Confederation in Crisis: Scandal Emerges In PIC

Drama has unfolded in the staff team of the People’s Imperial Confederation which has led to several members being ousted. Despite this, PIC has been transparent about the ongoings and has addressed these issues publicly.

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In recent months, the People’s Imperial Confederation was involved in a war against the Dark Vikings. During the war, the Vikings used the battles as an opportunity to target and harass Sidie, PIC leader. These attacks were often transphobic, increasing the tensions between the two armies.

Any form of harassment was banned from the war, as per the original war terms set by the Sapphire Concordat alliance. This led to the Sapphire Concordat, which PIC was a part of, enforcing a force treaty on the Vikings. The tensions between the two armies remained despite the war ending, however. The tactics used against PIC caught the attention of Club Penguin Armies and CPABattleground. This led to the Krosive‘s and Thunder222‘s accounts getting banned from the game. The army also received a point deduction on the Top Ten.

On Saturday, July 15th, Club Penguin Armies released a statement regarding the Dark Vikings and their actions in the past and present. The Vikings were originally invited to attend the Legends Cup XIII tournament, however, there were conditions to this. Those leaders banned could not attend on alt accounts nor could they lead the event. With disregard for the rules, DV leader, Thunder logged on for the battle on an alternative account. The Club Penguin Armies post stated that because of their actions and disregard for the rules, DV would no longer be invited to join any of its tournaments in the future.

The league’s statement regarding the Dark Vikings

The incidents that took place prior to the Legends Cup harmed members of PIC, causing distress. What came next was unexpected.

Earlier today, the People’s Imperial Confederation released a website post after growing concerns surrounding their HCOM members were brought to them. Members of PIC’s High Command team including a member of their Moderator team created a group chat, recently, with DV members. In this group chat, a couple of DV members were targeted and harassed by members of PIC. The DV members remain unnamed. However, PIC addressed the actions taken by their members in the group chat.

Screenshots from the group chat were provided in PIC’s statement on the matter. These screenshots contained vulgar language, slurs, threats and hate speech towards the DV members. This behaviour included threatening behaviour and statements regarding the life of a DV member. These actions were by no means excusable as they held disregard for others. To hold their members accountable for their actions, a major change took place within their High Command team. Langly, PIC leader, stepped down from the leadership after participating in the chat.

Langley posted an announcement, stepping down from her position

Furthermore, PIC leaders decided to remove Tide‘s(2ic) and Hitthere‘s (Admiral, high mod) roles within the army. Hitthere was also banned from the army’s discord server. Tide, however, has moved back to the Dark Pirates as a leader. Another member of PIC was also in the group but simply received a demotion due to their minimal participation. With that said, the Confederation has now lost three members of staff. What does this mean for their Legends Cup journey?

Club Penguin Armies contacted Ferdthebird1 to find out more information on the subject.

What were your reactions upon finding out about this situation?

I was shocked and stunned on what had been brewing inside that gc for so long. It was a very rude realization of how much things can go wrong and blow up if not reported to leaders or left unchecked. I was also disappointed in a couple of PIC members for their involvement not just because of the offensiveness on display but also because they were greatly experienced and should have reached out to leaders about the drama before it was too late. I realized that this situation was way worse than any of us expected (especially after I got one ss a day before the controversy, which was a toned down version of the argument and didn’t look so appalling at first sight). We needed to address it immediately and it left me really upset.

How does PIC plan to move on from this?

PIC immediately reached a decision of taking action against everyone involved, and it really threatened to derail our plans in preparation for Legends Cup. But, rest assured we have everything under control now, we have resumed our normal activity and hype towards our LC XIII battle and dealt with the situation swiftly and fairly. We will continue being a just, beautiful space for every community member and always stand against such activities. We have agreed to not continue talking about the issue any longer and also provided a full statement on the matter. PIC is and will always work in the best interest of our members, and ensure none of these controversies ensue as far as possible.

Kurumi was promoted to LIT after the statement was posted, what led to the sudden promotion? Do you believe they’re the future of the army?

The promotions we announced including Kurumi’s were planned before any of this drama occurred. We had initially planned to announce the promotions yesterday night but had to postpone it to today due to the drama. Hence I wouldn’t call it a sudden promotion, nor one in the face of this dispute.
However, we do believe Kurumi is a potential future leader of the army, having experienced PIC up close longer than most people now. We certainly believe they can work well as a leader and will mentor them in the right direction as part of our plans.

Do you have any other comments?

PIC will come out of this controversy stronger and more knowledgeable than before. We very well know the magnitude of this situation and would like to request everyone to continue supporting PIC as we navigate our way out of trouble. Thank you to everyone who has stuck alongside us through all our highs and lows. The road might be bumpy at times, but we are on a beautiful journey, and we are in this together.

Despite the controversy, Ferd is certain that PIC will stay strong and push through what has happened. Not only was the situation a shock to the community but also to them. They remain open and honest about what has happened and aim to continue working hard. But will the Confederation be able to bounce back after this? Will their efforts be in vain? Or will they be able to come back even stronger than before?

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