Dried Up: Wet Army Penguins Finally Shuts Down

After a significant period of inactivity, the Wet Army Penguins army has closed their doors and ceased operations. Read on to learn more about the notorious meme army’s surprise conclusion.

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The Wet Army Penguins were a small/medium army established on August 7, 2021 by Pandor and Toxic Storm. Known broadly to the community as a meme army, the Wet Army Penguins managed to boast considerable maximum sizes due to extensive dual-enlistment. Eventually adopting becoming a colony of the Water Vikings, WAP found itself embroiled in numerous wars. Such conflicts included numerous battles with the Trojans as well as involvement in World War VIII. Wet Army Penguins opted to shut down later in the year, returning in April of 2023 for a second generation under the leadership of Litt7, Smithy and Langly. When asked to comment on the reopening, original founder Pandor stated that WAP was going to return solely for fun and enjoyment. The army held numerous events before their closure, displaying maximum sizes of up to 10+ troops online.

Wet Army Penguins at their re-opening event

In the announcements channel of their Discord server, Wet Army Penguins advisor Kyle made it known on May 22, 2023 that the newly revived army would be shutting down once more. The closure was preceded by an offensive by Napalm Corps, invading the capital of WAP uncontested earlier in the month. Claiming that no one is interested in a “meme army”, the brief announcement marked an end to their second generation. Whether or not Wet Army Penguins is open to a comeback was not addressed by the leadership, leaving their future in uncertain waters.

Announcement of the closure of Wet Army Penguins

Interestingly, shortly before the army’s closure, another meme army named Basedment Demons announced their shutdown in a similar sequence of events, after Elite Guardians of CP invaded their territories.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Supreme WAP Dictator Litt7 to learn more about the army’s closure.

What prompted the abrupt closure of Wet Army Penguins?

Leadership was tired of being considered a dual enlist.

Does WAP intend to return to the community, or will this be the last we see of the army?

(Litt7 did not respond to this question, likely due to an imminent medical emergency. If you have further information, please contact JEMMA!#0550 on Discord).

Do you have a favourite moment from your tenure as leader? If so, what is it?

Probably when we invaded our only piece of land.

Now that the army has ceased operations, does the leadership have any plans outside of WAP?

Me and Langly have PIC and Smithy is done with armies as far as I know.

Do you have any other comments?

With the evaporation of the Wet Army Penguins, meme armies seem to have become a concept in drought. Much often we witness displeasure for meme armies due to being a colony of another army, or simply consisting of exclusively dual enlists. The quantity of armies in the lead-up to summer has been dry, dwindling even further following the Wet Army Penguins’ closure. Former commanders Langly and Litt7 have their eyes set on responsibilities within the People’s Imperial Confederation. Due to a lack of a response in regards to the army’s future, the community is left to speculate on a potential third generation. Will the Wet Army Penguins return to the fray? Or is the infamous meme army gone for good? It seems that we will be left without answers for now.

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