HCOM Life Stories: Kurumi From People’s Imperial Confederation

Welcome to the seventh edition of High Command Life Stories. In this edition, we will be getting to know Kurumi, a High Command member in the People’s Imperial Confederation.

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Sidie9 founded the People’s Imperial Confederation on October 17, 2019. In November of the same year, the army disbanded following their conflict with the Army of Club Penguin. However, they made a comeback in March 2020. Since then, PIC achieved multiple notable rankings and actively participated in historic events like the World War Rewritten, aligning themselves with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Lime Green Army. PIC closed their operations in August 2020.

They returned to the Club Penguin Army community in 2021 and experienced exponential growth. They formed alliances, participated in tournaments and wars, and achieved significant victories. Despite a lot of struggles, they ultimately emerged victorious in some of the wars too. PIC celebrated its two-year anniversary last year and continued to maintain morale and participation in events. Later, they became involved in the Vengeance Alliance’s war against the Western Bloc.

PIC in their AUSIA Arena battle vs Dark Vikings

Kurumi joined the Club Penguin army community in the year 2021. Kurumi initially entered the community through the Templars. However, following an alleged dispute with Templars’ leader Xing, Kurumi left the knights. He found himself in the People’s Imperial Confederation Discord server next. Here, he finally managed to find a place that he could call home. With consistent efforts and a lot of hard work, he climbed to the rank of moderator, and eventually reached HCOM ranks too.

However, PIC briefly shut down in the year 2022. Following the shut down of his home army, Kurumi took leave from the community as well. He made his return to the army as a HCOM in 2023. Recently, Kurumi received the Medal of Camaraderie, which is a Hall of Fame award. Kurumi’s immense efforts in recruiting and assisting PIC’s preparation for the AUSIA Arena tournament earned him the award.

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Kurumi to find out a bit more about his time within the army and future plans.

How does it feel to be a Higher Command of a renowned army like the People’s Imperial Confederation?

I first joined pic in 2021 after being muted by Xing in TCP. Becoming HCOM was very happy for me. I do my best to try to make pic the best it can be. I love the community and pic is based.

What have been some of the most memorable days in your army career?

My most memorable day was the time I met cabin. He was a good leader he was also the one who recruited me in. We have great times GEN 3 pic was the most great time where PIC was alive, I luv cabin.

Has this journey from being a troop to Higher Command member changed you in any way as a person?

Yes,I was really mean when I joined PIC but when I become a high rank I changed to a nice person maybe slightly a bit.

If you had to pick the best part about being an HCOM, what would it be?

The best part was meeting new friend and new people in the community I have been meetings friend like: cab,plays,guh,maya, they retired but thats okay I still able to talk with them (Also shallisa have the best meme in PIC).

What are your plans and goals with the army?

I wanna grown PIC more further so PIC can be one of the big armies :).

What would your advice be to the people who are working towards getting HCOM?

Keep working hard and never giv up you will become a HCOM one day.
“If fighting result in victory then you must fight for the army”!

Kurumi definitely left a great impact on the People’s Imperial Confederation as a HCOM member. However, it seems PIC also gave back a lot to him in return. He aspires to help PIC become a major army in the future. We will certainly be rooting for Kurumi’s success, and wish him and PIC the best in their efforts.

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