My Controversial Opinion: AUSIA Arena Has Depreciated Value

Last year, the 2022 FIFA World Cup etched its place in history as one of the most magnificent football tournaments ever witnessed. Argentina, under the leadership of Messi, finally clinched their inaugural World Cup victory. This coveted accolade had long eluded one of the greatest footballers of all time. In a thrilling showdown against the reigning champions France, Messi’s team emerged triumphant in the finals. Unfortunately, his arch-nemesis Ronaldo fell short of reaching the ultimate stage. Undoubtedly, the sheer brilliance of Argentina’s achievement surpasses any hypothetical scenario where the formidable teams that were expected to outshine Messi’s men (like France, Portugal, Brazil, etc) were absent. This is precisely the essence of this year’s AUSIA Arena, an epitome of exceptionalism and unfettered competition.


Undoubtedly, the Rebel Penguin Federation stands unrivaled as the supreme tournament army of the CPPS era. Their prowess is unquestionably unparalleled, evident in the multitude of tournament cups they have amassed. This remarkable feat alone solidifies their claim as the best. Moreover, their exceptional record extends beyond mere victories. RPF consistently maintained an almost unbeaten streak throughout numerous tournaments since 2020. It is also noteworthy that they emerged victorious in the previous AUSIA Arena tournament.

The Rebels initiated the war history of 2023 with a series of ten skirmishes against Special Weapons And Tactics. Among those ten encounters, only one took place in the AUSIA time zone. However, it was during that particular AUSIA battle that the Rebels showcased their highest max of the war. In the previous edition of the AUSIA Arena, the Rebels found themselves pitted against their close allies, the Ice Warriors. In an impressive display of their dominance, the Rebels exhibited a substantial numerical advantage, ultimately securing victory in the finals. I mention these records not to exacerbate the wounds of the armies that suffered defeats in those battles, but to emphasize that RPF undeniably ranks among the most formidable AUSIA armies of our time, if not the absolute best.

In the OG CPA community, the Army of Club Penguin garnered infamy due to their formidable AUSIA division. Under the leadership of Flipmoo, the ACP AUSIA division consistently proved to be a reliable war force. In recent years, armies such as the Army of the Orient Seas and the Help Force also established themselves as AUSIA-centric powerhouses. However, records make it evident that RPF outshines any of these “AUSIA-based” armies in terms of their performance during AUSIA timings.

Despite facing formidable competition from armies such as the Ice Warriors, the Doritos, the Pirates, the Elite Guardians, and the Templars in various time zones, none truly posed a significant threat to the RPF’s dominance during AUSIA hours. Here, I am not referring to grand attendances at silly little birthday celebrations or farewell galas. Instead, I am specifically highlighting RPF’s continuous display of superiority in wars, practice battles, and tournaments. These events are the ones evaluated as legitimate conflicts. Throughout these engagements, the RPF consistently maintained their position of supremacy, firmly establishing themselves as the frontrunners.

Before anyone jumps to accuse me of brown nosing in order to curry favor with the leaders and earn more Bebel Bucks, let me clarify the purpose behind my previous commendations. I only aimed to provide solid support for the latter part of this post. The presence of RPF is an integral component of the AUSIA Arena tournament and any other competition of its kind. To draw an analogy, it is comparable to the structure of Pokemon Gym Battles. Here, one must first prove their mettle by defeating the side characters within the gym. Only after that can one earn the privilege of facing the formidable Gym Leader to obtain a badge.

Similarly, a claim of AUSIA supremacy in a tournament would be incomplete without a confrontation against the RPF. To win the title without competing against them would be akin to defeating the weaker, inconsequential characters and receiving the badge as a mere consolation prize.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that a tournament victory cannot be deemed legitimate if RPF chooses not to participate. After all, a withdrawal by an army can also be interpreted as a surrender. I admit that I am purposely ignoring that outlook of non participation in a tournament. Should an army emerge that surpasses RPF (as well as other major armies) in AUSIA history, whether in terms of maximum attendance, tactical proficiency, or any other measure, they would unquestionably deserve the crown bestowed upon the victor in the climactic final battle of AUSIA Arena. However, considering the gradual return of army sizes to normalcy following the global easing of lockdown restrictions, such a scenario appears highly improbable. Nonetheless, it would undoubtedly be intriguing to witness such an occurrence. The repercussions of such an event on the balance of power within our community would undeniably be transformative.

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