World War IX Ends With A Treaty – Community’s Opinions

One of the largest conflicts in recent times, World War IX, concluded with a peace treaty. Let’s see what the army community thinks of the war, and how it progressed.

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World War IX was initiated with the Blue Sunset Alliance, comprising the Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, and Elite Guardians of CP jointly declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin. The reasoning provided was to curb ACP’s obsession with fully conquering the army community, and borderline aggressive behavior. The seemingly one-sided conflict soon blew up to become a world war when the Sapphire Concordat alliance [People’s Imperial Confederation, Special Weapons and Tactics, Templars, and Napalm Corps] came to the aid of ACP.

RPF's, first invasion vs. ACP: June 4, 2023

RPF’s first invasion vs. ACP: June 4, 2023

The war concluded after 11 days with a peace treaty and a no-victory policy. As a result, no side was deemed victorious in this conflict, and the war score was dropped. The treaty will remain valid till 25th July, 2023.

World War IX Peace Treaty

Though the conclusion was not unexpected, being similar to previous world wars, there were a few twists and turns along the way. This includes Help Force assisting ACP, albeit not joining the war, PIC attempting to invade Templars servers as a way of sustaining their run in the war, and most recently, Rebel Penguin Federation breaking term 3 of the peace treaty, losing all servers to the Sapphire Concordat.

Having said that, what does the army community think of this war? Was it fun and enjoyable, or did it not live up to its hyped potential? What were the primary defining moments? Club Penguin Armies interviews community members to find out more about their opinions.

How do you feel about the war, was it better or comparable with previous world wars, or less interesting?

Zvyphxbia: With all due respect, despite the World War shying at a little over 30 battles fought, I say it was a tadbit less interesting compared to others. Let’s face it: it slowly got boring seeing the same result over and over again and it honestly would’ve been nice for things to eventually turn around should the war have gone on any longer for weeks or months given the amount of land owned by one side. Sure, there’s room for improvement but there was also room to allow this war to stretch out a little longer to perhaps another week before its abrupt end. But who am I to complain? At least everyone can fix their sleep schedules now.

Zenishira: Well, compared to the disaster that was World War Rewritten, I’d say that it was pretty interesting. The ending was pretty bittersweet though, I believe that everyone agreed on a treaty because people are having exams or jobs this Summer. I was honestly surprised when I saw the news, I said “Wait, that’s it? That’s the war? It just… ends like that?”. Kind of saddening to see the war being so one-sided, though. SCA did put up a fair fight, but the BSA always had the upper hand in terms of size. As a HF member, I wish we were more involved in the war, however we couldn’t declare war on anyone, since all armies within the BSA bar RPF are HF’s allies. Glad to see there was no actual beef between the armies, it was more or less just a competition, a battle over virtual land in a Penguin game. It kind of woke up the community in a way, and that’s really needed now, since the Legends Cup is on its way.

Pingo: Well as a lad thats been logging in the wars, I gotta say, it was fun. Also stressful, very… stressful…also this is my first world war so :joeshrugg:

MasterDS: This was actually my first ever world war I had experienced in this community. Before, I had only heard stories about the past wars and would always wonder how they went. I am glad I was able to experience it at least once. However, what I was less happy about were the 3 am battles I had to go to…

Are you impressed with the judging during this war?

Zvyphxbia: I must certainly say I am impressed. Though I will admit I’ve seen lots of disputes take place over the judging, you gotta give credit to Spotty and all the other Head Judges who, as I reiterate, messed up their sleep schedules. Good thing they stood up to the test because I hope they do it again they did an amazing job pushing through the judge shortage.

Zenishira: Zenishira Live Reaction:

Pingo: BLEHHHHHHHHHH GIVE RESULTS BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. But srsly jesus christ ive never seen them later. 2 minutes? Is that a joke? Just rehire me fr fr

MasterDS: I was decently impressed with the judging and how the results were determined. I don’t think there was anything unfair about the way the scoring was distributed.

What were your favorite moments in the war?

Zvyphxbia: Did you happen to see the main chat in the CPA server? And all the silly propaganda each side posted? Come on, that’s my favorite moment out of this whole war! Yeah it was very serious but it wasn’t anything personal off the battlefield but rather having fun and fulfilling the purpose of what CPA is truly about; upholding its core values and principles of being alive. If over 20 years of beefing over penguins has kept the community alive up till now, I’m very sure it’ll that that way for longer. And that means more funny propaganda.

Zenishira: I have to admit, 120+ people in the Invasion of Alabama is quite impressive, it’s not everyday you see that many people online for the invasion of a land. Also, leaders were listening to the Judges’ advice, making their forms more complex and their tactics more creative, it’s good to have the judges communicate with the leaders, this way they can receive direct feedback and better themselves in the next battle.

