Community Pride Parade 2023 Recap

It’s that time of year again- the gayest month of the year. And nothing can be more gay than a rainbow parade on Club Penguin. June 10 marked the third anniversary of the annual community Pride Parade, and many armies were able to celebrate together amidst the ongoing World War IX.

Designed by Wynn

Founded by Max in 2021 as a way to celebrate diversity in the community, the Pride Parade has become an annual staple. The parade has always boasted high max sizes with many armies participating in both the event and fun activities each year. Over nine armies joined in the festivities this year, including the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Pirates, Help Force, Napalm Corps, People’s Imperial Confederation, Penguins of Madagascar, Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings. All of the armies involved in the World War agreed to a ceasefire on the day of the parade. This helped ensure a stress free experience for the judges, the leaders and the troops in the parade.

This year’s Pride Parade formation was a rainbow

This year’s parade started off with a bang, with 83+ participants from over nine different armies. Each army got the chance to lead a few tactics. The party concluded with a Drag (fashion) Show, won by Imatsoup and Gianna. A huge thank you to each army that participated, and we hope you continue your efforts to spread love and support in the community. A big thank you to Disha, DrQueen, Mchappy and Wynn for organizing the event. Superhero123 and his team of designers deserve our gratefulness as well for making the Pride Party 2023 a reality on Club Penguin Army Battleground.

The max attendance

Happy Pride!

Club Penguin Armies reached out to the event’s organizers for statements regarding the Pride Parade.

What does the parade mean for you? What do you hope that others can take away from it?

Disha, Executive Producer: The Pride Parade to me is a celebration to not only remember and acknowledge the struggles that our community has had to get where we are today, but also to recognize the progress we have made so far. It is to honor the values that we uphold, that of equality, acceptance, and inclusivity, and to be proud of oneself. There is power in being there for one another and supporting each other, and that is what a pride parade essentially aims to do. I never thought I could talk about my sexuality and identity with my loved ones in real life. However, here lies the irony. People who are so far away in both distance and time, feel closer to me than people who I am surrounded with. That is the beauty of it, I believe. It honestly heartens me to see that all of us here in armies have worked together to create the safe space that it is, and the community that it fosters to be. And, I sincerely wish that we can continue to work towards it, and help each other throughout it all.

DrQueen, Community Committee Head: The Pride Parade is an opportunity for our LGBTQ+ community to express themselves and feel a sense of belonging within the army community. This is my second year hosting the Pride Parade and I’ve heard various stories of those scared to talk about their stories in real life due to at home pressures, so really this is our way of giving them that safe platform to share their stories and be themselves, with no judgement. Hope others can realize that despite this being one serious penguin game, we are all human beings at the end of the day who deserve kindness and love. Enemies and war is all part of being in armies but we can continue to show that love and appreciation for one another everyday, the last year and this year’s Pride Parade is evident that we can do that.

Wynn, Chief Executive Producer: I was out in armies before I was out in real life, and this was my safe space, which also gave me the opportunity to connect with other queer people. When I was too scared to come out, I could see people celebrating the pride, LGBTQ+ graphics, Battleground’s Pride Party and it helped me accept myself. I think there must be more people like me here, and if organizing the Pride Parade can help even a few of them, I think it’s worth it.

Regardless if you’re a gay, trans, or anywhere on the spectrum, all are welcomed in our community. Thank you to each army that participated, and we hope you stay this gay until next year’s parade. What was your favorite part of the parade?

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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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