What About You: Is Club Penguin Armies an Active Community?

Welcome to What About You, a column where we will interview community members to see what they have to say about philosophical questions. In this edition we will focus on the question, “Is Club Penguin Armies an Active Community?”

Active Community

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There are many aspects to an active community. For example, how many people attend events, how many people chat, how many community members there are, and much more. Of course, there are no requirements to be counted as an active community, and it’s mostly an opinion. To be able to really tell what an active community looks like, we need to dig deeper.

It’s not a secret that our community activity has decreased over the past few years. Many more communities witnessed the same impact. COVID-19 is over, and people are back to their normal lives. Club Penguin is also slowly fading away, after more than 6 years of being shut down. Yet the army community is still strong and firm.

Yesterday the community pride parade event took place in Club Penguin Army Battleground. Over 83 penguins logged on for it. If you ask me, I think that is an incredible amount of people! Just think about it, 83 different people sitting in 83 different chairs playing a penguin game. The 83 penguins were from 7 different armies though, meaning seven different communities joined in. Now when I say that, 83 people isn’t that much. That’s almost twelve people per army.

Pride Parade Rainbow Formation

I talked about how many people attend events, but now let’s get to the chatting aspect. The main-chat activity is the second most important thing when identifying an active server. It shows how many people are active in the army when there isn’t any event. I went to every army server in this week’s Top Ten, and here is what I found.

Messages in army servers in the past 7 days

From this, we can see that Army 3 had the best main chat activity this week, while Army 11 had the worst. It’s a huge difference in messages. The average amount of messages is thirteen thousand. All eleven armies had 145k messages in the past week in total. When comparing it to the official Fortnite Discord server consisting of 1.1 million users, all armies combined had 38k more messages. Yes, that’s right, we beat Fortnite while we only have 65k members in all of those eleven armies!

Club Penguin Armies asked ten community members whether they think the club penguin armies community is active or not. Nine said yes, and one said no. Six additional community members were asked for an extended opinion. Here is what they have to say.

Do you think Club Penguin armies is an active community?

Mchappy, CPA Executive ProducerOf course I believe that Club Penguin Armies is an active community. Thanks to our amazing community committee and media team, we have been able to provide the community with lots of fun activities and things to do. I think 2023 has been shaping up to be not only more active than last year, but also a lot more competitive. World Wars don’t really come around so often. It is my hope that we are beginning to enter a phase of our community where we are able to be more consistent and grounded as armies get closer and closer to the 20 year mark.

DrQueen, CPA Advisor & Community Committee Head: As of now, the community has been pretty active then we usually see it but nothing compared to pandemic days. Sizes are improving with some armies and some vets I’ve seen have returned, allowing for more engagement in AUSIA Arena, plus the world war sparked that boost and now with CPA’s summer plan, I would expect for it to be a pretty active summer. However, I expect by August for the community to decline as everyone will return to real life.

Da Best, CPAJ Judge: To look at whether CPA is active or not you have to look at the general playerbase and maxes that armies get. Everyone keeps looking at leagues and its not like 2020 when armies used to promote leagues and so leagues mostly have army leaders and vets so its common that the community will look like its dying. Even these days when armies send their TT results its usually a picture of it without the link so less people join leagues. If we want to look at whether the community is dying or not we need to look at CPAB and amount of accounts made due to that is the only way we can see if CPA playerbase is active or not.

Mads, Army of CP High Commander: I like to believe it is. In ACP our main chat is fairly active, whether it’s new & current troops interacting or our veterans logging on to troll. The CPA chat is also active, and it’s fun to interact with and meet other community members you normally wouldn’t interact with. In terms of activity level & events, I’d say that at the moment it’s active simply because of the World War occurring, but outside of that and tournaments there can be a lull in activity. ACP does our best to engage troops in the “off season” through events on CPAB and other platforms. Community-wide events such as the recent Pride Parade and the Daily Game Challenges are a great way to increase community engagement. Overall I’d say that while there may be quiet moments, the community as a whole is always active.

Aurora, Water Vikings High Command: Yes, because it has increased in activity since last year and there’s been more wars this year. It definitely isn’t active as it was during the pandemic though. However, the community is still declining despite this.

Beasto, Help Force Staff and CPA Youtuber: It’s active yea, but after seeing previous times, I think it’s kinda dying right now. CPA used to be a more active community than these times but oh well, we cant really compare Covid times with these times cuz no one was able to touch grass back then but still it was a perfect time for the Community.

It is safe to say that the Club Penguin armies community is indeed an active community. Not only do we get a great number of penguins to log on for our events, but we also beat the official Fortnite Discord server in terms of messages in our main chats this past week even though we’re a much smaller community. This is proof that we are a strong and united community, hopefully for many more years!

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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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