown Army” at the CP Army Central 2009 Awards, few could doubt their newfound momentum. Though information is scarce regarding Dx and HSA in this period, the success of their first generation was widely attributed to him. Following the purchase of a new Xbox, Dxdzn decided to abruptly retire from his position as leader. In the absence of strong leadership, the Hot Sauce Army quickly became disorganized and subsequently closed its doors.

Hot Sauce Army at war with CP Crew

Little is known about the happenings of Dxdzn in the following three years. However, the rising star found himself in the spotlight after publicly announcing a desire to revive the Hot Sauce Army in January 2013. Alongside notable commanders such as Monster47345, Bearsboy10 and Freezie, HSA rediscovered their prominence once more in the beginning months of the year. Despite initial leadership instability, the army began to flex sizes of over 20 troops online. Although many leaders would be content with such results, it became clear Dx had greater things in store.

Practice battle between HSA and Chaos

The leadership of Dxdzn continued to radiate success as the year continued. Following eventful wars with the Doritos and Light Troops, the Hot Sauce Army began to reach troop counts of up to 50. During this period, Dx also instituted the first “AUS/Asian division” in a major army. Subsequent victory in a conflict with the Army of Club Penguin, as well as a CP Warfare Insider tournament trophy, solidified Dx’s place in army history. Just as HSA reached its peak, however, Dxdzn announced his retirement from the army community. After leading the army to number one on the Top Ten four times, Dx’s impact on the 2013 zeitgeist was undeniable. The Hot Sauce Army, facing dwindling maxes, soon closed its doors. Though attributable to other factors, HSA’s two closures repeated a common theme; Dxdzn was the adhesive holding the army together.

Hot Sauce Army in 2013

Dark Warriors and Beyond

Soon after announcing his retirement, Dxdzn found himself commandeering the prestigious Dark Warriors in June 2013. Credited as a DW legend for his efforts, Dx brought the army from the brink of death. Under his leadership, the Warriors found success in battles against the dominant Nachos army. Dark Warriors soared to sizes of 45+ and beyond. The prosperity of DW during the summer of 2013 undoubtedly demonstrated Dx’s ability as a capable leader. Despite retiring a month later, Dxdzn became solidified as one of the biggest figures of his generation. Though refraining from leading again, Dx remained a prominent graphics designer renowned for quality. Alongside the closure of Club Penguin, Dxdzn’s legacy slowly faded into history.

Dark Warriors under Dxdzn’s leadership


Though Dxdzn has been absent, his rise to fame encapsulates the desires of many to this day. Growing an entirely new army has never been an easy feat. The Hot Sauce Army might not have lived long as others, but Dx’s army undeniably resonated with the community. His continued success in other ventures demonstrated his extensive capacity for greatness. His achievements deservedly culminated in nominations for army legend on four occasions. Dxdzn’s Cinderella story would almost certainly, had HSA lasted 2013, led to a more enduring impact. Nonetheless, Dudex demonstrated that true determination could take you anywhere in the army community.

I had the privilege of serving Dxdzn in HSA as a second-in-command and AUSIA leader. Despite only being 12 at the time, the Hot Sauce Army was a formative part of my army identity. I partially credit the development of my career and persona to the influence of Dx, giving me a chance in the absence of extensive experience. I hope that this post contributes to the remembrance of him and the Hot Sauce Army. The story of his time within HSA and DW remains relevant to any seeking to make a name for themselves. Anyone can achieve glory should they put their mind to it. Though the Hot Sauce Army eventually cooled down, the memory of Dxdzn and HSA never did.  

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  1. Dubster Dub September 19, 2023 (6:37 am)

    This was my childhood, and Dudex219 as I knew him… Was a big part in it! Thank you for covering him! And if anyone from HSA would like to contact me, Please reply!

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