Legends Cup XIII: Qualifier Round Predictions

Legends Cup XIII is set to get underway on July 15th, with ten armies taking part. This post will cover the predictions made by a few community members for the upcoming battles.

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The Legends Cup XIII is set to start with the qualifiers taking place on July 15th, this coming Saturday. Which armies advance to the Quarterfinal round depends on the outcome of these qualifier battles.

Dark Vikings vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

In the Qualifier round of the competition, Dark Vikings are matched up against Special Weapons and Tactics. Both armies engaged in warfare during the Bloodbath Barrage war, with SWAT having the distinct pleasure of announcing victory since it was a non-map war. Last week, the Dark Vikings achieved average sizes of 27.50, continuing their recent success. On the other hand, SWAT, which has been relegated from Major Army status, has experienced a significant decline in sizes, with only 8 agents showing up for them last week. Community opinion indicates that this battle appears to be one-sided but anyone could have a secret weapon up their sleeves given the recent performances of both armies.

A Recent Dark Vikings Event

Aaronstone, Head Moderator: Dark Vikings Win 3-0-0. DV will beat SWAT if they don’t get DQd if Krosive and thunder lead

Ferdthebird1, Managing Edtor: Dark Vikings Win: 2-1-0. I’ll be very honest here, DV wins 2-1-0 [WLT]. It seems very plausible since, no offence but SWAT has just fallen off recently. I am aware that their leaders are also a bit inactive so that’s a factor. Seeing SWAT’s recent events and maxes, which have been far and few in between mind you, it can’t be said for certain how their tournament preparation is/will go. I believe DV has an advantage here in terms of size and consistency. HOWEVER, a massive factor in the battle will be the new rule, where you can’t lead if you’re banned from CPAB using discord or any other platform. That might just mean DV quite literally forfeits/does really underwhelmingly in terms of tactics in which case SWAT will almost receive a free pass. But except for that rule, DV should really be winning this. PS: I am aware that Krosive is ready to offer feet pics so he can lead on Twitter/OF which is crazy, but will not work! I am sure many DV troops will buy the pics though.

Mogi4, CPA Reporter: Dark Vikings Win 2-0-1. I believe DV will win since right now they’re the stronger army and also Krosive just came back. Last week they maxed 31 and also SWAT was number 10 in the Top Ten so yea DV will probs win

Snowy, Help Force Leader: Dark Vikings Win 2-1-0. Dark Vikings have shown growth recently, especially in their maxes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a direct result of their leadership preparing for Legends Cup. SWAT has also fallen recently due to their leader being unable to fully commit and that’s sure to reflect in the battle results. While I think that the battles may be close, and there’s a strong possibility for a tie room, I think DV is going to win without overtime.

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Special Weapons and Tactics Win 2-0-1.  I expect Special Weapons and Tactics to be the winners of the first qualifiers battle. Despite them recently being reclassified to a small/medium army and struggling with hosting events, they still have experienced members who fought a lot in the past months. If SWAT is able to organise itself, it should easily win against Dark Vikings, whose performance also has to suffer significantly from their leaders being banned from CPA Battleground and not being allowed to lead.

Templars vs. Dark Pirates

The Templars and Dark Pirates square off in the second battle of the tournament, a day after the first battle. Even after being moved to the Small/Medium army status, the defending champions, the Templars, have maintained a high level of size consistency over the past few weeks. However, they are no strangers to winning tournament battles. While Dark Pirates, a promising small/medium army, averaged a size of 8 in recent events, they were only able to place 9th in the recent Top Ten. Will the Dark Pirates be able to prevail despite the Knights appearing stronger?

A Recent Templars Event

Aaronstone, Head Moderator: Templars Win 3-0-0.

Ferdthebird1, Managing Templars Win: 3-0-0. I’d predict Templars win 3-0-0 [WLT]. This is probably one never before seen matchup so very exciting. However, I’m in touch with DP leader Ninja and he isn’t really sure if he’ll be able to stay awake up till the match at all, which might indicate that Templars are going to cruise through. Frankly, it should be easy for Templars either way and it should be a good start to their trophy-defending campaign. If DP does show up, I believe they’ll max around 10? Which should not be enough to win, but a match is what we want first of all.

Mogi4, CPA Reporter: Templars Win 3-0-0. It’s pretty obvious that the Templars are the stronger army here even tho they aren’t what they used to be, but they are still much better than the Dark Pirates. The Templars will easily win.

Snowy, Help Force Leader: Templars Win 3-0-0. Templars for sure. They’ve had consistently higher maxes and stronger performances than Dark Pirates and have landed higher than them on the TT the entirety of June. TCP are known for their high maxes and strong tournament battles and there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll prove that to the community again.

Wynn, CPA Chief Executive Producer: Templars Win 3-0-0. Dark Pirates are still a relatively new and small army, who, unlike Templars, still has little battling experience. Despite recently becoming a small/medium army again, I believe TCP are still capable of achieving quite high maxes in this tournament, and I don’t expect them to have any struggles with winning against DPCP.

This weekend will undoubtedly feature some enticing battle action. The predictions are in, so it’s time to see who prevails! Who do you think will advance from the qualifying rounds? Do you anticipate any early upsets?

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