Pingo: Uhhhhh probably the propoganda. There’s some good ones from both sides. Also the times where we all went to the judges screaming for results LOL. BLEHHHHHHHH GIVE RESULTS BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

MasterDS: I don’t have any specific favorite moments from the war, but I do must say that I thoroughly enjoyed beating the various strategies the concordat tried to employ in dividing our forces so that they could squeeze in a victory, such as the successive 3 am battles, for which barely any of their troops showed up.

Are you surprised with how BSA dominated the scoreline, even after close battles?

Zvyphxbia: I will admit I have minimal surprise for the BSA-dominated scoreline; however, that doesn’t stop the war from being fun whatsoever. It shows the exceptional talent, morale, and skills that are withheld by each of these three armies that were apart of the alliance. And it’s not just size numbers but their strong dedication. That doesn’t mean the Sapphire Concordat didn’t have any of these traits either because they certainly did, though.

Zenishira: Many people have memed BSA as just being the BIA sequel, basically RPF & Friends. Put RPF in everything and they will basically ravage everyone and everything. They’re literally just Brawl Meta Knight, on a different tier than other armies.

Pingo: Nah SC is just mid :trolling: Nah but srsly SC you did horrible, 6 armies and maxing 20? I get you’re s/m but thats like 4 per army :wary:

MasterDS: I am not surprised at how the BSA dominated this war since we would all show up to support each other. We always tried to keep our numbers consistently high, and our teamwork should accurately reflect our domination in this conflict.

Are you satisfied with how the war ended, including the peace treaty?

Zvyphxbia: I’m most certainly satisfied with the peace treaty. At some point, people have to reconsider their duties outside of CPA especially with family or other personal matters. There’s been younger members who’ve been there for the ride through what could be their first World War with me being included. Needless to say, at least it’s something nice to look back on and think happily about because that was all their hard work put into a crazy week (and a little more) of endless battles and an insane amount of hype. That’s a great thing for them to see. And with the peace treaty, they can also see that at the end of the day it’s all about fun and that this is all CPA is about; a good sendoff before they go back to their regular routine of fun events in their respective armies.

Zenishira: Like I’ve said, the Peace Treaty was more or less a way for armies to buy time for their IRL issues. The one thing that bugs me is RPF’s blunder. How the heck did they manage to lose all their nation with just one post is beyond me. It’s like they were playing a real-life version of Monopoly, and instead of landing on Boardwalk, they stumbled into a trap and landed on “Bankruptcy Boulevard.” Imagine if this were a scene straight out of a blockbuster movie. RPF Leader stands before their army, delivering an inspiring speech, claiming victory, and suddenly the sky darkens, thunder roars, and the treaty gods descend upon them with a giant stamp that says “DENIED!” It’s like a crossover event where the Avengers and Justice League team up to give the RPF a reality check. Let’s just say it’s a comedic masterpiece that would make even Jerry Seinfeld jealous. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the greatest enemy we face is not the opposing army, but our own lack of attention to detail.

Pingo: Well, BSA kicked ass, but it still ended as a tie, with results voided, weird ending but i guess that’s what had to be done just to not lose our minds.

MasterDS: I think the ending was satisfactory enough, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I think at some point it became clear that prolonging this conflict any further would simply exhaust troops for pointless reasons, so ending this early on despite the opponent still having over 100 servers was the best move in my opinion.

Do you have anything else you want to add?

Zvyphxbia: Yes, and this is an unanimous opinion: THE WAR DIDN’T HAPPEN!!



MasterDS: One last thing I would like to add is a simple suggestion for the Concordat: if you want to declare a war against someone to prove you’re the best, make sure to at least have the numbers to back it up and to consult on whether your troops would help you achieve your goal. At least, you’d have some plausible reason to declare this war in the first place, and not embarrass yourself 32 lost battles later!

We now hear army legend and CPA Battleground creator Superhero123’s thoughts on the peace treaty:

I find the term of neither side claiming victory absolutely ridiculous. An army or alliance should recognize and accept defeat when it’s evident and view it as motivation to self improve. Also on a league environment it is not up to the armies themselves to claim who is victor and who isn’t but up to the judges and league admins, hiding the winner of a war is pointless and it also hurts things from a history preservation standpoint. However, I was really happy to see a true world war after such a long time. Hopefully we will be seeing many more major conflicts in the near future.

Hence, it is clear that most people have a positive outlook on World War IX, with the war being a close affair. For some, it was their first exposure to a world war, where both sides had their moments, both on and off the battlefield. The peace treaty, though unorthodox, was generally received well by the army members. However, veterans like Superhero didn’t fail to notice the arguably strange terms, which have opened talks for the future of peace treaties and war terms. A CPA admin also provided the involved army leaders with some advice regarding treaties in the process. How do you feel about the world war? Did it have a satisfactory ending? What are the main takeaways before the next major conflict? 

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