Soggy Clovers: Water Vikings And Army Of Club Penguin Clash In A Raid

On June 1st, the Water Vikings and the Army of Club Penguin clashed in a raid event. This incident took place hours after the Vikings declared war on the Clovers.


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On June 1st, the Water Vikings, the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Elite Guardians declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. Just an hour after the declaration, the Army of Club Penguin logged on to the server where the Vikings and the Templars intended to have a practice battle. The Water Vikings misinterpreted this as an attempt to start a raid. While the Clovers debated whether to raid the Vikings or not, the Templars supposedly cancelled their practice battle.

This led the battle-hungry Vikings to initiate a raid on the Clovers before the Clovers could decide whether to raid them. The clash took place in the Town, which is the typical starting room for the green army. The raid lasted for a full 30 minutes, initially in Town and later in the Nightclub. Eventually, both armies logged off as their energy fizzled out.


The Clovers and the Vikings clash in a raid in Town

This was not the first time the two armies had been involved in raids against each other. In October 2022, the Clovers raided a practice battle between the Vikings and the Ice Warriors. The reason behind this raid was the Vikings’ plan to dress up as the ‘Green Army Clowns’. This came two days after a Clover raid on the Ice Warriors, following the Warriors’ refusal to fight them in a war.

The Water Vikings have also organized raids of their own, targeting armies like the Recon Federation back in 2020. In February 2022, they endured a raid from the Clovers yet again. Meanwhile, during the first war between the Help Force and the Silver Empire, the Help Force scheduled several raids on Silver Empire events after the Silvers refused to attend their war battles. Moreover, armies like the Templars often initiated numerous raids against their enemies during wars.

Thanks to the amazing Club Penguin Armies YouTube team, we obtained a video recording of the raid between the Clovers and the Vikings.

However, despite the frequent raids over the past three years, it can be said that they have been even more common in the original Club Penguin warfare. Often, an army raiding another preceded wars between the two sides. Despite many people viewing them negatively, raids are actually one of the most entertaining aspects of a war.

Imagine a scenario where, in the midst of a heated war with enemies fighting tooth and nail for victory, an unscheduled battle occurs. The battles always proceed without judges. There are no limitations on creativity, tactic sizes or speed. Moreover, the entire event experience depends on the battle commander’s skills as a leader, and there is absolute chaos. Raids are packed with the potential to become the best war memory you’ll have. However, they can also turn into an uncoordinated, boring event. It all depends on how the army’s leaders handle a raid. There is no in-between.

The Club Penguin Armies team reached out to Coolguy, leader of the Clovers, and Mabel, leader of the Vikings, for an interview to learn more about their thoughts on this matter.

Do you think we’ll be seeing armies raid each other more in this war?

Coolguy: Well, as part of code 619 under section NWO, I’m unable to disclose whether or not there will be raids in the future. However, I think both sides will be particularly busy with the invasions at hand.

Mabel: It is a possibility. We are obviously going to try our best to focus on trainings, but I think jumping straight into that action ourselves against the army we are going to war with will be great action either way.

In your opinion, are raids an essential part of warfare?

Mabel: Raids can be annoying for any army leader lol. But I think it can be pretty essential to have them especially to train your troops.

Coolguy: Not particularly, the raid yesterday didn’t exactly provide anything to the upcoming war, nor will it leave an impact on the upcoming war. Sure, raids can lead to wars in some circumstances like we’ve seen with TCP and multiple armies, in the past. But also, in the past, it was done because of the lack of willingness to war or acknowledgement of armies. Now, if we were talking OG CPA then it’s a different story, of course, and even scheduled invasions could’ve been seen as raids with some leaving little time for the other side to prepare. An argument is that the community is less active in warfare because they aren’t many raids either but I would disagree. Nowadays people are used to things being scheduled and that helps everyone so :Shrug:

How can armies improve the overall war experience for their troops apart from raids?

Coolguy: I would recommend freeing all the prisoners from the dungeons and smashing up all technology :slight_smile: Therefore, no war, no penguins, no bad feelings 😉 But for real, propaganda helps, I mean, when people are riled up, it riles the troops up so the simplest of things can really work, create propaganda, memes, and I mean, if you look back you’ll have seen armies just shitposting which, while it went too far a lot of the time, really showed the emotion of the leaders which then transferred to troops, doesn’t need to be personal either, I mean we all say and do things during battles but that doesn’t mean that they are our true opinions, they are just tactics. Does that mean personal insults should be hurled about appearance? No. But it can help rally troops but it’s different for different armies.

Mabel: Practice battles are easily going to be the most similar thing you can get against a war. Sign up your battle with TRAINED judges, get feedback on where to improve so you can easily wipe the enemy once war does come.

What is the thing you like or hate the most about a raid?

Mabel: Like I said earlier, raids can be very annoying when it happens to you. Sometimes you aren’t prepared for it, other times you’ll be ready for it maybe 5-10 minutes before. But they’re called raids for a reason. Honestly, whenever we have gotten raided in the past by other armies, I just laugh it off. You cannot avoid being raided, unless you somehow took the time to get everyone in the army out of your server so you can move rooms/servers without it being communicated to them. But I also like raids at the same time you know? It can be very entertaining for yourself and your army. At the end of the day, it’s a raid, you guys aren’t being judged for this, but should still take it seriously to a point to make sure your army is fully awake and whatnot.

Coolguy: Raids can help build hype but they can be hated because they can ruin an army’s already planned event or battle

There is no doubt that the Clovers and the Vikings enjoyed their impromptu skirmish. The entire community is definitely looking forward to more raids between the two sides of the impending World War. What do you think? Which army will spearhead the next raid?

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