Time Capsule: An Orange Advisor

Welcome to Time Capsule. This is the column where we ask community members questions about their goals and predictions for the remainder of the year, which we’ll eventually look back on.

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On April 26, the Time Capsule focused around the new administration team. Today, we will be asking for an advisor of Club Penguin Armies to provide their own insight into the upcoming year. This advisor, without further adieu, is one of the founding administrators: Orange.

Orange has many accolades to his name. He obtained small-medium legend primarily due to his contributions with Chaos, both in old and new generations. In 2020, he rejoined the community to recreate Chaos and later led Ice Warriors. Within media, Orange served as an advisor for Club Penguin Army Hub then received administrator in late 2020.

Following his retirement from the Warriors in April 2021, he was briefly advisor for– surprisingly– both of the split leagues at the time. Eventually, their unification led him to Club Penguin Armies and serving as one of its founding admins. He was welcomed back as an advisor on April 3.

Orange welcoming the formation of the new league

Thus, for this week’s Time Capsule, we reached out to Orange to learn more about behind-the-scene predictions.

How do you think the Club Penguin army community will look like by the end of the year?

I think by the end of the year there will be a relative drop in size due to the new school year and people getting busy. However, the overall activity will remain the same. Armies will continue to make the community eventful so it will give armies things to do.

From the time that you were a part of the administration, what are some of the biggest changes that have occurred in Club Penguin Armies?

I think the biggest change that I love about Club Penguin Armies (CPA) is giving the opportunity for new people to be admin. This is something I pushed for but ultimately wasn’t able to get happen, but I am glad it did because it allows great admins like Disha and you to be found and hopefully more new admins that are waiting in the ranks.

What do you think the league will look like in a year?

I think the league has gone through a number of changes recently that has made it more stable, so I expect it to stay the relatively similar throughout the next year. I think there could be minor changes here and there with maybe an introduction of a new admin.

What will the advisor role in the league look like a year from now?

I mean, I think most of the people with it now will continue to advise and help out in whatever ways the admins need to. I don’t think there will be an issue of the advisors stepping in anytime soon.

What old army do you think will revive by the end of the year?

Mmmm, not sure really. It’s hard to predict, but I can see Fire Warriors or Lime Green Army making a return to be honest.

Thank you to Orange for those nice words! Orange seems confident in predicting the continuation of this league, and a healthy transition in chain of command. Will either the Fire Warriors or Lime Green Army respond to these calculated predictions?

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