What Makes The Army Community Fun?

Armies have gone through a lot of challenges over the years which have led to armies trying new, creative ways to be fun and attractive. However, there has been a lot of debate over what truly makes the army community fun.

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Since the creation of armies, almost 17 years ago in 2006, armies have had to come up with ways to make Club Penguin fun. For many, at first, this was just throwing snowballs and this evolved into army warfare but what about when there is no warfare? What makes armies fun?

Takeover Events

In 2022, armies saw a drought, and whilst there were still wars taking place, there were a lot less of them. Most of the notable wars took place towards the end of the year. This left most of 2022 without many wars, making armies think of creative ways to engage their troops. This generally came in the form of costume takeovers or themed weeks. However, when these were used regularly, it was then criticised as unengaging and unoriginal.

Despite that, the events kept a lot of troops engaged. Although, it was clear to see that these events couldn’t keep the community alive on their own. But were they fun? In their own way, takeover events were fun, encouraging troops to be creative and dress up in silly costumes. This enabled armies to be less serious and wind down. They can be helpful, especially after a draining war.

During the time when Club Penguin was up and running, it used to hold different events in-game. These would often include new costumes/outfits to go with the “takeover”. One of the more memorable takeovers was the Star Wars takeover which is fondly remembered by the community. Even this year, members of the army community took part in a Star Wars-themed event on May 4th.

The Star Wars takeover event

This event allowed members of the community to come together and leave hostilities outside. The same was also done for the Club Penguin Armies Olympics and even Pride. Therefore, takeover events provide armies with a moment of peace and allow members to relax and have fun. However, if they are done every day, they start to lose their purpose, making them unengaging.


Since the beginning of armies, armies have competed against each other to become the best army. Whilst wars can often be competitive, they can also be fun. Armies declare war for a variety of reasons but each war brings a new purpose for the armies. Wars not only make armies competitive but can motivate, inspire and light a fire under troops. This gets the adrenaline pumping through the veins and therefore making it fun to participate.

Recently, army leaders had their say on the topic of army warfare. In this post, army legends stated that warfare was the essence of the armies. Not only this but one stated that battles push armies to the next level, and form camaraderie through teamwork. They stated that this allowed them to make childhood friends in the community. Therefore, not only do wars get the adrenaline pumping but warfare itself allows people to form close bonds with those around them. With these close bonds comes a fondness for armies, increasing the “fun” of armies overall.

Fire Warriors vs Army Republic in 2011


As previously mentioned, people can make friends in the community whether it be for a couple of months or years. No matter how long the friendships last, they can remain with people for a long time. Remembering back to the early days of my time within armies, I remember many people who are no longer a part of the community. Some people I kept in touch with for years, but there was a couple that disappeared. There was one person who disappeared one day, never to be seen by anyone again. What happened to them remains a mystery but the memory is still there, along with the times we shared in the army we were in.

Sharing experiences with friends can make those experiences 2x more enjoyable, making each experience more fun. Even in the demanding times of armies, having someone to lean on can make them times less demanding. However, without those friendships then some things that happen may be too heavy of a burden to carry alone. So, not only can friendships make the community fun but also less stressful.

However, finding friends in the community can also be hard. Many members of the community have put their trust and faith in a person, only to be betrayed. Said person may have betrayed their trust, turned against them, leaked private conversations or other things. Believe it or not, this is common in the community and has been since its creation. However, it is how people move on from it that really matters. A person should never be afraid to reach out because of one bad egg but should always be cautious.

A Sense of Community

The army community is a gaming community filled with opposing armies, however, it is a community where people share similar interests. Not only that but even when people have opposing thoughts, every opposition can provide a learning point. A major example can be the small disagreements that can take place between veterans and newer members. However, when these disagreements take place, veteran can inspire and share their knowledge with the newer members, allowing them to learn about the community and the people that came before them.

It’s not just this that makes it a community though. Armies, as well as Club Penguin Armies, host events for people within the community. These events can come in the form of the Olympics, movie nights or even game nights which bring people together. Whilst those held in armies are mostly aimed at those in that specific army, they also appeal to those outside the army too. It’s not irregular to see a member from another army join in for a game night to interact with new people and just have fun. At the end of the day, the army community is a gaming community and is meant to be fun.

The sense of being a part of a community or belonging to a community can be of utmost importance to many people. While a lot of drama can happen in the community, this is only a small part of the time. However, the drama can also give many people an adrenaline rush which makes them enjoy it even more. Getting caught up in drama can be a bad thing if it’s taken too far. But, it is a part of being a community, families argue and there is drama but it will always be there after the drama ends. The same can be said for the people within the community who you may argue with.

At the end of the day, being in armies can be a love-hate relationship. However, the memories that people make can be irreplaceable.


Whether they may be memories of the past or memories that people make, they are an important part of what makes the community fun. The word nostalgia is often thrown around among veterans in the community. This nostalgia is partly the reason why many veterans come back. Many look back on their time in armies and the memories that they have, fondly. This creates a ‘want’ for more. Whether it be for fun or for the adrenaline rush, nostalgia can play a huge part in the action of a veteran.

Not only does nostalgia come into play for members in the community, but new memories are made too. These memories may be fuelled by nostalgia or, for those who are not veterans, may be completely new. In 2017, Splasher99 made a post about why “this” mattered. During this time, Club Penguin was about to shut down so the end of the community as they knew it was in sight. Splasher stated that the journey that people take in armies matters because it provides everyone with invaluable experiences which they won’t get anywhere else.

Splasher went on to state that armies are a model version of society. Armies display politics, power struggles, inequality, war and much more. Not only do the memories we make, make the community more fun, but they help us in the future. The community highlights problems which are just as present in the real world. It also allows young members to gain a sense of responsibility as well as what the real world is like.

For people who report or write, it provides them with an invaluable learning experience which is fun and yet important at the same time. Reporters may write for fun, however, they are given feedback on each article they write, allowing them to learn and improve. This then allows them to become a better writer and it also allows them to become more reliable and responsible because reporters have to hit deadlines. However, reporting for the army community allows people to have fun and have responsibilities at the same time.


The community can be fun in many ways and this is not the same for everyone but the experience is invaluable nonetheless. Different parts of the community make armies fun, whether it be community events, the memories we make or the friendships we share. Some people take pride in their ability to teach others while others simply want to take part for fun without the responsibility. All of these things can be fun in their own ways. Sure, they can also be draining if they’re done too much but that is a part of life.

I would like to take a moment to encourage you, the reader, to sit back and think of everything that has been achieved in this community. From the evergrowing armies/community to the news sites that we all depend on. Imagine if we all came together and created something outside of the community. What could we achieve? Could we create a major news outlet like the New York Times or The Guardian that encourages everyone instead of only a small minority? Both experienced and inexperienced, young and old, working side by side to create something better for the world. Would this still be fun? Working with friends to accomplish something much bigger.

What do you think? What makes the army community fun? Would the army community still be fun if we changed our goals and the current structure? Or would this take away from the experiences we’ve all had?

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