CPA Olympics 2023: Olympics Announcement And Information

The much anticipated Club Penguin Armies Olympics is finally here, ahead of our first anniversary on July 1st. This spectacular event will last an entire week, with the Community Committee spearheading its organization in tandem with the other departments of the league.


After several weeks of meticulous planning, Club Penguin Armies is proud to present the Olympics 2023. This will mark the first time a league provides a platform for all armies to participate in fun events. However, participants can rest assured that the fun aspect will not drown out the spirit of competition that armies enjoy. The Community Committee, headed by DrQueen, will organize this event in collaboration with every other staff department of Club Penguin Armies. Starting on July 2nd, this gaming extravaganza will last for a whole week until July 8th. The Olympics week is set to occur after the celebrations on July 1st, which will be the first anniversary of Club Penguin Armies.

Club Penguin’s Game Day is the main inspiration for the Olympics. The Game Day video game featured four colour based teams that competed across several games and activities. However, the Olympics will feature only three of the original teams – Team Red, Team Blue and Team Green. Players can sign up for the teams through an official registration system. However, based on the preferences provided by the players, a redistribution might occur if the teams are unbalanced. The games hosted during the Olympics will be conducted either on Club Penguin itself, Discord activities, or other online games.

During The Week

Throughout the CPA Olympics, prepare to be immersed in a multitude of exhilarating games that will push your skills to the limit. The games will be hosted strictly on Club Penguin Army Battleground, while the non Club Penguin games might be inspired by the Daily Game Challenges. We have meticulously curated a collection of electrifying contests to keep you on the edge of your seats. Moreover, brace yourselves for bracket-style tournaments that will test your strategy, precision, and teamwork.

Scoring System

After each game, medals will be rewarded to teams based on who achieves the highest score. Additionally, the scoring system will recognize teams’ underdog victories. If a team wins a gold medal after not winning one from the previous event, they will be rewarded extra points to their overall score. Scores will be updated periodically. The scoring system assigns points as follows:

  • Gold medal (First Place): 30 points
  • Silver medal (Second Place): 20 points
  • Bronze medal (Third Place): 10 points
  • Underdog Victory: 5 points

The underdog victory points are awarded to a team that wins an event after not get the gold medal in the last event. Moreover, team participation will also be considered for the scoring system. Extra points are awarded based on the level of participation:

  • The team with the most participation will receive 10 extra points.
  • The team with the second most participation will receive 8 extra points.
  • The team with the third most participation will receive 6 extra points.

Opening Ceremony: Colour Wars

The opening ceremony will be a grand spectacle that aims to kick off the Olympics in an explosion of colours. The opening ceremony will this Sunday July 2nd at 12pm EST. In the Colour Wars event, the keyboard Olympians will engage in a three-way team battle, vying to claim their first set of medals and help their team establish their dominance in the Olympics. However, there is no provision for an official leader during the battles, unless the team unanimously elects leaders. Furthermore, the battles will take place in a different style than the norm.

Each team will have a single starting room. During the battle, each team will receive two rooms which they can attempt to conquer. The organizers will announce new sets of rooms every ten minutes. For example, Team Red will start in Town, Team Blue will start in Stadium, and Team Green will start on Iceberg.

Team Formation

The three teams represent the colourful theme of this year’s Olympics. The historic colours may serve as a nostalgic reminder of the 2010-2014 era of Club Penguin to some of the veterans. Although, CPA’s version of the Olympics will be featuring three teams – Team Read, Team Blue and Team Green. The registrations for the teams will begin right after the Olympics are publicly announced – which means, registrations are in progress as you read this post!

Players will be allowed to choose teams in an order of preference. The second or third preference will only be allotted in a rare scenario where reallocation is required due to unbalanced team sizes. Players who wish to join forces with their friends should ensure that they sign up for the same team. Each team will have its own dedicated channel in the Club Penguin Armies Discord server. Here, team members can communicate regarding the team names, elect team leaders and much more. Each team has the freedom to choose an unique name.

Closing Ceremony: Awards

As the curtains close upon the Olympics, we will hold an award ceremony on the anniversary of Club Penguin Armies. The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on July 8th at 12 pm EST. The hard-working Graphic Designers team will create and award custom medals for each team based on their final rank – Gold, Silver and Bronze. But the closing ceremony won’t stop once the medal ceremony concludes.

We are thrilled to announce this project in celebration of CPA’s 1st anniversary. We hope this event further unites our community in the spirit of a friendly penguin competition! May the best team win!

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