Dark Vikings Re-Classified To S/M

On May 10th, the Dark Vikings dropped down to the Small/Medium classification. The relegation rooted from their failure to max 20+ for 3 consecutive weeks. With Viking Commander Krosive on break since 3 weeks, and AUSIA Arena nearing its end, tough times might lie in near future for the army.

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Krosive founded the Dark Vikings in March 2020. However, the army shut down soon after, following the threat presented by the Templars. In October 2022, the army reopened its doors and achieved significant success. Eventually, the Dark Vikings attained Major Army status in March 2023. After the Vikings won the February Forte tournament, Litt7 became the leader of their US division.

Dark Vikings in the February Forte tournament finals

In March, they fought in a war against the Army of Club Penguin. Most of the battles in this war resulted in both sides claiming victory. As a result, the war eventually ended with no official winner in sight. The Dark Vikings also secured the top spot on the Top Ten rankings multiple times this year, never dropping too far down. After Litt7 retired in April, Snowflake received a promotion to leader, while Krosive announced that he will be taking a break.

For the past few weeks, Dark Vikings averaged maxes of around 15. This falls short of the 20-30 size points they usually reached earlier. As a result of getting maxing less than 20 for 3 consecutive weeks, the Dark Vikings found themselves demoted to Small/Medium Army status. In their recent AUSIA Arena battle against the Water Vikings, they achieved a max of 15, a drop from the 17 they achieved in a training event just a week earlier.

Club Penguin Armies reached out to one of the Dark Vikings’ Commanders, Thunder222 to inquire about the Dark Viking’s plans moving forward.

How long do you think it will take for the Dark Vikings to reclaim their Major Army status?

as long as it takes we will be back

What do you think needs to be done in order to reclaim Major status?

if we aren’t busy in life

Do you think the Dark Vikings will be victorious in their AUSIA Arena battle against the People’s Imperial Confederation?


It seems like the Dark Vikings leader Thunder222 is confident in the Dark Vikings re-claiming their major status sometime in the future. Club Penguin Armies wish the Dark Vikings our best in their future efforts. Do you think that Dark Vikings will be able to make a comeback? How will this impact their performance in the AUSIA Arena and future tournaments or wars to come?

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