Imperial Ascension Alu Rises To PIC Commander

As the Legends Cup is nearing, the People’s Imperial Confederation declared Alu as a brand new leader of their army. Only time will tell how this promotion will impact the army.

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The People’s Imperial Confederation recently announced a new member to their leadership, Alu. Before Alu was appointed as a leader, fellow PIC leader Lizzie announced that she would be going on leave. In Alu’s appointment to leader, Shallissa stated that Alu was chosen as the new leader because he stood out in the army and has made countless efforts for the Confederation since joining.

Shallissa announcing Alu’s promotion to leader

Alucard is a known member of our community, having joined in December 2019 after being recruited off of Club Penguin Online, into the Templars army. Alu stayed there for three months before deciding to explore the army community, starting with the Ice Warriors. He was able to obtain a high staff rank within the army as a result of his hard work and determination. After gaining some experience, Alu decided to create his own army, Saber Squids, which he ran for a few weeks before it shut down. He then, eventually, rejoined the Ice Warriors. 

In August 2021, Alucard once again departed the Warriors and the army community as a whole. Just one week later, Alucard found himself as a high commander in his home army, the Templars. Two months passed and Alu went on to lead a colony of the Templars, the Dark Vikings. Three months later, the Vikings’ first generation shut down and Alu joined the Ice Warriors, once again, for a third time. After 6 months, he earned a spot in the high command team of the Warriors. Soon after, however, the Dark Vikings revived and Alu decide to lead the army alongside Krosive, a co-creator of the army.

In December of 2022, Alu joined the Army of CP as a HCOM member, assisting with Project: Ascent. Alu was couped from his position in April, just four months later, but that did not stop him. In late May he joined the People’s Imperial Confederation as a third in command. He quickly climbed up the ranks and after World War IX he was promoted to Leader in Training. Now, three weeks later, Alu has become a leader of the army.

Alu’s first event as leader, a practice battle against the Dark Pirates

Club Penguin Armies reporter Mogi4 contacted Alu for an exclusive interview regarding his promotion. Here is what he had to say.

How do you feel about your promotion?

The promotion came as a surprise since I was only recently promoted to LIT 3 weeks ago but I’m definitely up to the task and I look forward to working alongside the other leaders to achieve something great.

How will you contribute to the army and what changes do you have in mind?

I’m not quite sure as of right now but something is definitely cooking.

What are some key leading points you learned throughout your army career?

A magician never reveals their tricks.

Where do you see the army in one year? Do you still see yourself as a leader?

I do hope that I’m still leading the army in one year and that PIC will be the best we’ve ever been.

Anything else you would like to add?

Please do not the cat

It is clear Alu is confident in his promotion and is not going to leave the army soon. Even though Alu did not expect the promotion so fast, he is up to the task and it looks like the army has some plans for the future. How will the Confederation army be affected by Alu’s promotion? What plans does Alu have for the future? 

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