The Top Ten Multilogging Scandals Of CPPS Era

Multilogging is a form of cheating, historically looked down upon in the Club Penguin army community. However, that never stopped people from continuing the trend of multilogging. In this post, we take a look at the top ten multilogging scandals from 2020 onwards.

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From pet fishes, to reunited twins, to having a house party – over the years, multilogging hasn’t evolved much, and neither have the excuses people give after being caught doing it. Multilogging is when you log on to an official event with more than one account. It is considered as a form of cheating, because this manipulates the sizes of an army. Event, or battle attendance is an important part of any army’s performance. Thus, multilogging is an attempt to falsify your beloved group’s performance.

Multilogging exposes saw a rise during the CPPS era, thanks to the combined efforts of game developers and league admins. However, multilogging continued to occur throughout the community. From hilarious to shocking, these scandals did provide some form of dramatic entertainment to the community, while being a prominent representation of the moral bankruptcy of armies. Let’s take a look at some of the most infamous incidents of multilogging in the CPPS era.

1. Pirates Multilog In Legends Cup X

Pirates multilogging in their Legends Cup Round Two battle versus Crimson Guardians

The Pirates multilogging scandal is arguably one of the most infamous incidents of all time. As many in this community agree, the incident became known as an all-round combination of hilarious, stupid, massively impactful and scandalous. While the exposé post revealed at least 16 multilogs in other events as well, the occurrence of the practice during their Legends Cup X battle against the Crimson Guardians was particularly funny. This was because the Crimson Guardians were known as a small army that maxed less than one-third of the Pirates on any given day, so the Pirates had no real need to risk getting caught.

The impact of this incident echoed for the rest of the year. Following the exposé, Pirates’ main leader and Club Penguin Army League creator Epic101 was removed from power at his league. It served as the final icing on the cake for one of the most powerful men of the community. A few days later, the huge Pirates unofficially merged into the Ice Warriors, among other armies. This merge definitely helped the Ice Warriors survive the move from Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten, and later on become one of the dominant armies of 2020 alongside their Black Ice Alliance comrades.

2. Templars In The Beginning of 2023

Nine of the inital 14 penguins linked to Xing can be seen at this event

On January 26th 2023, Club Penguin Armies revealed the Templars‘ rampant multilogging of at least 14 penguins. This came as a result of several accounts being found to be linked to Templars leader Xing‘s IP. Unfortunately, the Templars failed to provide any proof to denounce the multilogging claims. The Templars were penalized 13 points off the Top Ten’s and the corrupted events were removed from the Top Ten. Consequently, the Templars dropped to 8th in the ranks. Club Penguin Armies further investigated the Templar’s to see if any further multilogging occurred.

On February 4th 2023, 6 instances of further multilogging with a total of 24 accounts came to light. One of these was during the Invasion of Special Weapons And Tactics‘ capital Parka during their war with the knights. Once again, the Templars failed to refute the evidence. Club Penguin Armies removed said events from the Top Tens. Moreover, they hit the Templars with a size multiplier of 0.6 for 4 weeks. SWAT imposed a force treaty upon the Templars thanks to violation of war terms, thus acquiring the Templars’ empire. These multilogging incidents forced a bitter end to the Templars’ domination of 2022. The army snagged the top spot for 47 consecutive weeks in the lead up to the exposes. Thanks to the malpractices, a shadow was cast over the biggest, most glorious period of their history.

3. Skaters

Skaters multilogs at one of their events

The Skaters multilogging incident was one of the biggest exposes of 2020. An army that maxed 40 at most turned out to be multilogging 20 penguins per event. The Skaters are a prime example of armies experiencing size drops post their forced exit from Club Penguin Online. Although the leadership initially denied all accusations, one of the leaders stepped forward to admit their wrongdoing. Soon, this scandal became large enough to induce a shutdown of the army. The Skaters could have easily chosen to put in genuine efforts and return to their former glory. Unfortunately, they decided to take a shortcut straight into oblivion.

4. Special Weapons And Tactics – Pandor in Legends Cup XII

Pandor multilogs in the lead up to SWAT’s tournament battle

Club Penguin Armies’ Spotlight revealed SWAT leader Pandor‘s extensive multilogging activities during the Legends Cup XII tournament. On October 4th, Max released an exposé that outlined Pandor inflating event sizes with two alts over a long period of time. It also cast suspicion over the army he previously led, the Secret Service. The exposé resulted in SWAT’s disqualification from the tournament, as well as a Top Ten deduction for that week.

The multilogging incident does not seem significant enough to be ranked this high – until you discover the background of the incident. SWAT defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Round One of the Legends Cup XII, before the exposé disqualified them and allowed the Rebels to advance to the next round instead. It is rather unfortunate that for the sake of increasing their sizes by 2 penguins, Pandor threw away a chance for his army to brag about defeating the Rebels, an army notorious for their outstanding performances in tournaments.

5. The Crooked Chip

32op’s multilogs at a Doritos event

32op, one of the most prominent figures of 2020 and an exalted Doritos leader, ended up tangled in a controversy soon after the Doritos’ revival in October 2020. A routine check resulted in the discovery of 5 penguins linked to his original account. The full details can be found in a CPAH special report, titled The Crooked Chip. 32op confessed to multilogging after being confronted with the evidence. The Doritos received a points deduction for that week’s Top Ten Armies list. However, despite the multilogs being taken off their maximum size, the performance of the major army remained unaffected. Moreover, the scandal did not prevent them from participating in the Christmas Chaos tournament. However, it destroyed their chances of maintaining a clean reputation in the community following their revival.

