Club Penguin Armies’ Olympics: Closing Ceremony

After a week of competition, sportsmanship, and teamwork, we finally reached the Closing Ceremony of our Olympics. The dedication amongst the three teams to obtain the gold medal has been astonishing, as they display their dedication and unwavering commitment to the eye on the prize. 

First and foremost, we must congratulate and thank everyone who participated in the Olympics and contributed to their team. We had a record total of 44 people participating, making it one of our most participated community events. However, it was also one of our most competitive events, where our first-place team won by just a one point difference. Without further ado, it’s time to announce the winners of Club Penguin Armies‘ Olympics.


Team Red


Team Touch Grass


Team Moonstone

Congratulations to Team Red for winning! The competition was very close, with Team Red coming in at 220 points, whereas our second place winner, Team Touch Grass, earned 219 points and Team Moonstone earned 176 points.


Across our seven events, Team Touch Grass earned the most gold medals, earning three gold medals for their team, with Team Moonstone and Team Red earning two gold medals each. Team Red, however, earned five silver medals, allowing them to take home the most silver medals. Team Moonstone took home the most bronze medals, earning five bronze medals. Despite Team Moonstone coming in third place, we have to commend their hard work as they were awarded the most Underdog points; as described in our previous post, a team that wins a gold medal after not winning one from the previous event will be rewarded extra points to their overall score.

One area we wanted to emphasize in this year’s Olympics was participation. We wanted to ensure that everyone participated, allowing for a fair game. Community committee member and moderator, Aubz, suggested this great idea to factor participation points within the team’s overall score. Team Touch Grass contributed the most out of the three teams, earning 64 participation points. In comparison, Team Red earned a total of 60 participation points, and Team Moonstone earned a total of 56 participation points. Top Ten Committee Head, Link3000, compiled the points breakdown below.

Olympic calculations

As we conclude this amazing event, we hope the Olympics has given those an opportunity to make new friends, rekindle friendships, and come together as a community, especially after a world war shook our community to its core. We extend our most sincere gratitude to everyone who made the Olympics possible. To our media team, graphics team, moderator team, YouTube Team, Top Ten team and community committee: thank you.

Congratulations to Team Red once again, and thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more fabulous community committee events coming soon. Which was your favorite part about the Olympics?

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