Summer 2023 @ CPA

In keeping tradition, we are proud to announce our schedule for Summer 2023. This summer’s roster is quite ambitious and our administration team is excited to finally reveal it.

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Without further adieu, take a look at what Club Penguin Armies has in store this Summer 2023.

Pride Parade

To kick-off the summer, we will be once again hosting a Pride Parade. This tradition, started by former Chief Executive Producer Max, has quickly become a fan favorite staple in community summer traditions. The overall message remains that we must embrace each others’ uniqueness and lead with understanding rather than hatred. Join us online as we march through the island and make this year’s Pride formation together.

Additionally, there will be fun events like the Drag Show and Positivitea Messages. Expect more details later in the week.


Following the Pride Parade schedule, it is time for the Olympic games to begin. Working in tandem with DrQueen and the community committee, daily challenges in and outside of Club Penguin will occur. We plan to host not only a fun community Olympics but also one that is super competitive. Instead of working in pairs, participants will be able to join teams.

Want a sneak peak of the theme?

Club Penguin Armies Anniversary

Happy birthday, Club Penguin Armies! It is crazy to think that is has only been one full year since this organisation has launched. In celebration, our team will be working overtime to host activities and other games throughout the entire day. Yes, the entire day. The headlining act will be our very own version of “CPA’s Got Talent.” Set your calendars for July 1!


Legends Cup XIII

Lucky number thirteen. Last year, we were- regrettably- unable to host Legends Cup during the summer. July will be different this year. As always, the Legends Cup will pit titans in the community against one another in a bid to claim the highly coveted trophy. We’re excited to announce alongside Legends Cup XIII two features that will surely make this year’s iconic tournament stand out.


Small-Medium Army Tournament

Immediately following Legends Cup XIII, the small-medium army community will have their chance at victory, as well. As always, we look forward to cultivating a community that is inclusive of all army sizes. After some of last year’s failures, we strive for a more successful, and hyped, small-medium tournament that will truly cement who the best small-medium army is. As of now, the organization is still ironing out the details of the tournament format.


End of Summer Awards

Last, but certainly not least, will be the annual Summer Awards. Three weeks prior to the results, and with help of all of you, the league will be releasing an army census. The results of the census will be announced alongside the awards. Some awards up for grabs are Best Designer and Most Likely To Overthrow An Admin. A ceremony live on our Discord voice chat will be held.

That concludes the major plans that we have scheduled over the next few months. We look forward to making unforgettable summer experiences with you all. Which activity are you most looking forward to?

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