6. Special Weapons And Tactics – Ganger90 and Kailee

Another day, another Multilogging Exposé by Max

SWAT leader Kailee‘s multilogging came to light at the peak of the chaotic Black Seas War. The exposé that revealed Kailee attending battles against the Water Vikings, breaking a pre-existing force treaty that prohibited SWAT involvement in future Viking wars. Moreover, Kailee also multilogged during the Dark Warriors’ battles. The multilogging incident ruined the efforts of the two sides, as the war between the Dark Warriors and the Water Vikings was completely invalidated. Soon after this, the Water Vikings entirely left the map, and have been extremely wary of it ever since.

However, that wasn’t the only SWAT multilogging of the year. Three months earlier, SWAT creator and leader Ganger90‘s multilogging stunts received the limelight. It was found that Ganger had multilogged two penguins, both of which would often be sitting beside his real penguin during SWAT events. While darkvibez had no Discord account but still managed to follow commands during events, Parentsoohoe claimed to be a retired veteran. Ironically, the supposed retired veteran had 4 messages on the Discord server, one of which was “ganger been in the cp army game since a few years. he’s a legend for sure.” However, the rest of the SWAT leadership had no idea about these shenanigans.

7. Water Vikings’ Leader Buddy Confesses To Multilogging

Buddy multilogs at a Water Vikings event

Buddy‘s multilogging scandal of 2020 turned out to be the most unique incident of cheating. In a surprising twist, Buddy actually admitted to his wrongdoings and apologized for his actions. The incident wasn’t surprising, as Buddy was a part of a Water Vikings leadership that got caught multilogging back in the original Club Penguin armies era. The Water Vikings leadership quickly acted on this and removed him from leadership. However, he did make a return to the army some time later. This incident supposedly took place only during non tournament events. Thanks to this, and Buddy’s honestly, the league allowed the Vikings to continue their run in the Legends Cup X, without any Top Ten reductions.

8. Army of the Orient Seas’ Beach Brawl Scandal

Army of the Orient Seas vs Lime Green Army

The Pizza Federation and the Lime Green Army dominated the small army community in 2020. However, most people tend to forget the army that came quite close to competing with those two for the title – the Army of the Orient Seas. This is thanks to the multilogging scandal that invalidated their Beach Brawl win against the Lime Green Army. Apart from AOS leader Intrinsic multilogging throughout the tournament and at prior events, the presence of dual enlists in their battles further tainted their victory. Intrinsic attempted to deny the accusations, claiming his friends came over to his house in the middle of the pandemic to attend events together. Unfortunately, the multilogging incident left a stain upon the AUSIA powerhouse army, right until their eventual shutdown in late 2020. For an advantage of mere 5 penguins, the Oriental army threw away what could’ve been a victory that changed history.

9. People’s Imperial Confederation in Challengers Cup

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Pizza Federation

In a special report by Club Penguin Army Media, excessive multilogging during the Challengers Cup Finals became a hot topic in the chats. Evidence revealed that a People’s Imperial Confederation leader and an advisor multilogged during the battle. Moreover, accounts created just before the battle were a part of the scandal as well. Club Penguin Army Media deducted points from the Confederates’ Top Ten score. However, the PIC leadership denied involvement in any form of multilogging. Interestingly, the Confederation initially claimed that unknown individuals had attempted to sabotage the finals. Their call for an investigation was what raised the flags on multilogging taking place in the finals. In the months after this debacle, the Confederates experienced a drop in size. They went from a powerhouse to an army that maxed quite low, but eventually they made their return to their former glory.

10. Templars in 2020

The event where the botting took place

The Templars probably created a new record back in May 2020. Within a span of 4 days, the army received two separate Breaking News articles on separate malpractices. After the Challengers Cup scandal mentioned above, Earthing announced his intention to sell the botting script he used in the finals. The Templars were soon found guilty of using the script at one of their AUSIA events. Although Xing denied knowledge of the incident, proof emerged that this was not the case. The league excluded the event from the Top Ten. Moreover, Superhero123 IP banned Earthing from the game.

However, four days after the incident the Templars were caught multilogging. One account was discovered to have the same IP address as Xing. In his defense, Xing stated that his brother logged on to the event. In this case, the Templars did not receive any form of punishment, as the proof turned out to be too little to incriminate anyone. However, these two series of incidents completely ruined the Templars’ reputation in the community, which eventually ended with their banishment from the league later that year.

This ranking just solidifies the fact that the community continues to disallow anyone to achieve success by cheating. Despite how easy it is to use an illegitimate means of reaching your goals, eventually you will be caught. In the end, such incidents completely ruin the reputation of not just the perpetrator but the entire army. It is definitely not worth it to engage in multilogging. Do you agree with the list of incidents? Should Snowy add the botting script to her article featuring custom army bots developed by army members for their army’s needs? Let us know in the Club Penguin Armies Discord server if we missed out on any impactful incident.

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