Reporter of the Month: May

Over the past month, we have witnessed many big moments, including the end of the Ausia Arena, the start of a series of invasions against multiple armies, and much more. During this, many topics were up for grabs, leading to many posts being published. Now, we are in June, so that means one thing. It is finally time to announce the hardworking, reporter of the month!

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Sidie joined the CPA Team at the end of April, on the 27th. However, despite this, she has quickly made an impact on the media team and in the community. Her first contribution of the month was towards the Top 5 Moments of The Month (April). However, she didn’t just write one of the top five moments, she wrote two of them. The first one was on SWAT and Templars declaring on each other simultaneously. The second one was about the start of the Ausia Arena after its anticipated arrival. She took on both these topic summaries, showing her motivation to write and help as much as she could.

Her first post was on a similar topic to one of her moment-of-the-month bios. However, this time she covered week one’s results. Despite it being their first post of the month, they were able to successfully write it, giving an analysis of each of the results from the battles of the tournament. They were able to demonstrate their skills as a writer very quickly. She followed on this good form with a 10/10 post about the Elite Guardians going on the offensive against BASEDment Demons. There was truly nothing that really needed to be edited in this post, this is how well Sidie wrote it.

Continuing on her Ausia Arena posts, Sidie also wrote the results post for week 3. She didn’t stop here either! She continued to help out and write more posts. Her next and final one of the month was about the Wet Army Penguins’ closure as an army. Despite taking on 5 posts and two bios for the moments of April, Sidie stayed consistent and was always writing quality posts. They have taken all feedback valiantly and aimed to help in the best way they could by doing what they could while maintaining the high quality.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Sidie to find out more about their time here and their future plans.

What made you want to rejoin the Club Penguin Armies team as a reporter?

I have wanted to return to army media for a while now. A distinct urge to write has existed since my resignation from the position of Director-in-Chief at Club Penguin Army Headquarters. Writing is a distinct passion of mine, and Shallissa encouraged me to submit an application to Club Penguin Armies as a reporter. I tried to take my ventures independently with the Sidie Channel, but following numerous attempts I was finally accepted as an author. I am grateful for that opportunity.

What are your current goals in CPA, if any?

Right now my main focus is to maximise the People’s Imperial Confederation’s participation in the Sapphire Concordat due to World War IX. On a broader scale, I’d like to see how far I can take my abilities to write within CP Armies again. I also hope to see PIC achieve major status within my career. There’s no way to know where the road will take me, though.

Do you have any plans or ideas for future posts you may write? If so, could you give us a hint as to what we may see in the future?

Well I’m SUPPOSED to have written a new My Controversial Opinion post by now, but the looming world war has drained my time and focus. I had to write two very important posts for PIC within a short timeframe. The topic is related to pride month, so I’ll have that out as soon as I have time. While I enjoy reporting I do have numerous ideas for editorials. I hope people will enjoy whatever I write.

We would like to thank Sidie for all of her hard work within Club Penguin Armies and for achieving reporter of the month. It’s clear to see that they have plans for the future and will continue to write for us. Will we finally see the My Controversial Opinion post that they’ve been working on? Once again, congratulations to Sidie, make sure you congratulate her if you see her! We hope that they keep working hard and have a prosperous future.

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