Legends Cup XIII: Quarterfinals Round Predictions

With the qualifiers of Legends Cup XIII over, only eight armies remain in the tournament. This post will show the predictions of community members on this weekend’s Quarterfinals.

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The Qualifiers round of Legends Cup XIII saw four armies battle over the weekend. One of the battles saw the Dark Vikings earn a disqualification from all future Club Penguin Armies tournaments. Now, the eight armies that remain will march onto the battlefield this weekend, with only 4 coming out for the next round. Let us take a look at what the community has predicted for these upcoming battles!

Army of Club Penguin vs. Templars 

The very first battle of this weekend is between the two allies, the Army of Club Penguin and the Templars. While the Army of Club Penguin continues to be one of the major armies in the community, the Templars were recently classified as a small/medium army. However, the Knights have been steadily building up since then. Only time will tell who will proceed to the next round.

A recent Army of Club Penguin event

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Army of Club Penguin win (2-0-1). ACP has a really big veteran network and is currently performing better than Templars in Top Tens. Templars usually underperform in tournaments and have had issues winning battles even when they were holding a size advantage. Despite them being by far the strongest army of 2022, they did not have an easy time last year in winning LC with multiple battles being very close (although they pulled through it in the end), and with their sizes being much smaller this year I believe they will struggle.

Mchappy, CPA Admin: Army of Club Penguin win (2-1-0). Judging solely off reactions, the Clovers certainly have the upper hand. However, whether that is going to translate into domination is yet to be seen. Templars as a whole have undergone some struggles since the last Legends Cup. On the other hand, aside from Calgocubs21, the team over at the Army of Club Penguin is mostly new blood (or at least new to repping the green) and is looking for that big win. This battle might come down to whose “ego” can push their army further. (I’m joking.)

DMT, CPA Advisor: Army of Club Penguin win (2-1-0). These longtime rivals always put on a show whenever they face off, and this battle will be no different. Though both the Army of Club Penguin and the Templars max similar sizes- and possess similar triumphs in the history of the Legends Cup- I predict the Clovers will get the edge on the basis of consistency. It’s a key factor in their resurgence as a major player under the leadership of Calgocubs and the company. On the other side, consistency is something that the Crusaders have lacked since the departure of Xing, in truth. This will be a close battle, but also one that ACP should win confidently.

Elite Guardians of Club Penguin vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

The second battle of this tournament will see the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin face the People’s Imperial Confederation. Both armies have had their extended history in tournaments, however, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin currently stands at major status while the Peoples Imperial Confederation stands at small/medium. Can the People’s Imperial Confederation overcome the challenge ahead?

A recent Elite Guardians event

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Elite Guardians of Club Penguin win (3-0-0). EGCP ranked 1st in the latest Top Ten, and they are an army with great history and experience in tournament. While PIC is also an experienced army I believe the Guardians will prevail.

Mchappy, CPA Admin: Elite Guardians of Club Penguin win (3-0-0). Elite Guardians have been very enjoyable to watch this summer as they came out of the gate strong upon reopening. In the past few weeks, they’ve seemed to transition to hosting events solely on Battleground. Not only will this help with their perfecting tactics, but they’ve put up good numbers since then. While the People’s Imperial Confederation always have the best heart when it comes to tournaments, I am not sure they have the willpower to overcome the beast that will be Elite Guardians.

DMT, CPA Advisor: Elite Guardians of Club Penguin win (3-0-0). Whilst the People’s Imperial Confederation should never be underestimated in tournaments, they are an army going through some changes right now. Meanwhile, the Elite Guardians are stronger than ever. It’s no contest.

Water Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

This battle will show two armies that have had rivalry and alliances with each other throughout the past, face off. In recent months, the agents were classified as a small/medium army. Since then, they’ve been coming in at the bottom half of the weekly top ten, while the Vikings have consistently been in the top four.

A recent Water Vikings event

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Water Vikings win (2-0-1).  This is an interesting battle because WV and SWAT have a long standing rivalry and things will definitely get quite heated. WV has been performing better than SWAT lately and therefore will probably manage to get the win, but I don’t think its going to be as easy as expected (let’s not forget that both armies have very big veteran networks as well).

Mchappy, CPA Admin: Water Vikings win (3-0-0). I’m personally very interested in the Water Vikings and how they will perform this year. Last year was their golden run where they nearly came close to snatching the trophy for themselves. This year, with Legends Cup falling in summer, I am curious to see if they can pull off another streak. On the other hand, Special Weapons and Tactics were only able to get around a max ten at their last battle. Ten will not get them through another round.

DMT, CPA Advisor: Water Vikings win (3-0-0). SWAT has been on a downswing as of late, losing their major army status and showing uncharacteristic signs of complacency when it comes to this years edition of Legends Cup. The Water Vikings, however, remain a strong player and should show exactly why in this battle between two storied sides.

Help Force vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The final battle of this round is set to be the closest battle of the Quarterfinals. Both of these armies have faced each other in tournaments and have won them before. Both armies are known to be powerful armies within the CPPS era. Help Force currently has a slight edge in the Top Ten over the Rebels. However, both armies are on level pegging as they enter the Quarterfinals together.

A recent Help Force event

Superhero123, CPA Advisor: Rebel Penguin Federation win (2-1-1) [Overtime]. This is probably going to be the closest battle of the quarterfinals, between two of the most successful armies of the CPPS era. The two armies appear to be on equal standing in recent top ten, with HF having a slight edge. However, in such close situations it’s hard not to count on RPF winning the battle, since they are by far the most successful tournament force of the CPPS era and probably have the largest active veteran network right now.

Mchappy, CPA Admin: Help Force win (2-1-0). The story goes that the Help Force have never beaten the Rebel Penguin Federation in a tournament battle. Well, based solely off of recent Top Tens, I think that this year might change everything. It will certainly be an extremely close battle but I think the Help Force will be able to count on a team that is more motivated, as they are looking to prove something to themselves. My longterm prediction is that whoever wins this battle will be in the Finals.

DMT, CPA Advisor: Help Force win (1-0-3) [Overtime]. Two titans of the army community meeting up this early is always an absolute treat for pundits and fans alike. It’s important to recognize that the Rebel Penguin Federation, historically, have dominated the Legends Cup. But the Help Force have been putting together a sneaky good year in 2023, frequently besting their adversaries in the Top Ten as of late. This battle will be hotly contested, and while some may trust the leadership of the Rebels more than that of the Helpers, I think HF will ride their momentum from the year and relish a potential “underdog” role going up against the storied RPF.

The community seems to agree on most of the battles, with debate over the score of one of the battles. Will there be any upsets in the Quarterfinals? Who will proceed to the next round?

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