Top 5 Moments of June 2023

June has been a month to remember. With a World War taking place, changes in leadership, and retirements, within the community, the month has been a witness to multiple happenings.

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Like how it is done every month, the Club Penguin Armies staff team came together and hosted an internal vote for what we believed to be the “Top Five Moments” of June 2023. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole.

5. CPA and CPAB organize a Pride Parade

Written by: Disha

On June 10, Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin Army Battleground hosted the third annual Pride Parade. Over nine armies joined this year’s festivities, including the Army of Club PenguinDark PiratesHelp ForceNapalm CorpsPenguins of Madagascar, People’s Imperial Confederation, Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings. The day was declared as a ceasefire from war, which all of the armies involved in World War IX agreed with. Around 83 people from the participating armies showed up to celebrate this occasion on Battleground. Every army led a few tactics to start off the Pride Parade before forming a rainbow in the Iceberg wherein each army represented a different color of the rainbow. The parade was followed by a fashion show hosted by DrQueen and the community committee. Despite an ongoing world war, many armies came together to acknowledge this event, which made it all the more special and enjoyable.

Pride Parade 2023

4. Sapphire Concordat claims victory in the war against Dark Vikings

Written by: Mabel

Shortly into the beginning of the month, the Sapphire Concordat claimed victory in their war against the Dark Vikings following a war terms violation. Sapphire Concordat originally consisted of just Special Weapons and Tactics with the People’s Imperial Confederation at the beginning of the war. In contrast, eventually three more armies, Napalm Corps, Penguins of Madagascar and the Dark Pirates joined in the war, declaring against the Vikings. A total of 12 battles were fought throughout the war. During the last battle of the war, the Vikings repeatedly used inappropriate and transphobic tactics, which violated the war terms by the Sapphire Concordat and went against the morals upheld by the league.
An announcement was made by the Club Penguin Armies’ administration regarding the incident, penalizing the Dark Vikings with a points deduction, and the Battleground staff banned the accounts of the Dark Vikings’ leaders from their game. On June 3, the Sapphire Concordat enforced a treaty upon the Dark Vikings labeled the ”Treaty of Nordic Negligent Narcissists,” a direct result of the Vikings having violated the war terms. In the treaty, the Vikings were told to acknowledge their loss in all 12 of the battles that were fought, surrendering to their defeat in this war.

Sapphire Concordat vs Dark Vikings

3. Templars lose major army status

Written by: Disha

On June 4, the Templars went from being a major army within the community to being classified as a small/medium army. This change occurred after the Templars failed to host at least two events with a size score of 20+ for three consecutive weeks. The Templars saw huge success in the year 2022, maintaining first place in the Top Ten rankings for 47 consecutive weeks. However, after Xing’s retirement and the army being accused of multilogging, the activity within the Templars gradually started to decline. Although the Templars’ fifth anniversary in April boosted their activity for a while with the knights maxing 25+ consistently throughout the month, the army was not able to keep up the rigor, eventually losing their status as a major army. Currently, the Templars are one of the six small-medium armies in the community but only time will tell if the army will be able to retrieve their original status in the future.

A recent Templars event

2. RPF loses all their land due to an accidental treaty violation

Written by: Scorp

In the aftermath of World War IX, the Rebel Penguin Federation faced a devastating blow as they ceded their entire empire to the armies of the Sapphire Concordat. The conclusion of the war came in the form of a treaty, but it was marred by accusations leveled against the Rebels. Sapphire Concordat claimed that the Rebels had breached the terms of the war by releasing a website post stating that the Blue Sunset Alliance emerged victorious in all battles fought. Promptly, the Club Penguin Armies’ administration intervened, seeking to mediate between the two sides.

During the ensuing discussions, the Rebels acknowledged their mistake, emphasizing that the mention of the Blue Sunset Alliance’s triumph was an accident. Ultimately, the Sapphire Concordat insisted on upholding the treaty’s stipulations. Thus, the breach resulted in the Rebels forfeiting all their acquired territory, as dictated by the war term explicitly prohibiting either side from claiming victory or referencing the war score. This incident swiftly became one of the most controversial episodes of World War IX, eliciting a mixed response from the army community.

World War IX Peace Treaty

1. EGCP, RPF, and WV launch an attack on ACP, HF, NC, PIC, and SWAT; TCP support ACP

Written by: Mchappy

At the time of writing this post, World War IX had 29 votes in the running to become the number one moment from June 2023. Initially destined to be a three-on-one alliance war against the Army of Club Penguin turned into one of the largest conflicts seen since World War Rewritten. Blue Sunset Alliance made up of Elite Guardians, Rebel Penguins, and Water Vikings teamed up to take on the expanding Clovers, citing issues taken with the “egotistical leader” known as Calgocubs21. Before even an official battle could begin, the Clovers and Vikings were raiding each others’ events. Once the administration stepped in to declare the Blue Sunset Alliance’s terms as unfair, Calgocubs21 promised retaliation. This retaliation culminated in the Clovers joining the Sapphire Concordat Alliance that had formed to fight against the Dark Vikings.

From there, it was off to the races with endless battles. Some days saw as many as seven battles covering World War IX. For the first time since its creation, the Club Penguin Armies’ map was completely at war. After a staggering 32 battles, all of which the Sapphire Concordat lost, a treaty was finally signed following the force treaties of Sapphire Concordat armies such as Napalm Corps and People’s Imperial Confederation. What seemed to be a peaceful end to an extremely tiring conflict then was flipped on its head when not even 24 hours later, a slip-up by the Rebels caused them to lose their entire nation due to treaty terms. In the end, the Sapphire Concordat which lost every single battle ended up winning the most amount of land from the conflict. Thus, capping the conflict off and making it, arguably, the least successful World War campaign by the initial Blue Sunset aggressor.

Battle of Moscow

As another month comes to an end, the question arises about what July shall hold for the army community. Will it be a month with little to no activity or will it be another month that is full of surprises? What are the top moments in June for you, and why are they so?

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