Reporter of the Month: June

A whirlwind arose in the month of June, stirring up activity and kicking several gears into motion, with the World War IX becoming the most notable moment of the month. Club Penguin Armies published a whopping 80 reports this month thanks to our hardworking writers. Now, we are in July, which means it is time to announce the reporter of the month.

Reporter Of The Month: June - Snowy

Snowy joined the Club Penguin Armies media team for the first time in April 2022. She maintained a decent level of activity in this period, publishing a few posts. Unfortunately, she soon moved away from the reporter role. She made her return to the Club Penguin Armies media team on May 27th, 2023 as a Reporter in Training. Subsequently, she jumped into covering an important event, providing a War Update regarding the Bloodbath Barrage war. Soon after this post, the World War IX erupted. For the next few days, Snowy remained unable to write posts. This was thanks to the affiliations rule that prohibited many writers from covering war related articles. Moreover, Snowy made her return to the Help Force leadership on June 5th.

However, the burdens of leadership did not affect her work output in the media team. On June 9th, she published her first post of the month, a news article about the rise of the Water Vikings’ AUSIA division. On June 14th, Snowy received a promotion to Reporter. Next, she released one of her two My Controversial Opinion editions of the month. The first edition highlighted how army veterans often end up as misfits in the modern community. The second edition focused on why she felt constant warring is not an indicator of a good army leadership. She also wrote the post covering the events of the Pride Parade 2023, for those who missed out on it.

However, while Snowy is an excellent writer in general, her writing truly shines through in her satires. Her first satire of the month provided some hilarious evidence proving how the World War IX was fake. Following this, she published another light-hearted post classifying army leaders based on their personality. She then moved back to editorials, producing an excellent article about custom Discord bots for armies. As the Legends Cup looms around the corner, Snowy published an editorial on why this year might just be the best Legends Cup of the CPPS era. She ended her month on a wholesome note, writing a satirical post on the dumbest ways to declare war.

Throughout the month, Snowy displayed exceptional speed and quality in her work. Snowy is often seen in the staff server, asking for topics faster than the Reporting Heads can produce them. Her track record supports her claim on the Reporter Of The Month title. She published a whopping 10 articles this month, actively working to ensure completion of her posts before their deadline. Moreover, she often hits high scores on her posts, with an average score of 7.8 in this month.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Snowy to find out more about her experience so far and her goals for the future.

Why did you decide to join the reporting team?

This guy named scorp kept bugging me to join so I decided to give it a try

He sounds jobless. I hate those type of people with no goals in their life. Speaking of goals, what is your goal for your posts?

Ideally I’d like to write informative, entertaining posts that leave people both enlightened and demanding my removal, but not so much that I actually get removed

Words we all should live by. Can you predict the most controversial title you will be producing in the future?

“CPA’s Untimely Demise, Caused by Single Reporter”

Sounds ominous and edgy. It suits your non-existent black and white noir themed profile picture. Do you plan to continue this level of work that earned you Reporter Of The Month, and get that editor role?

Oh I plan to go far beyond the editor role. I can’t share all of my plans with you right now but I suggest to the readers that they continue enjoying CPA while they still can

We would like to thank Snowy for her hard work in the Club Penguin Armies media team throughout June. It is clear that she has plans to go far beyond her current position. Although, her intentions might not be very healthy for the organization’s future. Nevertheless, we congratulate Snowy on obtaining the much coveted Reporter Of The Month title. Make sure to congratulate her if you see her! We hope that she keeps on working hard and achieves all her goals.

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