HCOM Life Stories: Snowflake❄Soft1 from Help Force

Welcome to the sixth edition of High Command Life Stories. In this edition, we will be getting to know Snowflake❄Soft1, a third-in-command in Help Force.

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Snowflake❄Soft1 first joined Help Force on October 8 in 2019, recruited off of Club Penguin Online by Spotty. She joined during a period of time when the helpers were thriving. In the month they joined, the helpers were gaining traction and were achieving sizes of up to 88 penguins per event. The rise was truly a momentous one for the army, making Snowflake one part of a golden generation. However, before the end of the year could come, division within the army arose. Soon after, the infamous ‘Helper Exodus‘ occurred which led to the Help Force withdrawing from Club Penguin Online and its army central.

The Helper Exodus and the closure of Help Force’s discord server saw Snowflake leaving the force and rejoining in May 2020. Despite the army being much different from the time she left to the time she rejoined, they re-engaged quickly. The army, at the time, was hosting many takeover events and maxing anywhere between 14-40+. The army had transformed since she were last there, however, within a month of them rejoining, they earned ‘Gamer of The Week’. She earned this by attending events regularly, recruiting, and being kind to all staff and members. She became the 82nd ‘Gamer of The Week’.

Snowflake’s speech after receiving Gamer of The Week

Snowflake then went on to receive this award another two times, becoming the 85th and 92nd Gamer of The Week. She did this within four months of them rejoining the army.

On December 11, 2021, she made the jump from staff to high command, successfully becoming an admiral, also known as third-in-command. She worked hard within the army to get admiral and the work didn’t stop for them. She earned their place on the website as a Gamer of The Week Specialist, once recruiting 201 people within a month. Snowflake also holds the status of ‘recruiting god’ within the army. She earned this status twice in 2020, obtaining it in July and September. Her presence in the high command team was certainly a welcome one with their dedication as a troop and staff.

She has witnessed many successful runs with the army. One moment they witnessed was reaching the March Madness finals in 2022. Sadly, they missed out on obtaining the trophy after a hard-fought battle against the Ice Warriors. Despite not winning the tournament, it was a momentous occasion for the army and Snowflake. Since then, Snowflake has remained an admiral, however, she have been working hard within the army.

Help Force vs Ice Warriors in the March Madness Finals

Club Penguin Armies interviewed Snowflake❄Soft1 to find out a bit more about her time within the army and their future plans.

You have been HCOM in Help Force for quite some time now. How does it feel to be a Higher Command of a renowned army like the Help Force?

Well, to be honest I see HF differently, it’s my home since 2019 I just fell in love with the community, the connections that you make at HF they stay with you people might leave the server but HF would never leave them.

What have been some of the memorable days/times in your army career so far?

So many of them but the most when I got GOTW specialist it was insane and super fun it means dearly to me I achieved it by attending every activity that week for my blueberry dairy sister <3
As for ranks Admiral I worked really hard just did not expect it to happen so close after I got marshal.

Has this journey from being a troop in the army to a member of higher command changed you in any way as a person?

If it didn’t I would be worried xD I was a kid who wanted stamps. I learned that losing friends is greater then armies and losing yourself is even more dangerous. People might think it’s just a game which it is, but your character shouldn’t change for anything or anyone you have principles stick to them, after all, you only leave your legacy behind so make it worth mention and well marked.

What’s the best part about being an HCOM?

The best thing about HCOM for me is planning a fun event, I have been a troop for a long time and a staff as well making an event fun it’s very enjoyable for me.

What are your plans personally with the army, and what do you wish to achieve for/in the army?

My plan for the army to make it non-GREEN zone, and by that I mean just colour. They made me go through every shade of Ugly GREEN that shame needs to stop we are a Blue Force let ACP have it, I blame Ayan that green lover. As for me I aim to get second in command keep the role non Green for a year i hope and then retire but who knows what the future holds

What would your advice be to the people who are working towards getting HCOM?

If you have no patience, no tolerance, no endurance, if you take things personally, every word that being said to you as an offence you go after and if you only think your way is the only correct best way, if you feel pressured easily, and you think being HCOM is about power, bossing people around you shouldn’t even considering having the role. HCOM is not about being tough. Anyone can be tough. It’s about being wise and smart, lots of times putting the army before your ego letting go of things and when not to let go.

Snowflake❄Soft1 definitely had a lot to say about being a HCOM member. Her words inform us that there’s much more to being a HCOM member than meets the eye. One thing is clear though, her love for the army isn’t going to fade anytime soon. With that said, however, will they make it to second-in-command? Will Snowflake go as far as to lead the army one day? We wish Snowflake the best of luck for their future.

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