Napalm Corps Schedule Invasion on Wet Army Penguins Territory

Following a period of community-wide activity on the world map, Napalm Corps has scheduled an invasion on the Wet Army Penguins’ capital.

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On May 13, Napalm Corps creator and leader, Cabin scheduled an invasion on Julian Brandt’s House, the Wet Army Penguins‘ capital. With no official declaration of war, Napalm Corps likely seek to expand their nation on the Club Penguin Armies world map. However, this could be the start of a much bigger plan.

May 13, 2023: Napalm Corps leader Cabin schedules invasion on Wet Army Penguins

Napalm Corps officially opened on February 21, 2023, under the leadership of Cabin. Initially, the army maintained sizes of 11-13 before closing just two weeks later. Fortunately, the army returned on April 2, 2023, reaching a record-breaking 26 penguins online. Following their return, Napalm Corps have averaged around 10-13 per event.

A recent Napalm Corps event, with a peak of 18 soldiers

Wet Army Penguins, an army with more history, were established on August 7, 2021, by Pandor and Toxic Storm. Being a ‘meme’ army, the pair didn’t take themselves too seriously but still fought in wars against Special Weapons And Tactics and the Trojans and they even claimed victory over the latter. Their most recent generation started on April 15, 2023, and was spearheaded by notable figures such as Pandor, Litt7, and Langly.

A recent Wet Army Penguins event with 12 troops online

Despite reviving in April, the Wet Army Penguins haven’t been able to make their way into the Top Tens. This is one contributing factor to the army’s lack of presence within the community, contributing to the community’s surprise when the invasion was scheduled. The scheduled invasion on their land was sudden and left many questions for Langly and her fellow leaders.

Club Penguin Armies approached Cabin, Napalm Corps leader, to provide additional information regarding the invasion.

What is your primary motivation behind the invasion?

Over the past week or two, I gave thought into making movement on the map and I saw the Wet Army Penguins as a reasonable opponent. Although I scheduled the invasion with no malicious intent, it fits well with my new belief that troll armies should be eradicated from the map.

Why do you feel troll armies shouldn’t be on the map?

I believe their presence on a map with little to no free land remaining is unfair to armies that are serious in nature, especially smaller ones.

How will you ensure Napalm Corps is victorious?

Hard work and being there for my troops.

Cabin aims to expand Napalm Corps’ presence on the world map. But is it possible that this is Napalm Corps taking a stand against ‘troll’ armies? Troll armies have been a point of discussion many times over the past three years, with people having varied opinions on the subject. What do Wet Army Penguins think about Napalm’s sudden invasion?

Club Penguin Armies also approached Langly, Wet Army Penguins leader, for her thoughts on the upcoming invasion and whether or not Wet Army Penguins will retaliate.

What was your initial reaction to the Napalm Corps invasion?

 I was very annoyed that my long-time friend and associate Cabin had decided to launch an invasion on the motherland of Julian Brandt’s House. Maybe it was because he likes to take the piss out of how we say ‘bottle of water’ over here in Britain.

Will you be scheduling a counter-invasion?

Maybe but I’d like to gain back Julian Brandt’s House if possible as multiple creatures have now started spawning in the house.

How will WAP ensure victory?

A range of troops will attend as we fight until the end to ensure victory and to retain Julian Brandt’s House.

Langly appears hopeful that Wet Army Penguins can win against Napalm Corps. Additionally, she even goes as far as to suggest that a counter-invasion may be scheduled sometime soon. Maybe the current conflict will go beyond a single invasion, possibly breaking out into war.

There has been a growing trend over the past week where armies schedule invasions on one another without declaring war. Elite Guardians started this with their recent attacks on BASEDment Demons and Penguins of Madagascar. Will this trend continue to grow? Or will more official wars break out? Regarding the current invasion scheduled by Napalm Corps, only time will tell who will emerge victorious as both armies appear to reach similar sizes. Club Penguin Armies wishes the best of luck to both armies in their upcoming battle.

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