Legends Cup XIII: Qualifier Round Results

The Qualifying Round of Legends Cup XIII has ended with two armies successfully advancing to the quarter-finals next week. Discover who they are and the details of what unfolded during this first round.

Legends Cup XIII, the most anticipated and recognizable competition on the annual calendar has officially started. After the two exciting battles, the eight armies competing this year are now decided. Who was able to advance to the quarterfinals?

Dark Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

The initial round saw a battle between the Dark Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics. This battle saw a huge one-sided prediction in favour of the major Dark Vikings, but the Agents were able to capitalise on the Vikings’ weak points. Both armies throughout the first room were relatively close in terms of size and were pretty equal in speed and movement, but SWAT had better formations and was faster. In the second room, Dark Vikings slowed down but SWAT’s size dropped in return, allowing for a tie. The final room saw a further drop in SWAT’s size, but the Vikings did not take advantage of this. SWAT was able to assert dominance despite the size advantage and maintained solid formations while defending DV’s bombs against them, resulting in another tie. The Special Weapons and Tactics were crowned the winner in this close battle with a 1-0-2 score and will face Water Vikings in the quarter-finals.

Winner: Special Weapons and Tactics

Room one of the Legends Cup battle between SWAT and Dark Vikings. SWAT executing a big word bubble with "THUNDER LOG OFF" repeated and Dark Vikings defending with "LOL." SWAT in an upside-down V and Dark Vikings are in a upside-down T.

Room one of the battle; SWAT victory.

Templars vs. Dark Pirates

To no one’s surprise, Templars dominated the Dark Pirates just as predicted. Templars were able to outnumber Dark Pirates at 18 to 4, although Dark Pirates tried to send big word bubbles to counter Templar’s size, they simply couldn’t cover much and were almost unseen through the battle. Templars were able to dominate the first room through their fast tactics and solid formations. The second room followed largely the same pattern, with the Pirates even depleting in size. The Pirates logged off and surrendered the final room, allowing Templars to sweep 3-0.

Winner: Templars

Templars in an upside-down V formations fighting off the much smaller Dark Pirates

With the qualifiers coming to a close, all eyes shift to the first official round. Congratulations to SWAT and Templars on qualifying for the tournament, and hopefully next week yields some interesting battles.

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