Elite Guardians Regains Major Status

After reopening their doors on May 5th, just six weeks ago, the Elite Guardians have regained their major army status within the community.

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The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin was originally created on October 19, 2017, by Cookky2 and Edu14463. Despite Club Penguin shutting down in March 2017, Cookky discovered a new CPPS to operate on. This CPPS was Club Penguin Brazil, also known as CPBR. The first event they held was organised in their Discord server. On that day, despite many armies giving up hope, they managed to max 10. However, EGCP would soon find out they weren’t the only army left.

The Elite Guardians holding an event on Club Penguin Brazil

As the Elite Guardians grew, so did the community. Many armies started to appear/become more visible or reappear. Not only that but the growth of CPPS’ was also seen. Many different private servers were created which gave armies even more opportunities to recruit from further afield and to utilise these different platforms. By December 2017, EGCP had established itself as a major army within the community, maxing 30+ penguins during events.

Despite their rise, EGCP still had a long way to go to be able to compete with the likes of the Rebel Penguin Federation, who continued to stay strong after the closure of Club Penguin. However, they went on to win the Christmas Chaos in 2017. During the tournament, the Guardians were able to beat armies such as the Romans and Wild Ninjas. They continued to grow from here and were able to cement themselves in Club Penguin army history.

EGCP’s 2017 Christmas Chaos trophy

During their time in the community, Elite Guardians fought against the Templars of Club Penguin multiple times, most notably, in the Templars Exodus war, the Underground Mafias Army, and they even fought in the 2018 Legends Cup against the Rebels, maxing 60+. Unfortunately, EGCP were unable to win despite giving a good fight which saw them compete fiercely for the cup.

The Guardians were involved in multiple wars, tournaments, leagues, and memorable moments within the community. However, on January 27th, 2020, they closed their doors. It was more than three years before EGCP returned to the community, on May 4th this year. They quickly rose and began to show that the army didn’t revive to be stagnant. Elite Guardians quickly went on the attack against many armies on the map in an attempt to get more land. The BASEDment Demons became their first target, but not their last. The offensive attack from the Guardians led to the Demons quickly closing their doors, leaving their opponents to continue the invasions freely.

The Guardians’ invasion of BASEDment Demons’ land

They continued their offensive by attempting to seize Penguins of Madagascar’s land whilst also having 2 invasions scheduled on the Demons. This meant that the invasion against POM was invalid. POM used this small opening and tried to transfer their land to the Templars, who, however, rejected it. Penguins of Madagascar then dropped all their land, shortly after surrendering Kilimajaro to Special Weapons And Tactics.

To continue their hunt for servers they attempted to attack SWAT shortly after the Agents had been declared on by the Army of Club Penguin. This was just another setback for the Guardians as SWAT left the army map, breaking ACP’s war terms and surrendering their nation. This turned out to become the start of something much bigger for the Guardians. They used this to fuel their fire and went on to declare war with RPF and Water Vikings upon ACP. This was the start of, what is now known as, World War IX.

The war helped Elite Guardians to grab hold of their rightful place as a major army once again. They were officially recognised as a major army on the 18th of June, only six weeks after reopening. Most recently, EGCP were able to max 40 in their defense of Acre, proving themselves as a major force. However, with the World War ending with a mutual treaty, what does the future hold in store for the army?

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Edu, EGCP co-founders, to find out what the future holds for the army and how their journey has been, thus far.

How does it feel to be an official major army once again?

Modesty aside, it is place from which we should have never left. I’m proud of the job the new leaders are doing. It is easy to notice the amount of effort they are putting in the army. World War IX proved they are capable to perform excellently, in spite of the fact that they have only begun leading an army a month ago. EGCP recent promotion to Major is the first step to leave our mark on this new community in which we have just arrived

What do you think led to the Elite Guardians’ rise?

As I stated above, one of the reasons for our imminent rise is the leaders’ performance. Nothing of that would be happening without their administration. They are investing relentlessly in recruitment; EGCP currently dominates three portuguese-based CPPS, being an official partner of one of them. This surely guarantee us an outstanding recruitment source, what explains our increase in sizes. Of course, I must mention the troops efforts and motivation as well.

What do you think the future holds for the current leaders and the army?

That is a tough question, since, obviously, we can’t be sure about what will actually happen in this unpredictable community. However, I am expecting some challenges ahead, such as the Legends Cup, and, perhaps, new conflicts that might be waiting us in the future. All I can say for sure is that the leaders are doing their best to be well prepared to face any challenge that may come. I am confident that the army is going through the right path, similar (and I dare say better) to what Cookky and I did in the past.

Since its return, EGCP has been on the offensive, showing that there’s no place for stagnation. Do you think that this has/will help create a more competitive community?

The offensives so far were unavoidable. We had to invade land in order to state our presence in the world map. And it is how armies are supposed to work (or at least were in the past). I am glad to know that EGCP’s return made the community feel alive again. Of course, it is something that will surely increase the competitiveness. However, after WWIX (which was a conflict we did not expect at all), we are now planning to focus on our internal growth.

If you could give the leaders/troops that are reading this post one piece of advice, what would it be?

Do never forget EGCP’s glory, as we are bound to reach even higher places. Trust in your capabilities and do never give up.

It seems like the future is bright for the Elite Guardians with their leaders being held in high regard by Edu. However, will they maintain their major status? Is this just the start of EGCP’s reign of terror within the community? Or will we see a more subdued Guardians in the coming months? We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish the Elite Guardians and its leaders the best for the future.

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