HCOM Life Stories: Masami from Elite Guardians of CP

Welcome to the eighth edition of High Command Life Stories. In this edition, we will be getting to know Masami, a High Command member of the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin.

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The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin were founded in October 2017 by Edu14463 and Cookky2. The army is arguably one of the most influential armies of the CPPS era, having achieved so much, such as winning the Christmas Chaos tournament in 2017 and earning third place in the 2018 Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos. They fought numerous wars, including one against the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2019, which they unfortunately lost. They also fought against the Templars of Club Penguin in the Templars Exodus war, which they claim to have won, however, the Templars debate this. After three years of inactivity, they announced their revival on May 2nd. During their successful reopening event, the Portuguese-speaking army managed to max a total of 32 penguins online.

The Elite Guardians of CP on their reopening event.

Masami made her first appearance in the community in 2016, being recruited into the Nachos by Cookky2. She was just a confused penguin back then, not knowing what everything was or how anything works. Masami also struggled with their English as it wasn’t their first language. She enlisted in all kinds of armies, such as the Army of Club Penguin, RPF, Nachos, Ice Warriors, Doritos of Club Penguin, Romans, and many more. Her most memorable armies were the Elite Guardians, Nachos, and Wild Ninjas. In her prime, she was a temporary leader of the Wild Ninjas army, however, it did not last long. Despite her history, she does not remember a lot from her time in armies.

The Elite Guardians battling the Lime Green Army

In October 2017, the Elite Guardians were born. Masami had originally joined the army as a 2nd in command and was the 4th soldier of the month. Despite the Guardians going on to become a major force, they eventually closed their doors in 2020, as most armies do. However, when the Guardians returned, Mesami also returned with the army. Currently, Masami holds the position of 3rd in command in the newly revived Elite Guardians. Masami stated that the experience has been an amazing one for her. She has come a long way, and isn’t expecting it to end soon!

An event hosted by the Elites in July 2018

This is what Edu14463, leader and founder of the Elites, has to say about Masami –

Masami has always been an awesome HCOM, since the beginning of EGCP as an army. Always trying to recruit, gather useful information, help with the army administration, etc. As a person, well, she might look a little reserved and quiet. But, when you start to talk with her, you must have no doubts that you’re going to have a nice time! She is a really caring person, always checking up on you. It is definitely great to have someone like that acting as a HCOM in your army.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Masami to get to know more about her and her journey.

Why did you decide to rejoin the Elite Guardians?

Cookky2 invited me when the army opened, I remember accepting without even thinking twice, I was very excited to participate and I felt a great affection for all the people I met there. EGCP for me is like a second home and a family too.

How does it feel to be a High Command of the newly reopened army?

It gives a very strong feeling of nostalgia, even more so now that I am more mature and aware of what I am doing, I am happy to see the people again and be with them one more time.

What are your plans and goals in the army?

I want to help EGCP getting back on its feet again, so that we may conquer territories and win tournaments.

What are your favorite memories in your army career?

I have many memories I think it would be difficult to choose the best of them but I can say that the 2017 and 2018 Christmas Chaos Hunt and Kill tournament were very memorable.

Do you have advice for the people who are working towards getting HCOM?

Keep performing by going to events, talking and socializing with staff as well as recruiting as much as you can but in my opinion being part of HCOM is not a prize to be won as there are too many responsibilities.

If you could time travel to the old Masami back when you joined armies, what would you say to her?

I would tell her to stick to Nachos,EGCP and WN only (I honestly don’t know what I would say).

Masami has been in armies for so long that she could barely even remember when she first joined. She has a long history in the community and has enlisted in over 19 different armies throughout her army career! We can not wait to see what else she will achieve in this community. We at Club Penguin Armies wish Masami an amazing rest of her journey in the Elite Guardians or in her army career, and maybe one day she will get to be a leader once again, and this time for a longer period of time!

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