BASEDment Demons Close Their Gates

After nearly a month of fighting against the basement owners within the community, the BASEDment Demons have closed their gates, permanently. 

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Founded by Scorp, Aaronstone, Sanya and Diwix, the BASEDment Demons originally opened their gates on April 18 after rebelling against the system and the “basement owner(s)” within it. The opening event saw them maxing 14 penguins. However, they didn’t maintain these numbers as they typically averaged around 7 troops per event. This didn’t stop them from trying to achieve their goals, however.

From Wynn‘s basement to Calgo‘s dungeon, the Demons exclaimed that they would rebel against the owners of basements after “escaping” from the owners’ grasps.

Scorp, BASEDment Demons leader, explaining the lore behind the army

Despite these claims, they went on the offensive soon after opening and claimed some freeland on the Club Penguin Armies server map. They invaded the servers now known as Underground Ruins, Down Under and Hypogean Lair. However, with land comes responsibility and that is something the Demons, perhaps, weren’t prepared for straight away.

On May 11, the Elite Guardians scheduled two invasions on the Demons’ servers Down Under and Underground Ruins. This came as a shock to not only the Demons but the entire community as the Guardians had recently reopened on May 4. This was just one week before they scheduled the invasion. On the exact same day, Scorp announces that the army is dead after the “basements were successfully destroyed”. However, Aaronstone stated that his basement was still around, leaving Scorp to reverse his decision temporarily.

On the day of the scheduled invasion, the Guardians prepared to invade. The Demons had different plans. Their first action was the transfer of their capital to the Army of Club Penguin in exchange for “liberation from Calgo’s Snake Game Dungeon”. This left the Demons with 2 servers, the ones scheduled to be invaded by the Guardians. However with the battle close approaching, the Demons, once again, announced their closure. This time, it was a permanent closure. Scorp stated that their status wouldn’t change in the near or distant future. This suggested that he plans to keep the BASEDment Demons permanently closed. Will this be the last time we ever see the BASEDment Demons?

Scorp announcing the permanent closure of the army

Despite the army permanently closing, the Guardians continued with their plans to invade the dead army’s land. They were successful in both invasions of their land. With that being said, the Demons were freed from their commitments to the map and army community. Whilst the closure was sudden, and despite Scorp being adamant that the army will not reopen, could we see the Demons reopen in the future?

Club Penguins Armies interviewed Scorp to find out more about the closure and his future plans.

Why did you decide to close the BASEDment Demons?

It was a meme army, all joke armies need to die at some point. We destroyed a few basements, we held a few events, we had a little bit of fun. It never intended to have this army fight for servers against other armies, and the leaders are now busy with other things, so I figured it’s time to end.

Will you ever reopen the BASEDment Demons, do you think?


Do you, personally, have any plans for the future, outside of the BASEDment?

I plan to pursue a masters degree next year, once I graduate from my current college. I also hope to win more competitions with my rock band. If you’re talking about CPA, I’m happy at my current rank as EIC, I will be writing some new content once my exams are done. I might decide to join an army too if the conditions are satisfactory.

Do you have any advice for those who may be wanting to start an army or their journey in CPA?

Single enlistment is a scam, you should definitely start your own army if you have enough connections in the community and can summon a decent team to help you. Keep FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT as long as you want, enjoy the moment while it lasts. Say “umadbro?” to people who tell you the community is dead/dying. :RPFSalute~1:

It seems like Scorp doesn’t plan to ever reopen the BASEDment Demons. So, this could be the last time we ever see the Demons in the community. Despite that, Scorp has plans to continue his work in Club Penguin Armies, after his recent promotion to Editor-in-Chief. What will come of his fellow BASEDment leaders? Will Scorp continue to thrive in his position in Club Penguin Armies? Will his fellow BASEDment leaders form another army of their own? We wish Scorp the very best of luck in his future endeavours both inside and outside of the community.

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