Battle Report: Water Vikings Take On New Allies Elite Guardians

The Water Vikings and the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin recently joined forces and formed an alliance. As the AUSIA Arena tournament progresses, the newfound allies decided to engage in a friendly battle to sharpen their skills.

On May 18th, the Water Vikings and Elite Guardians of Club Penguin logged on to Ice Breaker for a showdown. Both armies brought their top game with them, yet only one could be the winner. WV displayed their strength with an impressive online presence of 19 troops, while EGCP boasted an impressive turnout of 22 penguins. Before we delve further into the outcome, feel free to place your bets on who you believe won.

[Inside Mine – Tie]

WV and EGCP fighting Inside Mine

WV vs. EGCP room one: Inside Mine

Upon hearing the room announcement, the armies rushed to Inside Mine. Water Vikings were the first to flood into the room, closely followed by the Elite Guardians. They both amassed a decent size of around 18 troops in this room. However, both moved into their first formations with a similar number of bunched troops. The Vikings kept up their streak of moving first, doing a waterfall across the room. After this, they slipped into a T formation. The Elite Guardians struck back with a risky but impressive Z wipe and got into a clean V form. WV then decided to do a V bomb and got into a X formation, albeit with quite a few gaps. As the battle progressed, both armies maintained the same pace, making this room result in a tie.

[Stadium – Water Vikings]

WV and EGCP fighting in Stadium

WV vs. EGCP room two: Stadium

The Water Vikings were again the first to enter the next room, Stadium. They were also the first team to get into a formation, an upside down T. The Guardians managed to get 22 penguins in the room, compared to the Vikings’ 17. The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin showed off their size by taking over the space with a T formation. Despite having a smaller size, the Vikings consistently kept up high speed tactics and formation switches. At the same time, the Guardians failed to keep up the pace in this room, even having pauses at times. This led to the Water Vikings taking the win for the second room. 

[Iceberg – Elite Guardians]

WV and EGCP fighting in Iceberg

WV vs. EGCP room three: Iceberg 

In the third room, Iceberg, the Vikings kept up their streak and were again the first to enter the room. They attempted an acute angle formation, but it had many gaps. Avoiding the route of risk, the Elite Guardians kept it simple with a sharp diagonal line. Seeing the creative form was not doing them any favors, the Vikings decided to bomb and form a plus instead. To counter the plus, Elite Guardians made an X, but the top left of it was missing. Tiring of their pretty plus, Water Vikings moved into a backward L that impressed the judges. The Guardians used their size to their advantage and circled the room, surrounding and covering the Vikings. For most of this room, the Elite Guardians were elite in their formations, speed, and covering the Water Vikings. These traits won them victory in the third room.

[Overtime – Water Vikings]

WV and EGCP fighting in Cove

WV vs. EGCP Overtime: Cove

The armies went into overtime, and the final room was Cove. Both armies flew into this room, wanting to show their superiority over the other. Entering the room, the Guardians had a size of 20 and the Vikings a size of 17. It was too close for there to be much of an advantage through it. The Water Vikings made an impressive upside-down T and effectively covered the Elite Guardians attempting to circle the room. The Guardians tried to hide the Vikings as their size grew to 6 more than the Vikings. They tried to cover WV with their forms and bombs, but to no avail. Water Vikings effectively covered and shut down all attempts to an Elite Guardians victory. As a result, the Water Vikings won this room with their quick tactics and impressive ability to switch forms quickly.

Both armies certainly put up a tremendous fight. However, as fate would have it, the Water Vikings were the victors in the end, winning 2-1-1. You can view the full battle on YouTube by clicking here, or just watch it below. 

Judges announcing the results of the battle as Tie WV EGCP WV

The Judges Verdict

Ultimately, this intense battle included a rare look at how an overtime room can make or break you. The Elite Guardians put up an impressive fight considering they only reopened their doors earlier this month. It was equally remarkable seeing the Vikings overcome despite a size advantage. They are certainly pushing to make sure they give their all this weekend. They will surely give us a performance to remember, no matter how it turns out. Who did you think would win this battle? Did you expect it to be as intense as it was? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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