Latest Voyage: Water Vikings Launch “Alabama Plan”

The Water Vikings have launched a new “Alabama Plan”, bringing their diplomacy to the fore once again. We shall be exploring what this plan is, and what it aims to achieve.


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Days after the conclusion of World War IX, the Water Vikings have introduced an innovative program to improve relations with the Sapphire Concordat. The project takes inspiration from the real-life Marshall Plan. In a post detailing its aim, WV leader Dino notes that they wish to improve relations with each army in the Sapphire Concordat and consequently, each army in the alliance is invited to participate in the project.

The Water Vikings post, click to enlarge

The project includes diplomatic provisions for each of the armies, and seems to be an honest, open invitation for bettering ties. The terms include transferring servers to the armies, along with discussions on a non-aggression pact. The Water Vikings have also invited the members to a “Battle Series” project, which will be a sequence of non-judged practice battles. Another interesting clause is the donation of recruiting alts, with the amount varying based on the army.

alts distribution

Distribution of recruiting alts per army

WV urges the armies to come together and sign the agreement for the betterment of the entire community. They also stress that alliances with the Rebel Penguin Federation and Elite Guardians of CP are intact, although not as the Blue Sunset Alliance.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Dino to learn more about the plan, and what its scope is.

How did you think of introducing such a project, and why should the armies accept it?

I thought of it towards the end of the World War since I knew ultimately both sides suffered losses. The SC armies obviously fared horribly in battle, but WV was ravaged both internally and externally. I disliked how some members deluded themselves thinking we just won the war: if it was a victory, it was pyrrhic. I feel the armies included should accept it because it is a genuine offer to mend things after that annoying World War. Truly only ACP was our enemy in that war but even then as the war went on they didn’t come off as an enemy.

Do you think this will be a long-term solution, or is this part of an even bigger plan?

It can only be a long-term solution if both armies commit to it. I intend to lead throughout the entirety (or almost all) of the non-aggression pacts that are agreed to so WV will be committed to said solutions. I believe there is a clean slate available now.

How did you decide on the provisions? Would you say they are well-balanced?

Assuming you mean provisions by the individual plans for each armies, I came up with them over the past days leading up to the announcement. I think it is balanced because armies like TCP and SWAT are fine enough and were hardly affected by us, whereas ACP, NC, and PIC especially more so got beat on this war in battle. HF too since I feel even though they were never directly in the war, I felt like we did “betray” them a bit by surprisingly attacking ACP. We talked it over obviously and they weren’t incredibly hurt by it but I still feel like it is a breach of trust by us. It only made sense to encompass them.

We’ve noticed WV’s diplomatic strength and you really deserve recognition for it! As WV will have almost no enemies after this project, would you say putting in more efforts in diplomacy is also a cause for fewer wars?

I wouldn’t go that far since WV is actually worse off diplomatically due to oversights by myself and the leadership but thank you. I think a push for more diplomacy is a cause for fewer wars, yes. I think modern CPA warfare is so flawed because we always bicker about terms and doesn’t feel as fun as OG wars. Like if you asked me if I was for war in OG or even early CPPS, hell yeah sure. But modern wars are fundamentally flawed and hardly ever truly benefit an army (either due to being too crushing or loopholes and it falls apart).

That’s why though in the Alabama Plan I push for “battle series” in replacement of wars. They’d pretty much act the same: multiple battles right next to one another between the two armies (obviously agreed to by both sides in advance like PBs), a motive to be actually hyped unlike traditional PBs, be able to put that practicing to the test in case of an actual war, and use it as a solid alternative for hype/propaganda.

I would like to kick them off myself between WV and another army before being widely adopted by the community so they can see it works and more armies adopt it but I don’t want it credited to me. Series are a thing IRL with sports and I’m sure other army people have thought of this too. I don’t want this to be some revolutionary WV idea but more so something the whole community can pick up on years after I retire. The best leaders don’t trademark their ideas but instead share them.

Anything else you would like to add?

Hoping all 6 armies respond to me soon about if they are interested in accepting or not. From where we can actually discuss the details of the non-aggression pacts and from there work towards long-term prosperity (whilst also with the potential advancement of “battle series”, friendly but much active competition can still happen).

We also collected statements from Sapphire Concordat leaders Sidie and Legoman regarding this compromise.

Sidie: When I first heard about the Alabama Plan I was wondering how on earth WV would be able to emulate the Marshall Plan it is based on. I appreciate the spirit of the initiative, harkening back to the United States’ plans to rebuild Europe following World War II. I’m cautiously optimistic, though I can already predict many Sapphire armies rejecting the offer.

Legoman: I’m gonna be real it’s for PR lol. Like quite literally homie could’ve made a GC with each leader and asked about the stuff, but instead wanted to broadcast it to the community to look like some foreign relations whiz. In reality homie looks quite goofy. He quite literally opens the document saying “we were truly embarrassed diplomatically.” But after sending that document to the world I’d be surprised if he isn’t MORE embarrassed. Gosh I wish I could swear in these things. Apparently the long-term aggression pacts are like 6 months which is pretty absurd. The amount of recruitment alts being donated makes 0 sense. SWAT should be getting more alts. Also, everyone and their mother gets servers but not us? Help Force was listed as “not an integral member of the war” yet gets more compensation than SWAT? Yeah that’s not it chief.

Hence, the unique Alabama Plan is a generous effort by the Vikings in attempting to resolve any tensions and even reach neutral relations with the concerned armies. It highlights Water Vikings’ diplomatic panache, which truly deserves appreciation. It also provides a chance to reassess foreign relations and start afresh, and the tempting terms might just establish that new beginning. What do you think of the idea? Is it an effective way of dealing with tensions and leaving them behind? Or is it done solely for commercial purposes?

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