HCOM Life Stories: Alucard of the People’s Imperial Confederation

Welcome to another edition of HCOM Life Stories, the column where we catch up with the often-overlooked High Command of various armies. This week, we sit down with Alucard, who is no stranger to the role of a High Command.

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Alucard is a prominent Club Penguin Army community member, being a newly-promoted Leader in Training in the People’s Imperial Confederation. Joining his first army, Templars, in late 2019, Alu has spent the last three years honing his skills and improving at the game we all enjoy. It was in Templars that Alu learned how to recruit and become a capable staff member.

A recent PIC event, led primarily by Alucard

Notably, he helped create the Dark Vikings alongside Krosive and TrapAnt. Other achievements under his belt include reaching high command roles in the now-inactive Ice Warriors and the ever-flourishing Army of Club Penguin. Certainly, Alu’s proven himself time and time again as a more than capable staff member.

Club Penguin Armies approached Alu for more insight into his High Command journey.

How does it feel to potentially be next in line for PIC Leader?

It feels incredible to have this opportunity, I never thought I’d be here where I am today.

Could you share a fond memory within the community?

One of my favourite moments in CPA has got to be in IW when “Brit Gang” was created in the staff team, consisted of Freedomist, Krosive, IceQueen, Blushock, Archie and myself.

Have you learned any lessons in Armies that you have taken beyond the screen, into the real world?

I don’t think so but I wouldn’t be 100% sure.

What’s your favourite thing about PIC?

I love being in PIC because it feels like we’re all one big group of friends, everyone knows each other and it’s always a fun time in chat.

Can you share with us any goals or plans you may have?

My goals right now are just to have fun in an army I enjoy.

Do you have any advice for any PIC members looking to rank up to High Command?

Just be silly and goofy

Alu is still having fun in the army community and at the end of the day is that not what it’s all about? He speaks fondly of his time in the Ice Warriors, where he gained valuable experience and forged many friendships. Let Alu be an inspiration to newer folks. To rank up, continue having fun and making friends – that’s the real victory. Good luck to Alu and maybe we can see him in the Confederation’s leadership soon?

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  1. AhsokaTano24 June 30, 2023 (7:37 pm)

    Alu and I are old friends from Templars in 2021. We’ve been friends for a long while!

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