Behind The Scenes: Master DS

Welcome to “Behind the Scenes”, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of members of the community. In this post, we will be looking at the life of Master DS, the Head of Branding in Club Penguin Armies and staff in the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Designed by Master DS

Master DS is known for her role as Lieutenant General in the Rebel Penguin Federation staff team. She began her army career with the Rebels in 2019. However, she had to step away from the army community during the same year, due to her wanting to focus on her education in school. Despite this, the very next year, Master DS returned to the army community on August 4th,2020. She went on to resume her place in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Since then, Master DS has stayed in the very first army she joined upon entering the community. 

Master DS in a recent RPF event

She took an interest in art since her time in elementary school when she started drawing fan art of her favourite comic book characters. She also enjoyed playing Club Penguin after returning home from school. Although, despite her mastery in drawing Club Penguin art, she never made art related to the Club Penguin game or armies before joining RPF. Her great talent in art was discovered by her former RPF commander Crazzy through a sticker-making contest. This contest was organised by the Rebels. Therefore, both Crazzy and the Rebels were able to find one of the best graphic makers within their own ranks.

Crazzy was able to promote her work by providing her with many opportunities to showcase her art throughout the community. Subsequently, this opened the doors to new opportunities. Thus, she came across the league/media system where she would help create graphics for the community. Due to her hard work and dedication, Master DS was able to obtain the role of Head of Branding in Club Penguin Armies

The graphic made by Master DS for The RPF sticker-making contest

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Master DS to discuss more about her journey as a member of the army community. Furthermore, we discussed her work in the graphics department.

 How long does it take to create graphics and how difficult is it to make?

it depends on the starting point. If everything has to be made from scratch, from recoloring the penguin pose to customizing it to its specific army and then choosing an appropriate background, it usually can take up to an hour, maybe even longer if bleeding occurs with the paint tool and you have to use the pen to manually color everything. If the assets are already done beforehand, then it is simply a question of placing everything well within the thumbnail files already made beforehand, which only takes a couple of minutes. It’s not very difficult because it’s simply a matter of recoloring and positioning to put it simply.

What great memories do you have in RPF?

I think one of the greatest memories I’ve made in the RPF within the years were during army tournaments, such as Fight or Fright, Christmas Chaos, and Legends Cup. Because those are the times the everyone would unite together and work towards a common goal while main chat would be BOOMING! I think the best era for me was during the pandemic because chat would be popping, and that moment our victory would be announced, it would bring me the biggest joy as we partied in VC with loud music on

Why did you decide to return to the army community?

When the pandemic hit, life came to a sudden halt for me. As we transitioned to online classes, the hustle slowed down by a lot, and as time went by, I found myself to be bored. And then one day, I remembered a server that I had joined way back then (aka the RPF). So, I decided to check it out again and see what was up back. This was in August of 2020. I decided to start attending events again out of mere curiosity, but it soon turned into my world during the pandemic. And that is how I came back into the community.

What are your goals for the future in the army community?

At the moment, my most immediate goal is to make it to the rank of General in RPF, and depending on my schedule this coming fall, I’ll make a decision then about what I truly want to do in this community. For now, I am focused on bringing in beautiful graphics to this amazing community.

It seems that Master DS will keep on showcasing her artistic talent through her amazing graphics and drawings. Her work is a great inspiration for all newcomers who are yet to showcase their talent. The Club Penguin Armies team is truly grateful and appreciative to have them as head of branding. We wish Master DS good luck in all her future plans. In addition to this, we can’t wait to see what their future projects will look like. With that said, will she be able to obtain HCOM in RPF? Will she win any future art contests?

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